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SunFeb 23

National Hospitality Workers Appreciation Day – February 23, 2025

Created by Food Service Direct — an online store for chefs and restaurant operators — National Hospitality Workers Appreciation Day on February 23 appreciates the hard workers of the service industry who strive tirelessly to bring the best in comfort and luxury. The hospitality industry is often confused with the hotel industry, which is not the case. The latter is a branch of the former. The hospitality industry is broad and includes hotels, restaurants, bars, theme parks, tourism, and more. The presentation, creativity, entertainment, and quality of these businesses are all thanks to their hospitality workers, which is why we are celebrating them today! 

History of National Hospitality Workers Appreciation Day

The term hospitality originated from the French word ‘hospice’ meaning “taking care of travelers.” Travelers were often invited to rest at the homes of locals during their travels. They would sleep on floors, as no proper resting facilities existed until monasteries decided to create them. This is how lodging services came into existence. Inns started operating in the late 1700s, providing shelter and food for travelers. Horses and carriages were also taken care of. This is when the hospitality sector started to shape. Soon, the element of luxury and modern facilities started to emerge. This led to the creation of hotels, with elegant rooms and finer dining spaces. The year 1829 was significant for the American hospitality industry. This is the year when the first luxury hotel was constructed in Boston, Massachusetts by American architect Isaiah Rogers — the Tremont Hotel. 

In modern times, the success of bars, restaurants, hotels, inns, is heavily reliant on hospitality workers. Indeed, the service provided by hospitality workers can make or break the experience and is a crucial factor for determining the quality and standard of the business. As the backbone of the hospitality industry, it is unfortunate that hospitality workers don’t get the full appreciation that they truly deserve, and are often overworked and underpaid. 

Stress, psychological exhaustion, and burnout are frequently faced by hospitality workers due to the demanding nature of the hospitality sector. Mostly serving at the front line directly with customers, hospitality workers meet the required needs, communicate and work behind the scenes, and maintain efficiency and quality. Their diligence and attitude topped with a smile creates a satisfactory experience

On National Hospitality Workers Appreciation Day we express our gratitude to the talented and dedicated hospitality workers, and unions, trade associations, and other organizations collaborate to make the industry better for its labor. 

National Hospitality Workers Appreciation Day timeline

15000 B.C.
The Beginning of the Hospitality Industry

The ancient Lascaux caves in France were used to provide accommodation for other tribes.

Modern Hotel

The first modern hotel is established in England, the Royal Hotel in Plymouth.

The Golden Age of Hospitality

Hospitality is driven by value creation through luxury and quality service.

World Tourism Day

The United Nations declares September 27 as World Tourism Day to recognize and boost the hospitality sector.

National Hospitality Workers Appreciation Day FAQs

What is a hospitality worker?

A hospitality worker is employed to provide services and cater to the needs of customers at hotels, cafes, restaurants, bars, clubs, casinos, and more. 

What jobs are considered hospitality?

The hospitality industry is broad and includes many services and small businesses. Bars, travel, food and beverage, tourism, and lodging primarily make up the sector. 

Why are hospitality workers leaving the industry?

One of the biggest reasons for hospitality workers quitting is burnout. Working overtime under stressful conditions takes a toll on workers psychologically. 

National Hospitality Workers Appreciation Day Activities

  1. Express your gratitude

    If you have been excellently received or served by a hospitality worker, make sure to express your appreciation by tipping generously and verbally thanking them.

  2. Give them half the day off

    If you have a team of hospitality workers, give them half the day off today. If all of them cannot be accommodated today, set another day for their half day.

  3. Have a Happy Hour

    Hospitality workers don’t enjoy Happy Hour as often as other employees. Celebrate their work with Happy Hour!

5 Fun Facts About The Hospitality Sector

  1. It’s the lowest-paid industry

    The leisure and hospitality industry is the lowest-paid sector as of November 2021.

  2. Average hourly earnings are low

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average hourly earnings for hospitality workers are $19.20.

  3. Dubai is a hub for hotels

    Over half of the world’s top 10 tallest hotels are in Dubai.

  4. The tourism industry’s workforce

    10% of the world’s total workforce is employed in the tourism industry.

  5. Conditions are improving

    To attract new talent, wages now make up 25% of the hospitality industry’s total revenue.

Why We Love National Hospitality Workers Appreciation Day

  1. We appreciate hospitality workers

    The main purpose of the national holiday is to appreciate hospitality workers. It is much needed and we at National Today love holidays that recognize the great workers who often aren’t in the spotlight.

  2. Improving working conditions for hospitality workers

    In the past few years, the hospitality industry is facing a labor shortage due to unsatisfactory work conditions. National Hospitality Workers Appreciation Day doubles as a cause for the hospitality sector to reinvent itself.

  3. Motivation through appreciation

    Everybody loves appreciation. Hospitality workers will certainly get a morale boost today and be happy.

National Hospitality Workers Appreciation Day dates

2025February 23Sunday
2026February 23Monday
2027February 23Tuesday
2028February 23Wednesday
2029February 23Friday

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