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Felt Hat Day
SunSep 15

Felt Hat Day – September 15, 2024

National Felt Hat Day is celebrated on September 15 to honor the rich history of hats. The day also marks a shift in the weather. Inching towards cooler weather signals a shift in wardrobe. While we can replace summer jackets with coats and sandals with boots, why leave out the hats? It is also a great day to connect with the history of hats — a bond that goes all the way to the bronze age. In the present times, hats are driven by fashion, but earlier, they were driven by necessity.

Traditionally, men were expected to retire their summer straw hats and resume wearing felt or wool hats in the colder winter months. In 1922, there were a series of riots around September 15 in New York City, with actual fatalities, over people wearing straw hats out of season. Felt, a man-made fabric, is the center of this celebration for a reason. September 15 is the perfect day to wear a vintage ensemble. And hey! Don’t forget to top it off with a felt hat.

History of Felt Hat Day

Humans have loved wearing hats since the beginning of time. One of the earliest confirmed denotations of this fact was found during the excavation of mountains between Italy and Austria. Deep in the ice, a bronze-aged man called Otzi had been lying since 3250 B.C. He didn’t have a lot on his hands, but he did have a bearskin cap with a chinstrap — resembling a Russian fur hat. Turns out the fashion you enjoy today with the newest Gucci launch has already been done by Otzi, thousands of years ago.

The origins of Felt Hat Day remain unknown. Although a couple of theories credit the decades of the 1930s and 1940s for the revival of the hat and the establishment of Felt Hat Day. The 19th century saw the rise of felt hats, as felt became a common fabric to be used in hat production. Felt, a man-made fabric that has been in use for 5000 years, traces its origin to Asia. The Felt Hat Day commemorates an era bygone.

Felt Hat Day gives us a chance to reflect on the glorious history of hats and their role in our lifestyle.

From Austria’s Otzi to England’s Harry Styles — the hats have come a long way. And they remain an accessory of style, comfort, and fulfillment. September 15 is the perfect day to honor this long journey. The celebration is also important in the current climate as it connects the younger generations with our history.

Felt Hat Day timeline

Hats are Normalized

Fedora is invented and hats become a household accessory, with men and women both adding them to their wardrobes.

Felt Hats are Popularized

Hat producers adopt a warm, non-woven fabric for hats called felt.

Hollywood Fashions Felt Hats

The Lone Ranger debuts and takes the felt hat frenzy to another level.

Hats Become a Style Statement

Turban caps and extravagant hats make a comeback and hats are worn as a symbol of class and style.

Felt Hat Day FAQs

Where can I get a Felt Hat for myself?

You can get a felt hat online or you can get it in an autumn sale at a discounted rate.

Is it important to celebrate the day with a felt hat?

If you can manage to get a felt hat, it’s great. Otherwise, you can be a part of the celebration by doting any other hat too.

What is the best hat for cold weather?

Felt hats, trappers, and beanies are all hats that work best in cold weather. 

How To Celebrate Felt Day

  1. Source a vintage hat for the day

    If you don’t have a felt hat in your wardrobe, rent or eBay a hat that’s both vintage and chic.

  2. Gift a hat to your friends

    September 15 is the perfect time to shower your friends and family with gifts. And by gifts, we mean hats. Share the joy and tip your hat to this fantastic day.

  3. Share your love for felt hats on social media

    Being a participant of the Felt Hat Day, you must share this knowledge with the world. Post a picture of your hat collection and educate your followers about the long history of hats.

5 Facts About Fabrics That’ll Have You Sweating

  1. Cotton and Wool, buddies since eternity

    Archaeological evidence suggests that cotton & wool have been used to create fabric since 3000 B.C.

  2. China and silk, a match made in heaven

    For hundreds of years, China has been the largest exporter of silk — a statistic not expected to change any time soon.

  3. Travel a yard, from finger to nose

    The distance from your fingertips to your nose measures close to a yard.

  4. A bale of cotton births 200 pants

    A single bale of cotton can be used to make over 200 pairs of jeans

  5. Like your clothes? Thank Eli Whitney

    In an attempt to process cotton faster, American inventor Eli Whitney made an engine that later became the foundation of the western textile industry.

Why We Love Felt Hat Day

  1. An excuse to get our best hats out

    The month of September can be pretty uneventful. Fashioning a hat is the perfect way to fill the void and fight the gloom.

  2. Hats fulfill functional purposes and carry out practical needs

    Want to cover your face from the sun? Wear a hat. Want to cover your head as the cold wind blows? Wear a hat. Want to finish off your outfit with the perfect accessory? Wear a hat. No matter what’s the question, hats are the answer.

  3. There is a hat for every head

    The best thing about hats is their versatility. Every culture has its own signature hat. No matter who you are or how you look, there is a hat in the world that’s perfect for you.

Felt Hat Day dates

2024September 15Sunday
2025September 15Monday
2026September 15Tuesday
2027September 15Wednesday
2028September 15Friday

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