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SunFeb 23

National Dog Biscuit Day – February 23, 2025

On February 23 your dog doesn’t want a pat, to be scratched behind his ear, or to run after a stick. What he really wants is his biscuit because it’s National Dog Biscuit Day! This day is also known as Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day. It’s the best day of the year for dogs. It’s also a day to pamper your pooch because he deserves it. After all he’s your best friend. So, give him his favorite biscuit, or even better- stock up on his favorite treats.

National Dog Biscuit Day timeline

A Fortunate Accident

A butcher based in London accidentally invents the dog biscuit, later shaping it into a bone.

Available in England

It was around this time that dog biscuits were produced in England on a small scale, though dog-bread had been around for ages.

Now Manufactured on a Large Scale

The first large-scale manufacturer of dog biscuits was a man from Ohio called James Spratt who traveled to England and produced these biscuits.

In the Shape of a Bone

The first bone shaped biscuit for dogs appeared in America and the shape caught on!

Bennett Biscuits

The F.H. Bennett Biscuit company is established, selling dog biscuits under the name ‘Malatoid.’


The dog biscuit recipe is granted a patent.

New and Improved

The name ‘Malatoid’ is changed to ‘Milkbone’ to emphasize cow’s milk as one of the ingredients.

The Largest Dog Biscuit

The largest dog biscuit weighed 279.87 kg (617 lb) and was made by Hampshire Pet Products (USA) in Joplin, Missouri.

National Dog Biscuit Day Activities

  1. Doggie play date

    Call, text, email, or tweet your friends and have them join you for a doggie play date. Have each of your friends brings their dog's favorite biscuit, then create little goodie bags containing one of each.

  2. Dog biscuits and adoptions

    Go to your local animal shelter and coordinate an adoption day. As a special gift, donate a bountiful amount of dog biscuits that can be given to the new pet parents and their newly adopted furry family member.

  3. Host a dog biscuit decorating party

    Get festive, get messy, get decorative! Invite some friends, buy plain dog biscuits (we love Milk-Bone's Classic Dog Biscuit), grab dog-safe decorating icing, and let your creativity flow. Reward the best decorated and then let your dogs enjoy!

5 Awesome Facts About Dog Biscuits To Chew On

  1. It was an accidental invention

    A butcher in England in the 1800s was trying a new recipe for biscuits that turned out to be terrible. He gave one to his dog who loved it. The rest is history!

  2. First there was dog bread

    Before we had dog biscuits, dog bread was a popular snack given to canines.

  3. What happens if you eat a dog biscuit?

    If you ate a little bit of dog biscuit nothing would happen, its edible! But eating too much might make you sick, as dog food doesn't have the same strict safety regulations as human food.

  4. These are Made From Alligators

    Louisiana Alligator Dog Biscuits' name says it all! They are made from alligator protein. They even make alligator jerky.

  5. Too Much of a Good Thing

    Biscuits and other snacks should only make up 10% of a dog's daily calorie intake or dogs can become overweight!

Why We Love National Dog Biscuit Day

  1. They are packed with nutrients

    There are an array of dog biscuits that are made with various premium ingredients. These dog treats provide a daily dose of protein and multivitamins that help your dog maintain a healthy diet throughout their life.

  2. They are great training tools

    Training a new pup can be hard work. Using dog biscuits to reward a well behaved dog, is a simple and proven method that reinforces positive behavior.

  3. Dogs love them

    Dog biscuits are one of pups' favorite treats. They're packed with real meat, vegetables, and savory flavor. Dogs love them and will love you for giving them one.

National Dog Biscuit Day dates

2025February 23Sunday
2026February 23Monday
2027February 23Tuesday
2028February 23Wednesday
2029February 23Friday

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