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WedAug 14

Royal National Agricultural Show Day Queensland – August 14, 2024

Dogwood dogs, Bertie Beetle show bags, fireworks display, and a whole day of fun and relaxation! If you’re from the Sunshine State, you know what we are talking about — the Royal Agricultural National Show Day — or the Ekka! Every year it takes place on the second or third Wednesday in August at the Brisbane Showgrounds. (August 14 in 2024.) It’s a public holiday in Queensland and the festival lasts 10 whole days. Great food, awesome rides, prize-winning animals, crafts, a grand parade, and night show with spectacular fireworks! No wonder the happy people of Queensland are so proud of this event.

Royal National Agricultural Show Day Queensland timeline

August 22-26, 1876
The First Show

The Royal National Agricultural and Industrial Association created the first show to promote agricultural, industrial and cultural resources.

Venue for the First Manned Flight

The Ekka provided the venue for the first manned flight over Brisbane.

The Name Counts

"Royal" gets added to the name of the event and it has stuck to this day.

In Royal Company

This year was pretty exciting for those who are awestruck by blue blood.

Royal National Agricultural Show Day Queensland Activities

  1. Plan a meetup

    Organize a family and friends’ meetup and celebrate this day together. The more the merrier.

  2. Dress organic

    Get into the spirit! Our future depends on sustainable agriculture. May we suggest wearing loose, organic cotton, and a smile.

  3. Help kids learn

    Get kids to record everything they see on their favorite gadget: their phone! Where their clothes and foods come from, interesting facts about animals, and about plants, etc. Now they have something to show and tell in school.

5 Facts About The Royal National Agricultural Show That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. It draws a huge crowd

    About 400,000 visitors come to the Ekka each August and some of them are foreign tourists.

  2. #2:It was only canceled twice

    And with good reason! The show was canceled because of the Spanish flu in 1919 and World war II in 1942.

  3. #3:They had a strict dress code

    The first Royal Agricultural National Show was a grand event; men wore suits and ladies showed off their finest clothes.

  4. #3:We need to feed more mouths

    By the year 2020, half of the world’s population will be looking to Australia for its food needs. Shows like this one connect farmers to the latest in agricultural innovation. The future depends on this.

  5. #5It puts food on the table

    Around 1.6 million jobs in Australia depend on agriculture — which gives us 1.6 million reasons why agricultural events should be promoted.

Why We Love Royal National Agricultural Show Day Queensland

  1. Even farmers need a day off

    Yes, they do! And they deserve it. But the event is so much fun that besides farmers, people from Queensland and all over the world flock to it.

  2. It gives agriculture a boost

    This is a great opportunity for farmers to learn about the government’s agricultural initiatives and the innovations in agricultural science.

  3. It celebrates Queensland’s culture

    The event gives people a chance to experience the interesting culture of the region. And nothing binds the community together like good food and fun.

Royal National Agricultural Show Day Queensland dates

2021August 11Wednesday
2022August 10Wednesday
2023August 16Wednesday
2024August 14Wednesday
2025August 13Wednesday

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