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National Tile Day
SunFeb 23

National Tile Day – February 23, 2025

National Tile Day is on February 23, and we are supercharged to enjoy the aesthetic pleasure of the superb craftsmanship and creativity of the tile industry. Did you know that tiles have existed for thousands of years? Yes, mostly ceramic, mosaic, and stone tiles, and they have evolved into the many varieties so many of us crave today.

History of National Tile Day

Tiles are timeless elements of architectural endeavors and design. Seeing them on the walls, floors, and roofs provides aesthetic pleasure, and they have become inseparable from architecture and designs in all spheres, both domestic and public.

More than that, tiles can be used for flooring all through the house. Kitchens, bathroom, toilet, sitting room; every room in the house can have tiles on the floor to provide a strong, durable, and beautiful flooring. There are many types of tiles, from ceramic, porcelain, and glass to marble, granite, and other natural stone tiles, and many others.

The use of tiles in history began in ancient Egypt several millennia back, and they were used for decorative purposes. They were mostly found in murals, mosaics, and various other designs. The Egyptians had already begun using blue brick tiles to decorate their homes around the fourth millennium B.C., and glazed brick tiles were common in Mesopotamia also, as found on the famous Ishtar Gate in Babylon, which was tiled and decorated with lions, bulls, and dragons. The Islamic empires are given credit for the spread of ceramic tiles as wall coverings, and then the Chinese via their access to the silk trade routes.

Today, tiles exist all over the world, gracing the walls and floors of millions of structures. They have evolved to different designs, patterns, and arrangements that are beautiful and pleasing to the sight, and National Tile Day exists as a moment to celebrate this wonderful, awe-inspiring craftsmanship.

National Tile Day timeline

3500 B.C.
Tiles in Egypt

In Egyptian culture, they decorate their houses with blue brick tiles.

Portuguese Heritage

Portugal incorporates the ceramic tile arts as an integral part of its cultural expression, influenced greatly by the Moorish influence of North Africa.

Tiling Company

The tile company Osiarte creates tiles used by artist Cândido Portinari to create the mural ‘As Quatro Estações,’ located in Rio de Janeiro.

National Tile Day

The biggest international tile and stone show in North America, Covering, initiates National Tile Day to draw attention to the importance of tiles in architecture and designs.

National Tile Day FAQs

Do tiles make the room cold?

Not necessarily. And there are specially made tiles that can regulate temperature, be it cold or hot.

What are the qualities of a good tile?

It should be without cracks, sturdy, be of regular shape and size, and should make a clear ringing sound when you strike it.

What is the difference between interior and exterior tiles?

There is no clear-cut difference, but exterior tile should have grit that provides traction when it gets wet, and should be slip-resistant and frost-proof. 

How To Celebrate National Tile Day

  1. Browse through various tile designs

    Surf the net and browse the myriad tile arrangements and designs up there, feeding yourself on the aesthetic pleasures. You will find awe-inspiring craftsmanship that will blow your mind.

  2. Pick out designs

    This is a time to pick out tile designs for your apartment, dream house, or building. You can also research the prices of the tiles, and what it would take to afford them in your apartment.

  3. Share your experience

    Talk to your friends and families on social media and around about tiles, their versatility, and why you love them. You can do this with the tag #NationalTileDay on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

5 Fun Facts About Tiles

  1. It began in Egypt

    The use of tiles began in Egypt before spreading to other parts of the world.

  2. The Arabs spread It

    The Arabs were the ones who spread the use of tiles into Europe, where it soon gained ground.

  3. Spick and span

    A mixture of water and vinegar is a great and inexpensive cleaning solution for tiles.

  4. One million tiles

    More than one million tiles were imported from Sweden to cover the roof of the Sydney Opera House in Australia.

  5. Freezing cold

    Porcelain tiles are best-suited to freezing weather conditions because of their density.

Why We Love National Tile Day

  1. A time to appreciate tiles

    What better day is there to appreciate the great craftsmanship behind tiles than this? This day affords us the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of tiles in their different facets.

  2. Tiles are calming

    Tiles can create a warm atmosphere, which adds to the feel of a home. This makes the home more enjoyable and the ambiance cozy.

  3. They serve as a protective surface

    Tiles protect surfaces in the house, and the building itself, as a shield against water, heat, and other things that can destroy it. It also protects the floor from dust and can last a lifetime.

National Tile Day dates

2025February 23Sunday
2026February 23Monday
2027February 23Tuesday
2028February 23Wednesday
2029February 23Friday

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