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Make a Hat Day
SunSep 15

Make a Hat Day – September 15, 2024

We celebrate Make a Hat Day on September 15 by bringing out the creativity within us to make our hats. Colors, fabrics, and sizes are no bar — just make a hat that suits your personality, and your clothes. Throughout our history, human beings and hats have shared a special bond. Styles switched, but never the essence. If you love hats and DIY, then September 15 is the perfect day for you.

History of Make a Hat Day

Humans have had a long history with hats. What first evolved as a necessity, soon became a class symbol. Now, hats contribute more towards making a fashion statement. The need to cover our heads isn’t unique to one continent either. Hats have found a place in every culture’s history.

Hats trace back their origins to the Bronze age. A man’s body adorning a hat, dating back to 3,300 BC, was found in the mountains connecting Italy and Austria. Over the centuries, hats have been used as a way of expressing one’s religious identity, status, political affiliation, and style preferences. It’s wonderful how a single accessory can redefine your entire look.

Although the origins of this holiday are unknown, the intent behind it is clear — make your hat and rock it throughout the day. It’s not the fabric or style that matters, but your desire to be as creative as you can be.

Make a Hat Day timeline

The Top Hat is Invented

A Frenchman named George Dunnage wears a top hat for the first time in England

The Top Hat is Patented

Londoner Thomas Francis Dollman patents design for travel-friendly collapsible top hats.

Lincoln and the Hat

U.S. President Abraham Lincoln adds a top hat to his daily attire and mints a signature style.

Top Hat; the Musical

Astaire and Ginger Rogers immortalize the top hat with the screwball musical comedy ‘Top Hat’,

Make a Hat Day FAQs

What kind of hat can you make on Make a Hat Day?

From wool yarn to stapled paper, you can make any kind of hat on Make a Hat Day. Just make sure it’s creative and reflects your personality. 

Can adults participate in Make a Hat Day?

Adults can participate in Make a Hat Day by making hats for themselves or organizing a craft session with friends and family. 

Which is the easiest hat to make?

A top hat can is one of the easiest ones to make. All you need is cardboard paper, scissors, and glue. 

How To Celebrate Make a Hat Day

  1. Research and learn about the types of hat

    Put your thinking hat on and learn about all the popular types of hats. This will not only help you in learning the varieties of hats but will also help you in narrowing down the options for your hat.

  2. Organize a hat themed party for friends and family

    There is no better way to celebrate than with the people you love. Surprise them with a hat decoration party and incentivize their hard work with gifts and tokens of appreciation.

  3. Share your joy on social media with the hashtag #MakeaHatDay

    Snap the perfect selfie with your self-made hat and share the joy with the world.

5 Facts About Hats That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. Wear a hat or break the law

    Elizabeth I made a law binding men and boys over the age of 7 to wear hats on Sundays and holidays.

  2. Fedora, an invention for women

    Fedora was initially meant to be worn exclusively by women — now it’s born by both genders.

  3. Hatters for men, milliners for women

    Those who supply men’s hats are called hatters, whereas women hat suppliers are called milliners.

  4. Mad as a hatter, with good reason

    Long ago, hat makers used mercury in hats, which led to chronic mercury poisoning, giving birth to this idiom.

  5. Secure the head and slash your cold

    Your head loses about 20% of your body heat. Adorning a hat can trap the heat and keep you warm for days.

Why We Love Make a Hat Day

  1. There’s a hat for every season

    A sun hat for the summer, a beanie for the winter. Hats are versatile and come in every shape and size. It’s the utility of a hat that makes it so much more than an afterthought accessory.

  2. It gets your creative juices flowing

    When was the last time you wore something that you made all by yourself? Make a Hat Day brings out your creative side, and a little glitter never hurts anyone.

  3. It’s a fun activity for kids

    Hats are fun to wear and giving kids a reign over design and shapes can help them get familiar with the history of hats.

Make a Hat Day dates

2024September 15Sunday
2025September 15Monday
2026September 15Tuesday
2027September 15Wednesday
2028September 15Friday

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