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SunSep 15

National Creme de Menthe Day – September 15, 2024

National Creme de Menthe Day is held each year on September 15. Translated from French, it means “mint cream”. This sweetened alcoholic beverage is flavored with Corsican mint. It is also available in two variations: green and colorless, otherwise referred to as white. It can be used as a mixture for cocktails and desserts and is quite refreshing.

History of National Creme de Menthe Day

Creme de Menthe Day widely celebrates this cool liqueur that is a great addition to many cocktails and desserts. Back in the day, the liqueurs were actually tonics and curing potions. That’s how crème de menthe came into existence. A French pharmacist by the name of Emile Giffard was studying the cooling and digestive qualities of mint. This led him to develop a recipe for crème de menthe in 1885.

Crème de menthe is actually sweet and involves steeping dried peppermint or Corsican mint leaves in grain alcohol for weeks. The leaves are what give it its green color. After this, it undergoes filtration and sugar is added. When it is extracted, it does not have any color and this is known as white crème de menthe. Both varieties have a similar flavor profile and can be used interchangeably in recipes. It can be used for several purposes such as a post-dinner drink, added to cocktails, food recipes, and more. The most popular usage of this liqueur is in the cocktails Stringer and Grasshopper, which emerged between the 1890s to 1910s.

Crème de menthe has been featured in pop culture as well over the years. Some notable appearances include an episode of the sitcom “Friends” in the episode “The One with the Two Parties.” In an attempt to stop Leonard Green from running into his wife, Phoebe offers him a crème de menthe. Another appearance can be seen in the 12th episode of the first season of “Mad Men.” In it, members of a party raid a supply closet when they run out of alcohol and fill an entire water cooler with crème de menthe.

National Creme de Menthe Day timeline

Crème de Menthe as a Digestif

Emile Giffard develops crème de menthe to be originally used as a digestif.

The Stringer is Invented

Another crème de menthe cocktail, the Stringer, is invented.

The Grasshopper is Invented

Philibert Guichet invents the Grasshopper cocktail in New York for a cocktail competition.

Crème de Menthe Variation

Sergei Rachmaninoff names the 24th variation of his piano piece on the Paganini theme the “crème de menthe variation.”

National Creme de Menthe Day FAQs

What is crème de menthe used for?

Crème de menthe is used in several cocktails and can also be used as a digestif and flavoring. It is the main component of the Springbokkie, a popular South African shooter.

Is crème de menthe good for digestion?

Yes, it is often served as a digestif after a formal dinner. It is served in a small, tube-shaped glass with roughly 2 ounces of the drink.

Is mint liqueur the same as crème de menthe?

No, they are not the same. Peppermint schnapps and crème de menthe may have the same method of production, however, the former has a higher alcohol content and a more intense and less sweet flavor than crème de menthe.

National Creme de Menthe Day Activities

  1. Make mint chocolate

    Who said crème de menthe can only be used in a cocktail beverage? The properties of this liqueur allow you to add it in chocolate as well. On this day, you can make yourself some cool mint chocolate and you can store it and enjoy it as you please.

  2. Throw a cocktail party

    What’s the point of making cocktails if you can’t celebrate with your friends? Throw a cocktail party and make sure you have the Grasshopper and the Stringer on the menu as they contain crème de menthe.

  3. Relax

    On National Creme de Menthe Day, just sit back, relax and enjoy this cool beverage. Have a quiet evening on your porch, balcony, or backyard. Sip on this drink and unwind.

5 Interesting Facts About Crème De Menthe

  1. Hercule Poirot’s favorite drink

    Hercule Poirot, a popular character in Agatha Christie’s novels, has a strong affinity for flavored drinks, with crème de menthe being his preferred choice.

  2. Different colors

    Crème de menthe comes in two colors, green and white, and the former is colored with mint leaves or coloring if made from extract.

  3. A great addition to coffee or tea

    If added in a tiny amount such as half a teaspoon, it can add a nice mint flavor to your regular coffee or tea.

  4. Enhances soda

    Adding just about a quarter teaspoon of it to a glass of ice and soda will elevate the taste of the drink.

  5. St. Patrick’s Day drink

    Crème de menthe is a popular St. Patrick’s Day drink because of its green color.

Why We Love National Creme de Menthe Day

  1. It’s good for digestion

    Do you sometimes have a heavy dinner and wish something could instantly help you feel less bloated? That’s where crème de menthe comes in. Mint has great digestive qualities making it an excellent drink to have after dinner. It’s cooling and refreshing and will help your digestion process.

  2. It is versatile

    Apart from being used as a digestif and addition to a cocktail, it is also popular for other things. Crème de menthe can be used as a flavoring in many recipes. You can even make a milkshake and add crème de menthe to it. It can even be used to make other desserts such as ice cream.

  3. It is cooling and refreshing

    Mint evokes a sense of coolness and refreshment. The aftertaste of mint can help you charge up and relax at the same time.

National Creme de Menthe Day dates

2024September 15Sunday
2025September 15Monday
2026September 15Tuesday
2027September 15Wednesday
2028September 15Friday

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