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National Ladies Learning Code Day – November 6, 2024

National Ladies Learning Code Day is celebrated annually on November 6 in Canada. It is an advocacy program in Canada for women and the youth to learn about coding. Canada Learning Code started the program to promote technology learning in Canada — especially among women and other minority groups. National Ladies Learning Code Day aims to provide access to information and skills required to thrive in a digital world. Courses and workshops empower and educate women and there are plenty of scholarships for women and computer science scholarships available to help more women become programmers.

History of National Ladies Learning Code Day

National Ladies Learning Code Day (also National Girl Learning Code Day) aims to equip more people with coding skills, tools, and resources. The ultimate goal is to drive innovation and close the gender gap in the tech world. This national initiative is the brainchild of the Canada Learning Code. It was established primarily for women and female-identified persons. It offers a socially welcoming and collaborative environment for them to learn user experience design and coding. Canada Learning Code is at the forefront of the digital literacy movement in Canada.

In 2011, Canada Learning Code was initially established as the Ladies Learning Code. The organization has since expanded to cut across programs such as Girls Learning Code, Kids Learning Code, and Teens and Teachers Learning Code to reach a wider audience of adults and adolescents. Canada Learning Code champions industry and public partnerships, research, advocacy, and program design and delivery in more than 35 communities across the nation. Well over 250,000 learners have benefitted from in-person experiences since the organization’s inception.

The charity prioritizes women, indigenous youths, people with disabilities, and newcomers to the field. This leading national organization works tirelessly to make digital learning accessible to people all over the country. The emphasis on closing the gender gap in the tech world is crucial for the future of technology. In the modern world, products and solutions must be crafted to represent the diversity of the population that they serve. Whether it’s building dummies for safety features in vehicles or eliminating racial prejudice in A.I. tools, the end goal must be an equitable digital future for us all.

National Ladies Learning Code Day timeline

The First Machine Algorithm

For Charles Babbage's Difference Engine, Ada Lovelace creates the first-ever machine algorithm, laying the groundwork for all programming languages.

Shortcode is Born

John McCauley proposes shortcode (short-order code), which becomes the first high-level language (H.L.L.).

FORTRAN is Introduced

FORTRAN (Formula Translation) is invented by John Backus.

Python Programming is Developed

Guido Van Rossum advances Python programming.

National Ladies Learning Code Day FAQs

What is coding and how does it work?

Coding is the “process of using a programming language to get a computer to behave how you want it to”. Each line of code instructs the computer to do something. A document of lines of code is called a script.

How many hours of coding should I do per day?

On average, you should code for two to four hours every day. However, efficient coding practice is measured not by the amount of time spent creating or learning codes, but by the individual’s consistency over time.

Is coding difficult to learn?

No, coding is not difficult to learn. While learning may require individuals to enter regions with which they are unfamiliar, those with the time, effort, and determination can begin gaining coding skills in the same way that they can learn to do anything else.

How to Observe National Ladies Learning Code Day

  1. Attend/host a workshop

    Canada Learning Code hosts workshops and seminars to celebrate National Ladies' Learning Code Day. You can attend one of your choice or host one to empower budding tech giants.

  2. Volunteer

    If you’re passionate about tech or have experience as a developer, designer, or engineer, volunteer to help others! Be part of the change sweeping the nation and make digital learning fun and accessible for others.

  3. Research famous programmers

    Not all heroes wear capes. Many programmers have created solutions that make our lives much easier and today’s the best time to get to know them.

5 Facts About Coding That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. Female dominance

    Ada Lovelace, an English writer and mathematician, is the world’s first programmer.

  2. Many tongues

    Coding has over 700 languages.

  3. Creeper

    The first computer virus was a creeper generated in 1983.

  4. The programming language

    NASA still runs several projects using 1970s programming because it works.

  5. Coding amps up your brain

    Problem-solving, computational thinking, analytical thinking, leadership-related abilities, and even teamwork are just a few of the cognitive benefits of learning to code.

Why National Ladies Learning Code Day is Important

  1. Life-changing opportunities

    Workshops held on National Ladies Learning Code Day provide an invaluable project-based digital learning experience. These inclusive sessions help beginners gain the confidence and skills to realize their potential.

  2. Volunteer opportunities

    Volunteers to the rescue! This holiday is the perfect chance to do a good deed by lending a helping hand. Share your skills.

  3. It’s an Inspiration for young ones

    National Ladies Learning Code Day inspires the next generation of coders to take charge of their future. It encourages excellence regardless of gender, race, or even physical ability.

National Ladies Learning Code Day dates

2024November 6Wednesday
2025November 6Thursday
2026November 6Friday
2027November 6Saturday
2028November 6Monday

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