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NEDA Week – February 24-28, 2025

The ultimate goal of NEDA (National Eating Disorders Association) Week, celebrated in the last week of February each year, is to promote awareness of eating disorders and spread hope for those in recovery and their families. This year, it is observed from February 24 to February 28. It is an initiative by The National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA). Did you know that about 8% of the population of the United States suffers from eating disorders? Let’s explore the significance of NEDA Week.

History of NEDA Week

The NEDA Week is an initiative that aims to educate people on eating disorders, motivate them with a hopeful message, and allow those who need treatment to gain access to the necessary life-saving resources.

The NEDA Week is an initiative taken by a non-profit organization called the National Eating Disorders Association, which is devoted to preventing eating disorders and increasing awareness of the dangers thereof, and providing resources to those in need. During this week, health care providers, eating disorder professionals, social workers, and individuals educate others about this mental health issue.

According to the American Psychiatric Association, there are five different types of eating disorders, Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, Binge Eating Disorder (B.E.D.), Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (A.R.F.I.D.), and Other Specified Feeding or Eating Disorder (O.S.F.E.D.).

Although there are many main factors like genetics that are responsible for eating disorders, they can commonly co-occur with other mental health issues like anxiety, major depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and social phobia. Some of the possible symptoms associated with eating disorders include constantly feeling cold, fainting, sleeping issues, weight fluctuations, dizziness, weakness, and impaired immunity.

Each year, NEDA Week is celebrated with a theme. Last year, the theme was to invite “Every Body to Have a Seat at the Table.” It highlighted the suppressed thoughts and suppressed conversations about disordered eating experienced by marginalized individuals and communities.

So, this NEDA Week let’s come together and educate others about this issue and help others who are in need. Together, we can!

NEDA Week timeline

Formation of Parent Associations

The formation of Eating Disorders Awareness & Prevention, and the American Anorexia Bulimia Association takes place.

Creation of the NEDA

The NEDA is created by merging the Eating Disorders Awareness & Prevention and American Anorexia Bulimia Association.

Launch of Proud2BMe

NEDA launches a website called Proud2BMe to promote positive body image.

The First Online NEDA Week

NEDA Week is conducted virtually due to the pandemic.


Does the date for NEDA Week vary each year?

Yes, NEDA Week is celebrated in the last week of February each year.

What is the most serious eating disorder?

All eating disorders need to be considered serious, however, anorexia is seen as a serious disease.

Is an eating disorder a physical illness?

No, an eating disorder is a serious mental illness.

How to Observe NEDA Week

  1. Help those in need

    There might be someone you know who is suffering from an eating disorder. You can do your best to support them and their family.

  2. Share your story

    If you’re a fighter who has recovered from an eating disorder or know someone who has recovered from it, share the story and inspire people around you. You may help someone in need.

  3. Educate others about eating disorders

    Educate your friends, family, and others about the dangers of eating disorders and how they can lead a healthy life. What are you waiting for?

5 Facts About Food, Eating Habits, And Eating Disorders That Might Shock You

  1. 30 million Americans

    There are more than 30 million Americans ranging from kids to older adults who are suffering from eating disorders.

  2. An eating disorder is a mental issue

    Contrary to what many people may think, an eating disorder is not a physical disorder, it is a mental disorder.

  3. It kills every 60 seconds

    A person dies due to an eating disorder approximately every 60 seconds.

  4. Treatment numbers are low

    Only one in 10 people with eating disorders will receive proper treatment.

  5. Binge eating is dangerous

    The most common eating disorder in the United States is binge eating, which affects 3.5% of women and 2% of men.

Why NEDA Week is Important

  1. It helps those who are in need

    NEDA Week is not just about raising awareness, supporters across the globe contribute what they can to the people suffering from eating disorders. See what you can do on this day to contribute.

  2. It empowers people

    NEDA Week empowers people suffering from eating disorders to seek professional help before it’s too late. We love the importance of this cause.

  3. NEDA Week is a meaningful initiative

    In today’s world where many of us are binging on junk foods or have poor eating habits, NEDA Week is an eye-opener to take care of our eating habits and mental health. We love this!

NEDA Week dates

2022February 28Monday
2023February 27Monday
2024February 26Monday
2025February 24Monday
2026February 23Monday

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