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SunFeb 23

National Play Tennis Day – February 23, 2025

National Play Tennis Day is celebrated on February 23 across the country every year. This is a day dedicated to playing tennis, a racket sport that’s one of the most popular sports to play and watch in the world. Tennis is a sport that can be played by anyone, regardless of where they are from and what their status is. It can be played against single opponents or between teams of two players. If you can hold a racket, then you can play tennis. It is derived from what is called ‘real tennis’, a game that was called the ‘Sport of Kings.’ Real tennis is also known as court tennis or royal tennis.

History of National Play Tennis Day

Tennis is a great game to play as a sport or as a fun sport between family and friends. The original game was very similar to modern-day lawn tennis, but the rules and scoring system were much more complex. This game in turn evolved from an older ball game that used to be played in France. Modern-day tennis originated in England and was known as lawn tennis to differentiate it from ‘real tennis’. A young American socialite called Mary Ewing Outerbridge introduced the game to America, and the game caught on. Tennis has remained popular in the U.S. since it was introduced, and the country has produced many Grand Slam winners.

Eventually, the International Tennis Federation was founded, which set up three tournaments as the major championships for the game.

The appeal of the game lies in its simplicity. Anyone can play it because you don’t need anything beyond a racket and balls to play. The game is played on tennis courts but can just as easily be played outside, as long as there is enough space. Formal tennis courts are perfectly flat and rectangular. But the material of the surfaces varies. Tennis can be played on grass, clay, and hard courts which are made of concrete or asphalt. There may also be courts with artificial turfs. The rules of the game are straightforward in that a player who sends the ball across to the other is the one serving. Players win points if the other player cannot strike the ball and return it across the court.

National Play Tennis Day timeline

Lawn Tennis Is Developed In Britain

Harry Gem and his friend develop a game of rackets and balls based on royal tennis or court tennis, which they play on a croquet lawn in Birmingham, England.

Mary Outerbridge Introduces Tennis To America

After a trip to Bermuda, where Outerbridge sees tennis played, she brings back a set and lays out a court in New York.

French Championships Are Established

The game is very popular in France, but until 1925 it is only open to people who are part of the French clubs.

The International Lawn Tennis Federation Is Founded

Later, it becomes the International Tennis Federation, and it establishes three official tournaments in Britain, France, and Europe.

National Play Tennis Day FAQs

What's the best way to play tennis during the week?

Playing with new people can sometimes bring more interest to the game and keep you on your toes. Another option is to substitute one day of playing tennis during the week for a day at the gym. Do a workout that benefits your game, such as low-impact cardio on a stationary bike for endurance.

How often should 30-year-olds play tennis?

If you’re in good health, and under 30, you can safely play at a high level three to four times per week. If you’re between 30-50, two to three times per week is good. After age 50, you should ideally play competitive tennis more than twice a week.

Why is it important to rest after playing tennis?

Allowing your body to recover after a day of serious tennis is crucial. If you’re over 40, resting can be vital. As we age, our tendons and ligaments may lose some of their elasticity, making us more prone to injury. Resting is important to prevent this.

National Play Tennis Day Activities

  1. Play a game of tennis

    There’s no better way to celebrate the game of tennis than by playing a game, so grab a friend or three and head over to the courts for a game. Make it a fun outing by playing round-robin games against each other and crowning the victor.

  2. Watch a tournament

    While tennis can be by everyone, it’s quite different to watch the greatest of tennis play, so catch a game by one of the champions on this day. Invite friends and family and choose a side so that healthy tension can build up.

  3. Sign up for classes

    If you’ve been waiting to learn, then this is your sign. Join tennis classes today and celebrate by learning this cool game.

5 Incredible Facts About Tennis

  1. America’s got the oldest national tennis organization

    The United States National Lawn Tennis Association, now the United States Tennis Association, was formed in 1881.

  2. There aren’t any World Championships

    In 1923, the title of World Championships was dropped and the modern-day Grand Slams were introduced as the ‘Official Championships.’

  3. Not much has changed in 80 years

    Apart from the tiebreak system, most rules of tennis have stayed the same since the game was formalized.

  4. Dating back to the 1900s

    Run by the ITF, the Davis Cup is a competition between men’s national teams in a knock-out format, like a world cup.

  5. There’s an International Tennis Hall of Fame

    Located in New Port, Rhode Island, this Hall of Fame is a non-profit organization that celebrates the players and supports people who have made major contributions to the game.

Why We Love National Play Tennis Day

  1. We love the game

    Tennis is a fun game that is accessible to everyone, and we love playing it and want to share it with everyone.

  2. Tennis is played around the world

    The game is played in all major countries and is a fantastic way of bringing people together out of love for the game.

  3. We need an excuse to play

    It’s hard to catch a game when everyone’s so busy so a day set aside just to play tennis is perfect for us!

National Play Tennis Day dates

2025February 23Sunday
2026February 23Monday
2027February 23Tuesday
2028February 23Wednesday
2029February 23Friday

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