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SunSep 15

National Cheese Toast Day – September 15, 2024

National Cheese Toast Day is celebrated every year on September 15. This flavorful combination born in California is a favorite around the world. It is so simple and very filling. You can even add some toppings to it if you want, but even a simple good old piece of cheese toast works the trick and is the key to many people’s hearts.

History of National Cheese Toast Day

When we think of cheese toast, our mouths instantly start salivating and the hunger pangs come out in full force. Cheese toast is a tasty treat that is prepared using a single slice of bread that is toasted with melted cheese on top.

This food delight was created by Del Johnson in 1958 when he opened his first Sizzler restaurant. Obviously, it became an instant success and a fan favorite. The original cheese toast was created using egg bread topped with a parmesan cheese mixture. Later, the chefs started using white egg-based bread followed by French bread with a margarine base. The dish became so popular and now it is even enjoyed outside of the United States in Australia, China, Japan, and Thailand.

Tamra Scoggins, a chef at Sizzler even created a special lunch sandwich called “The Malibu Melt” for Cheese Toast fanatics. This dish combines a double portion of Sizzler’s signature Malibu Chicken between slices of crispy cheese toast. This is topped with pickles and a special Honey Malibu Sauce.

Over the years, there have been variations to the classic recipe, however, the core of it remains the same. It is so versatile that it can be eaten as an appetizer or with soup or salad or as a main course. In 2015, to honor the success of this dish, Sizzler USA founded National Cheese Toast Day. To celebrate this day, Sizzler restaurants typically give out free cheese toast at several locations — visit their website to find the location closest to you. Head to one of their restaurants to try out the original cheese toast or simply make your own.

National Cheese Toast Day timeline

First Welsh Rarebit

The Welsh rarebit or Welsh rabbit, a form of cheese toast, first appears as a dish.

Home of Cheese Toast

Del Johnson opens Sizzler restaurant where he creates cheese toast.

World’s Largest Cheese on toast

The world’s largest cheese on toast is made in Leicester, United Kingdom.

Free Cheese Toast

Sizzler restaurants serve free cheese toast to the public to honor National Cheese Toast Day.

National Cheese Toast Day FAQs

What is cheese on toast called in the U.K.?

In the U.K., cheese on toast is called a Welsh rarebit. It is a specialty recipe for cheese on toast and also a popular British breakfast item.

What do you eat with cheese toast?

You can eat just plain cheese toast as breakfast or a snack. Otherwise, you can have cheese toast with soup, salads, or some fruit.

How do you make cheese toast?

You can make cheese toast in three easy steps. All you have to do is put butter on one side of the bread, blend butter, garlic, and cheese until it’s smooth, and spread the mixture over the non-buttery side, and bake it. Sit back and enjoy your delicious cheese on toast!

National Cheese Toast Day Activities

  1. Eat cheese toast

    Kick off National Cheese Toast Day by eating this food item for breakfast. You can even use some leftovers and eat them for lunch or dinner. Allow yourself to binge on cheese toast for this one day.

  2. Pack cheese toast for your child’s snack

    Pack some cheese toast for your child to take to school and eat during recess. They will surely enjoy the cheesy meal and can even share it with their friends as well.

  3. Experiment with the cheese toast

    A cheesy toast is best eaten the simple way, with butter and cheese on a crisp piece of toast. However, you can experiment with the seasoning and add some oregano, chilly flakes, pepper, and so forth for that extra flavor punch. Or you can even try your hand at making the U.K. specialty, Welsh rarebit.

5 Cheesy Facts About Cheese Toast

  1. Type of cheese used

    For cheese on toast, the most commonly used type is cheddar cheese.

  2. Grilled cheese vs. cheese toast

    While grilled cheese is prepared with two pieces of bread and looks like a sandwich, cheese toast is a single slice of bread with a cheese topping.

  3. Made in the oven

    Unlike grilled cheese, cheese toast is made in the oven.

  4. Different buttering

    In a grilled cheese, both pieces and sides of the bread are buttered, while in cheese toast, only one side is buttered.

  5. Popularity

    Cheese on toast is popular in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and African countries.

Why We Love National Cheese Toast Day

  1. It’s a delicious snack

    Cheese toast is a mouthwatering snack and the cheesy goodness just melts in your mouth. It is quite satisfying and makes the perfect accompaniment for outdoor picnics or hikes.

  2. It’s easy to make

    You can perfect cheese toast in three to four easy steps. Even the ingredients required are so easily available in grocery stores that it’s hardly a fuss to serve up some cheese toast.

  3. It’s super popular

    Cheese toast is so popular that it has its own recipe in the U.K. and is also eaten for breakfast. Children or adults, everyone across all age groups enjoys this humble cheesy item.

National Cheese Toast Day dates

2024September 15Sunday
2025September 15Monday
2026September 15Tuesday
2027September 15Wednesday
2028September 15Friday

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