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TueAug 13

National Filet Mignon Day – August 13, 2024

National Filet Mignon Day is on August 13 — an occasion that celebrates the creation of the delicious filet mignon. The steak is the epitome of luxury and is in high demand by the rich in every society. This is because the meat of a filet mignon just melts in the mouth and is a pure definition of decadence and magnificence in the world of cooking. Filet mignon is basically made out of tenderloin meat that is one of the most prized cuts of beef. Hence, it’s not a surprise that the dish is so delicious and one of the top favorites in every restaurant.

History of National Filet Mignon Day

Filet mignon is basically meat that is cut from the smaller end of the tenderloin of an animal such as a pig or a cow. While pork tenderloin is famous and is known to tingle one’s taste buds, several religions forbid pork meat and the followers instead opt for filet mignons made from beef. However, each meat version has a taste of its own and it is recommended that every foodie try both.

The history of filet mignons is unclear because the dish has existed and been served in the U.S. since before the 18th century, and was also one of the most popular items on the menu. The only difference is, they were known as medallions or tenderloin steak since the term filet mignon was not coined until 1906. The word ‘steak’ on the other hand, was first used in mid-15th century Scandinavia and became popular in Florence, Italy. Whereas, the name ‘filet mignon’ was first used in William Sydney Porter’s book “The Four Million,” and was marketed as an expensive and luxurious meat cut that the poor could not afford. Building the image of the dish as one that was out of the reach of the masses only increased its popularity, and it soon became the most wanted item on the dinner table of the wealthy and the royals. While the dish is consumed today by millions of individuals yearly and is no longer ‘unaffordable,’ it is still an undercut that is pricier than the usual meat items.

National Filet Mignon Day timeline

Inspect Me

The first federal meat inspection on cattle export begins.


Refrigerated and canned meat is supplied to U.S. troops during the war for the first time.

Grain Expectations

Experiments are conducted to prove the nutritional value of grains for improved animal feeding.

Quality Over Quantity

Meat-grading standards are developed to determine the quality of meat products.

National Filet Mignon Day FAQs

What is so special about filet mignon?

It is tender and comes from a part of the cow that is high up and doesn’t get much exercise.

Why is it called filet mignon?

The name originates from the fact that the meat is derived from the small end of the tenderloin area of a cow.

Why is filet mignon so expensive?

It is so costly because people prefer its texture over other chewy meat textures.

National Filet Mignon Day Activities

  1. Head to the nearest steakhouse

    To celebrate the day, head to your favorite steakhouse either alone or with friends and family. Go out on an empty stomach so you can order a special filet mignon.

  2. Have a barbecue

    Start cooking a filet mignon of your own by hosting a B.B.Q. at your place. This is also the perfect opportunity to show off your cooking skills.

  3. Hashtag it!

    Whether you are cooking a filet mignon at home or going out to get one, take lots of pictures and use the hashtag #NationalFiletMignonDay on social media.

5 Fun Facts You Need To Know About Filet Mignon

  1. The meaning of ‘mignon’ in French

    The word means ‘cute,’ ‘dainty,’ and ‘tender.’

  2. How it’s cooked

    Filet mignon is the easiest piece of meat to grill

  3. Its name in the U.K.

    Filet mignon in the .K. is called fillet steak.

  4. Origins of the name

    The name of the steak was invented by an American.

  5. The most expensive steaks in Tokyo

    Charbroiled Kobe filet is known to be the most expensive and costs about $258.

Why We Love National Filet Mignon Day

  1. It boosts the restaurant industry

    Since the best way to celebrate the day is by having a steak, the restaurant industry often experiences a boost in profits on National Filet Mignon Day.

  2. It’s a blast from the past

    A lot of people don’t know much about the meat and cooking industry, and this day serves the purpose of shedding light on some essential facts.

  3. It generates tips

    Since filet mignon is served at numerous steakhouses, eateries, and high-end restaurants, the day ends up generating tips for servers from different regions and classes.

National Filet Mignon Day dates

2024August 13Tuesday
2025August 13Wednesday
2026August 13Thursday
2027August 13Friday
2028August 13Sunday

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