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SunFeb 23

National Tootsie Roll Day – February 23, 2025

National Tootsie Roll Day, on February 23, is a day dedicated to celebrating the chocolate-flavored candy that has been a favorite among people throughout generations. The Tootsie Roll is an American favorite, and we are here to show you how you can amazingly celebrate the day. Do you know that it has been more than 115 years since the Tootsie Roll was developed in Brooklyn in 1907? Tootsie Roll Day is the birth anniversary of the inventor of Tootsie Roll, Leo Hershfield. This uniquely named sweet is popular countrywide. People celebrate this day by enjoying Tootsie Rolls.

History of National Tootsie Roll Day

Austrian-Jewish immigrant, Leo Hirshfield opened his candy shop in Brooklyn in the year 1896. The first candy that he sold was Bromangellon jelly powder. In the year 1907, Hirshfield submitted his first patent for the development of the Tootsie Roll candy. Leo Hirshfield named the candy after his daughter, Clara, whose nickname was Tootsie. Tootsie Rolls became immensely popular by 1908 and were marketed in large quantities.

In 1917, Leo Hirshfield changed the name of the company to Sweet Company of America. In 1935, the company was taken over by Joseph Rubin and the Sons of Brooklyn. Under the new president, the company grew exponentially. It was also the time when the size of the Tootsie Rolls was increased. Rubin then shifted the company base from Manhattan to New Jersey. In 1943, Captain Tootsie, a comic book character, was created by C.C. Beck. The comic strips appeared in Sunday newspapers and a few years later, a comic book was published by Toby Press.

In 1962, Joseph Rubin’s niece Ellen Rubin Gordon took control of the company. In 1966, the name of the company was shifted to Tootsie Rolls Industries. In 2015, Ellen Rubin Gordon became the C.E.O. of the company. Today, Tootsie Rolls Industries is a commercial giant, manufacturing about 64 million Tootsie Rolls in a day. Tootsie Rolls Day gives recognition to this tasty candy that is enjoyed by millions every day.

National Tootsie Roll Day timeline

Tootsie Roll is Born

Tootsie Rolls are created by Leo Hirshfield in his candy shop.

Sweet Company of America

The name of Leo's candy shop is changed to Sweet Company of America.

Tootsie Rolls Industries

The name of the company is changed to Tootsie Rolls Industries by the new owners, the Rubin family.

Tootsie Rolls Day

Tootsie Rolls Day is created to show love and support to Tootsie Rolls.

National Tootsie Roll Day FAQs

How did Tootsie Rolls save soldiers?

It is believed that during the Korean War, the American troops’ morale was kept high as they thought the boxes beside them were ammunition. After the battle, it was found that the boxes were filled with Tootsie Rolls. Tootsie Rolls were also popular among soldiers as they were durable under harsh conditions and could also be used to fix leaks in the pipes as the candy was strong and chewy.

Can Tootsie Rolls go bad?

If stored in proper conditions, hard Tootsie Rolls and lollies can last up to a year. Jellied candies can last up to nine months.

Are Tootsie Rolls healthy?

A Tootsie Roll has 150 calories and 19 grams of sugar. It does not have protein or fiber and hence cannot be considered healthy. Nevertheless, one or two candies a day can be enjoyed without harming your health.

National Tootsie Roll Day Activities

  1. Eat Tootsie Rolls

    What better way to celebrate Tootsie Rolls Day than to eat and appreciate Tootsie Rolls? Buy Tootsie Rolls from your store nearby and share them with friends and family. You can also distribute it to your neighbors.

  2. Have a Tootsie Roll party

    Have a Tootsie Roll-themed party with all the works. The food of honor can be dessert. Give a prize to the best-dressed Tootsie Roll there.

  3. Be generous

    Buy some Tootsie Rolls and give some to the homeless. Or take some to your nearest senior home and give them to the five eldest people there.

5 Facts About Tootsie Rolls That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. They were popular during World War II

    Tootsie Rolls were included in the U.S. army troop ration during World War II as the candy was durable and did not get spoiled under rough conditions.

  2. The Indian myth

    The news that wrappers with a picture of an Indian with an arrow could be exchanged for Tootsie Rolls, was a rumor.

  3. Frank Sinatra’s love

    Evergreen musician Frank Sinatra loved Tootsie Rolls.

  4. C.E.O. was in an ad

    Ellen Gordon, the current C.E.O. of Tootsie Rolls industries, was featured in an ad in the ‘50s when she was 18 years old.

  5. More flavors initially

    Tootsie Rolls had five flavors initially which were raspberry, orange, grape, cherry, and chocolate.

Why We Love National Tootsie Roll Day

  1. It’s a chance to appreciate Tootsie Rolls

    Tootsie Rolls are one of the most loved candies in America. We feel that candy as popular as that should be celebrated.

  2. Sweet families

    This day gives us a chance to share candies with friends and relatives. Sharing Tootsie Rolls will give you a chance to be nice, socialize and strengthen friendships.

  3. It’s a treasured part of history

    Tootsie Rolls were eaten by our great-grandparents, It is always good to know you are a part of history when you see a Tootsie Roll.

National Tootsie Roll Day dates

2025February 23Sunday
2026February 23Monday
2027February 23Tuesday
2028February 23Wednesday
2029February 23Friday

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