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ThuNov 7

National Cash Back Day – November 7, 2024

National Cash Back Day is observed on the first Thursday of November every year. This year, it falls on November 7. Shoppers eagerly look forward to an entire day of exclusive cash back offers, bringing endless opportunities for each of us to indulge in a little retail therapy. A plethora of smart deals ensure ‌you save every time you spend, whether you’re shopping for essentials, holiday gifts, or something for yourself.

In 2020, the event was such a success that it was extended for an additional 24 hours, so take a good, long look at your wish list and start planning.

History of National Cash Back Day

National Cash Back Day is a relatively new holiday, established in 2019 by RetailMeNot. It was conceived as a way to kick start the holiday season by offering some of the biggest cash backs of the year. In 2020, the event was such a huge success that it was extended for an additional 24 hours. On National Cash Back Day, deals are available until 11:59 P.M.

The Deal Finder browser extension is an easy way to access the limited-time, exclusive, cash back offers. You could also download the RetailMeNot app to easily access offers and savings from your phone. The entire process is simple. Simply create a free RetailMeNot account, log in and choose the offer you want. You will be directed to the online store where you wish to make your purchase. Within 45 days of purchase, your RetailMeNot Wallet will be credited with the cash back amount, which you can then redeem for cash on Venmo or PayPal.

Over the years, many people have saved a sizable chunk of their holiday spending with it. So, why not use the money to reward yourself for being such a savvy shopper? Apart from fashion products and electronics, there is a wide range of essential and practical items on offer. In previous years, popular choices included health products, kitchen appliances, and winter clothes. That said, there are plenty of luxury brands on offer as well. Don’t pass up this golden opportunity to save big!

National Cash Back Day timeline

Discover Cash Back

Sears is the first to introduce the concept of “cash back” with its Discover card.

High Five

Major card issuers raise the cash back from 1% to 5% on purchases made at grocery stores, pharmacies, and gas stations.

Giving It The Gas

Gas prices rise, causing an explosion of gas cash back cards.

Cash Back Day

The first National Cash Back Day introduces the concept of cash back to the public.

National Cash Back Day FAQs

Is there a limit on how many cash back offers I can get?

RetailMeNot members can make ‌seven cash back purchases every month from a single retailer. You can make 20 online cash back transactions in a month.

How do I know if my purchase qualifies for cash back?

The RetailMeNot process is simple: as long as you choose a qualifying purchase and meet all other offer criteria, your cash back will appear in your wallet within 45 days.

What happens if I reach the maximum cash back amount permitted?

Failure to cash out your rewards when you’ve reached the maximum amount permitted by your RetailMeNot account will lead to all other rewards being listed as pending until you do so.

National Cash Back Day Activities

  1. Spend, save, and enjoy!

    With its abundance of deals, the RetailMeNot app ushers in the holiday season early. Plan your purchases ahead of time to take advantage of the 24-hour cash back event.

  2. Shop together

    Get your neighbors, friends, and family together and compare shopping wish lists. Buying together means a higher cart total, which results in more cash back.

  3. Offer your own cash back

    Do you own a business? Why not offer customers cash back on their purchases to celebrate the day? This will incentivize consumption and boost your sales.

5 Interesting Facts About Cash Back

  1. Top retailers

    RetailMeNot offers unmissable deals on leading brands such as Amazon, Nike, and Macy's.

  2. Real savings

    In 2021, shoppers received an average of $18 per purchase as cash back on National Cash Back Day.

  3. Stay updated

    View all offers on National Cash Back Day by visiting and stay updated on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

  4. Stock up on meds

    In 2021, on National Cash Back Day, pharmacies such as G.N.C. and C.V.S. offered 16% and 15% cash back, respectively.

  5. Affordable luxury

    Even luxury brands that don’t normally offer discounts are available for cash back on National Cash Back Day, such as Bloomingdale’s (10% cash back) and Rebecca Minkoff (20% cash back).

Why We Love National Cash Back Day

  1. You can plan your holiday shopping

    Knowing that National Cash Back Day is around the corner, you can plan your gifts and purchases on a single platform that gives you cash back on every dollar spent. Get all your shopping done with the best savings at your fingertips.

  2. You save every time you spend

    Since its launch, RetailMeNot has disbursed nearly $24.5 million in cash back benefits to its members. With up to 20% cash back on a wide range of products and services, consumers’ savings are essential, especially when buying in bulk or stocking up on seasonal necessities.

  3. You get the best deals

    RetailMeNot partners with over 1,000 stores to bring you the very best prices on fashion accessories, luxury items, electronic gizmos, and so much more. Shoppers can expect a steal of a deal every time!

National Cash Back Day dates

2022November 3Thursday
2023November 2Thursday
2024November 7Thursday
2025November 6Thursday
2026November 5Thursday

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