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National Report Home Health Care Fraud Day – November 6, 2024

National Report Home Health Care Fraud Day is celebrated on November 6 every year. The day helps raise awareness of the number of Medicare frauds and provides the public with detailed steps on reporting home healthcare fraud. Medicare fraud affects everyone. Ten percent of all Medicare funds have been lost due to fraud.

Quite often, people face home healthcare fraud. This day was established to allow those who know something about fraud to report it. For information, a person can receive a reward of several thousand or even millions of dollars.

History of National Report Home Health Care Fraud Day

Home health care is a wide range of health services that can be provided at home in case of illness or injury. It is usually cheaper, more convenient, and just as effective as the care a person receives in a hospital or qualified nursing facility. According to research, the elderly recover faster and with fewer complications at home than in the hospital. With the help of home care, patients can receive help in managing their medication. It prevents harmful drug interactions, which can help the patient avoid going to the hospital.

Medicare is a federal health insurance program for people over 65, some young people with disabilities, and people with end-stage renal disease. Medicare consists of several parts that help cover specific services. For example, hospital insurance includes hospital stays, and care in qualified nursing homes, and health insurance covers certain medical services, care, and prevention services. The insurance helps cover the cost of prescription drugs as well.

National Report Home Health Care Fraud Day has been observed since 2017. It was founded by the Hesch Firm after founding attorney Joel D. Hesch left government practice to help whistleblowers apply for a reward. Hesch has set up his law firm and now represents informants only, across the country in claiming remuneration for rewards of the reports of fraud against the government. He also helped other whistleblowers receive significant rewards for reporting fraud at home healthcare. To help informants properly report Medicare fraud, Hesch has created a free e-book on Medicare fraud and a website to make sure the public knows how to report Medicare fraud as they follow the steps required to obtain a reward.

National Report Home Health Care Fraud Day timeline


Medicare starts under the direction of the Social Security Administration.

The Extension of the Medicare Program

Congress further expands the Medicare program to include young people with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

The Medicare Program

The Medicare program, which covers almost all prescription drugs, is adopted.

National Report Home Health Care Fraud Day

The Hesch Firm forms the day.

National Report Home Health Care Fraud Day FAQs

What is the largest healthcare fraud?

On September 30, 2020, the largest health fraud was announced, involving 345 defendants responsible for fraud losses of more than six billion U.S. dollars.

What is healthcare fraud in Canada?

Every year, many Canadians fall victim to fraudulent schemes that charge extra for medical services and receive a bill for unnecessary medical procedures.

What happens to a person who commits insurance fraud?

The punishment for insurance fraud can range from probation, fines, and community service to imprisonment in a district or state prison.

How to Observe National Report Home Health Care Fraud Day

  1. Read Hesch’s book

    Visit Hesch’s website and download his free ebook to celebrate National Report Home Health Care Fraud Day. With the help of this book, you will learn about various Medicare fraud schemes and the Department of Justice whistleblower program for rewards.

  2. Take time to try home healthcare

    Another best option to celebrate this day is to try home healthcare. Without leaving home, you can check your health or tell your doctor about your health problems.

  3. Share the day

    By posting a few words about a day like National Report Home Health Care Fraud Day on social platforms, you will be able to help many people. Most do not even know that this kind of fraud can not only be punished but also get a good reward for the report.

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  1. Hot drinks help to cool down

    Research has shown that drinking something hot on a hot day can help your body stay cool.

  2. Society is good for the heart

    Having friendships and social support can increase happiness and longevity.

  3. Eat bananas to improve your mood

    Bananas contain about 30% of the recommended daily allowance of vitamin B6, which helps the brain produce serotonin, a mood stabilizer.

  4. Optimism can make your life longer

    Doctors say those with the highest levels of optimism had a nearly 40 percent lower risk of heart disease.

  5. The jaw muscle is the strongest

    The human jaw can close teeth with a force of up to 200 pounds or 890 Newtons.

Why National Report Home Health Care Fraud Day is Important

  1. It can raise awareness

    On this day, speeches, presentations, and seminars are held to explain the benefits and risks of fraud reporting, as well as the various ways people can report Medicare fraud. Thus, public awareness is growing, and it will have a positive impact in the future.

  2. We are against deception

    Deception is inadmissible in all its forms, and no reason or intention can justify it. Fraud, especially in health care, is a deception that must be eradicated. This is the perfect day to express our strong position.

  3. A day to put an end to fraud

    A lot of money has been lost due to home healthcare fraud and this leads to a national crisis in healthcare. This day is created to put it to an end.

National Report Home Health Care Fraud Day dates

2024November 6Wednesday
2025November 6Thursday
2026November 6Friday
2027November 6Saturday
2028November 6Monday

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