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National Tackle Kids Cancer Day
SunSep 15

National Tackle Kids Cancer Day – September 15, 2024

National Tackle Kids Cancer Day is observed on September 15 every year to draw attention to the crucial need for fundraising for pediatric cancer. Despite the cases of childhood cancer climbing up every year, only 4% of federal spending is applied to pediatric cancer research. Under the leadership of Hackensack University Medical Center Foundation, Tackle Kids Cancer has raised $10 million from over 7000 supporters. The raised funds are invested in innovative research and survivor rehabilitation programs by the Children’s Cancer Institute. By observing the day and raising awareness about the cause, good faith samaritans get a chance to be a part of over a dozen clinical trials and neuro-oncology programs to fight pediatric cancer.

History of National Tackle Kids Cancer Day

It is estimated that over 15000 children are diagnosed with cancer each year. To put that figure into perspective, 1 in every 285 children in the U.S. is diagnosed with cancer before they turn 20. Unfortunately, the scale of federal response toward finding a treatment has failed to meet the scale of the crisis.

With the worsening numbers and no relief in sight, Hackensack Meridian Health established Tackle Kids Cancer in September 2015. Since then, it has raised funds to support cutting-edge initiatives in pediatric cancer research. Crediting the success of the program, Hackensack University Medical Center Foundation established the National Tackle Kids Cancer Day in 2017 to further raise awareness about the lack of medical and financial infrastructure in pediatric cancer research.

Kids who do survive cancer have a tough life ahead of them. This is why Tackle Kids Cancer also funds the Cure and Beyond Program to help survivors rejoin society.

National Tackle Kids Cancer Day timeline

September 2015
Tackle Kids Cancer is Established

Hackensack Meridian Health establishes Tackle Kids Cancer to support cutting-edge research at the Children’s Cancer Institute (CCI).

December 2016
The Barclays Recognizes Tackle Kids Cancer

The Barclays credits Tackle Kids Cancer for their fight against pediatric cancer and donates $100,000.

September 2017
National Tackle Kids Cancer Day is Declared

Hackensack Meridian Health officially recognizes September 15 as National Tackle Kids Cancer Day.

September 2020
A Groundbreaking Trial

Five years after its inception, the Children’s Cancer Institute launches a groundbreaking trial for patients with brain cancer.

National Tackle Kids Cancer Day FAQs

How can we fight against pediatric cancer?

We can fight against pediatric cancer by raising awareness about the lack of federal funding and donating to the Tackle Kids Cancer organization.

What are the symptoms of cancer in children?

The unusual signs of cancer in children that do not go away are swelling, ongoing pain, frequent headaches, vomiting, and limping. 

Is childhood cancer preventable?

No. Childhood cancer cannot be prevented with preemptive screening or a precautious lifestyle.

How To Observe National Tackle Kids Cancer Day

  1. Donate to the cause

    Hackensack Meridian Health recognized that the only way we can help the patients is by being aggressive towards finding a cure for cancer. If you believe in the vision of the Children’s Cancer Institute, donate to their cause.

  2. Join #TeamTKC

    Head over to your social media and raise awareness about National Tackle Kids Cancer Day by sharing posts with the hashtag: #TeamTKC.

  3. Educate yourself about pediatric cancer

    Pediatric cancer research has progressed tremendously within the last decade. Over 70% of cancer cases can now be cured through early intervention and medical therapy. Hold sessions and educate yourself and your loved ones about pediatric cancer on September 15.

5 Amazing Facts About Stem Cell Therapy

  1. Stem cell therapy is recovery, not cure

    Stem cell therapy does not work against cancer; it helps you in reproducing healthy stem cells after radiation.

  2. Multiply harder, recover faster

    The quicker the cells multiply to rebuild damaged tissues, the faster a patient recovers.

  3. Your own stem cells can save you

    Healthy stem cells derived from a patient’s body can be used for their healing.

  4. Can’t heal quickly at 70? Blame stem

    A person loses stem cells gradually, which slows down the speed of healing at an older age.

  5. Stem cell therapy: all pros, no cons

    There are virtually no side effects of stem cell therapy.

Why National Tackle Cancer Day is Important

  1. Private fundraising is critical to cancer research

    Over $170 million dollars were raised for pediatric cancer research in 2019, as opposed to the $50 million dollars it received in federal funding. Until the government wakes up to the reality of underfunded research programs, citizens must step up.

  2. The fight against cancer needs global participation

    It is a great way to rally the international community against this fatal disease that claims over 9.6 million lives each year.

  3. It’s a chance to be vocal

    The fight against cancer cannot be won alone. To raise awareness and funds that directly help the affected families, we need to lend our passionate advocacy at every step of the way.

National Tackle Kids Cancer Day dates

2024September 15Sunday
2025September 15Monday
2026September 15Tuesday
2027September 15Wednesday
2028September 15Friday

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