National Men Make Dinner Day – November 1, 2019

Fri Nov 1

Here at National Today, we are all about empowerment, in whatever form it takes. National Men Make Dinner Day is all about empowering men to put on an apron, sharpen their knife skills, and create incredible evening meals for themselves, their friends, and their families! Traditionally in American culture, women have largely been in charge of getting food on the table. Today, gender roles are becoming less and less rigid, but there are still many men who are not taught to cook as young children and don’t take the initiative or feel confident enough to enter to the kitchen as they get older. This day is all about giving those men the confidence to get in the kitchen!

National Men Make Dinner Day Activities

  1. If you're a man, cook dinner

    If you're a man who doesn't think of himself as a cook, today is a great day to get started. Look up a favorite recipe, break open a cookbook, or call your mom to ask her what you should cook for your foray. Already a seasoned cook? Great! Use the day as an opportunity to use your skills instead of ordering takeout.

  2. If you're a woman, find a man to cook dinner for you

    We don't believe in the battle of the sexes, but for National Men Make Dinner Day, we are in favor of women kicking back their feet. If you're your household's regular cook, take the opportunity to encourage any men in the house to cook dinner for you. No men around? Takeout is a great option — pick a restaurant with a man on the line!

  3. Teach a child to cook

    For parents, today is a great opportunity to start teaching your children, especially your sons, to help cook. Dads, get your sons chopping, mixing, and washing. Moms, you're doing takeout, so you can start tomorrow.

Why We Love National Men Make Dinner Day

  1. Everyone should know how to cook

    Cooking a meal for yourself or for others is deeply satisfying and feels great. Lots of people, especially men, aren't encouraged to learn how to cook, and that can make them feel useless in the kitchen. This day is all about putting aside that stigma, and encouraging everyone to get in the kitchen.

  2. Making dinner is a nice thing to do

    Regardless of your culinary skills, preparing a meal for your friends or family is a real kindness. Whether you go gourmet or keep it simple with pasta and a canned sauce, your loved ones will be thankful!

  3. It's a great time to reevaluate gender norms

    Just weeks before Thanksgiving, this holiday comes at the perfect time to remind many men that a woman's place isn't necessarily in the kitchen — and a man's place certainly can be! Many families have a tradition of men watching football while women cook, but this day reminds us all of us that gender shouldn't dictate who cooks!

National Men Make Dinner Day dates
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