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TueAug 13

Women's and Family Day – August 13, 2024

Women’s and Family Day is on August 13 in Tunisia. On this day, the promulgation of Tunisian women’s rights through its adoption of the Code of Personal Status is honored. From grandmothers, mothers, and daughters, today is every woman’s day. The day reminds everyone how far women have come fighting for gender — in social roles, careers, and opportunities. It’s also the best opportunity to pass this tradition on to the younger generations who will hone Tunisia’s future.

History of Women's and Family Day

We can all agree that women’s rights have come a long way. Gender equality in all facets of society is still a work in progress, the unprecedented journey of every woman in breaking barriers, destroying stereotypes, and paving the way for future generations. In Tunisia, the national feminist movement has always been unique, especially in the Arab region. The fight for justice and equality came to fruition in 1956 after a series of Tunisian laws were passed to protect women’s rights. Through Code of Personal Status — a bill for gender equality — was passed to curb issues of sexism and misogyny by the government.

The code took effect on January 1, 1957, as Tunisian Prime Minister and incoming President Habib Bourguiba implemented it nationwide. Not only did it give a special place for Tunisian women compared to other Arab countries, but it also abolished polygamy, giving women exclusive rights to marriage. It also gave women the right to undergo a judicial procedure in filing for a divorce and the requirement for mutual consent before marriage. However, parts of the code didn’t fully embrace equality, such as joint ownership of family inheritance and assets. Religious leaders opposed this movement, but President Bourguiba and his successors stayed firm on their grounds.

In the 1990s, progressive amendments were made to the code. One of which was the law that requires a wife to obey her husband at all times. This was debated back and forth and has been deemed unjust and sexist.

In 2017, President Beji Caid Essebsi announced the first Women’s and Family Day in Tunisia, intending to eliminate gender bias from the Inheritance Law.

Women's and Family Day timeline

The Promulgation of Tunisian Women’s Rights

Gender equality becomes known in Tunisia through the Code of Personal Status.

Turning The Bill Into A Law

Tunisian Prime Minister Habib Bourguiba implements the gender equality law nationwide.

Progressive Amendments Of The Law

Sections of the law go through amending to give way to gender inequality.

First Women’s And Family Day

President Bejjani Caid Essebsi announces the first Women’s and Family Day in Tunisia.

Women's and Family Day FAQs

Is polygamy still prohibited in Tunisia?

Yes, polygamy has been illegal in Tunisia since 1957.

What is the divorce rate in Tunisia?

A whopping record of 82% file for divorce during their first year of marriage. This makes Tunisia one of the worst divorce centers in the world.

Can Tunisian women run for a government position?

Yes, Tunisian women have had the right to run for office since 1959.

Women's and Family Day Activities

  1. Send your mom a card

    Celebrate this day by showing affection to the first woman we all love: our moms! Send your mom a card and a flower and express your appreciation for all her love and sacrifices through the years.

  2. Go on a girl’s night out

    Invite your friends to hang out over good food and a couple of drinks for the night! It’s time to unwind and have a fun girl’s night out.

  3. Learn your rights

    Women’s rights have been fought for decades. It’s only appropriate to educate yourself about your rights and privileges as a woman.

5 Interesting Facts About Tunisian Women’s Rights

  1. The 2014 Tunisian Constitution

    It states that men and women have equal rights and duties without discrimination.

  2. Majority of Tunisians favor this

    In a 2018 Afrobarometer survey, 67% of Tunisians agreed with women’s inclusion in politics.

  3. Tunisian women outnumbered men

    In 2022, the population of Tunisian women was 5.96 million, against 5.86 million men.

  4. Women’s employment is a work in progress

    Despite the Tunisians’ strides toward gender equality, only 30% of women are employed.

  5. Eliminating Violence Against Women

    This law was passed in 2017, introducing criminal provisions and penalties for perpetrators of domestic violence.

Why We Love Women's and Family Day

  1. It’s time for women to rule

    This holiday couldn’t come at a perfect time in our global political climate. We’re at the point where we should encourage female leaders in all government sectors to pursue a position of power. It’s their moment to rule.

  2. We support gender equality

    Gender equality is the epitome of justice. Everyone should have equal rights, regardless of sex or gender identity.

  3. We aspire to be progressive

    Once and for all, it’s time to abolish discrimination. Progressiveness is what we should aspire to, not just as nations and also as individuals. We need to move forward and eliminate all bigoted practices.

Women's and Family Day dates

2024August 13Tuesday
2025August 13Wednesday
2026August 13Thursday
2027August 13Friday
2028August 13Sunday

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