National Goat Cheese Month – August 2022

For many people, the word ‘cheese’ brings up images of melted stretchy cheese but to others, it also brings up images of fluffy, tangy, and creamy goat cheese. This August, we are celebrating National Goat Cheese Month. Have it with your greens, or with a bowl of colorful fruit, or with roasted apples and peaches, or just with toasted bread — goat cheese goes great with almost anything and everything. Goat cheese has been around since the time the animal was first domesticated. It is made with curdled milk, with the whey being separated in the end. Also known as ‘chèvre’ by cheese experts and enthusiasts, goat cheese comes in all sorts of flavorings, from original to salted to spiced to brine.

History of National Goat Cheese Month

National Goat Cheese Month came into existence in August of 1998. It was started by the American Cheese Society (ACS), which aimed to open the eyes of the country to the wonders and benefits of goat cheese. ACS was founded by Frank Kosikowski, a professor at Cornell University, in 1983. Kosikowski had penned several research articles and books on the subject of cheese. His expertise in and enthusiasm for the field led him to establish ACS. Initially, much of the members and staff at the organization were voluntary. However, a few years down the line, the society grew with the growing cheese industry in the country. Today, ACS is a nonprofit, and its goals are to educate and unite cheese lovers all over America. It offers networking events and opportunities by hosting conferences, conventions, and membership tests.

Goat cheese was first made some 9,000 years ago when the first goats were domesticated by humans. Often called the poor man’s ‘cow,’ goats were much easier to raise and take care of. These animals are natural grazers and can survive on their own in the toughest and roughest of environments. The Moors are said to have brought goats to France in 8 A.D., and that is where chèvre, which is french for goat cheese, was made. Goat cheese has similar fat content to cow cheese, but it is healthier and can be eaten by people who have a low lactose tolerance. Its essence and aroma rely on its aging, density, moisture, and any additional flavoring. Goat cheese’s taste will also differ according to a goat’s diet. For example, the best time to have goat cheese is during August as the goats would have been feasting on berries all summer long. As a result, the goat cheese can have a fruity and somewhat sweet flavor. Goat cheese’s tart and creamy texture also makes it ideal to have as dessert. Additionally, many people enjoy it with olive oil or in salads. It also goes great with roast dinners and burgers.

National Goat Cheese Month timeline

9000 Years Ago
First Goats Domesticated

Humans domesticate the first herd of goats for their milk, meat, and skin.

349 B.C.
Early Goat Cheese Records in Greece

Xenophon, a Greek historian and military leader, records goat cheese being consumed in Peloponnesus.

8 A.D.
Moors Bring Goats to France

The Moors bring goats to France, and the tradition of making chèvre (goat cheese) begins.

Best Cheese in the World

A spicy Dutch goat cheese wins the title of “Best Cheese of the World” at England’s Nantwich International Cheese Show.

National Goat Cheese Month FAQs

Is goat cheese healthier than regular cheese?

Yes, goat cheese is healthier than regular cheese. It has more nutrition and can also be consumed by people who have a low lactose tolerance. 

Does goat cheese taste good?

Goat cheese has a distinctive tangy taste. Depending on the goat’s diet and the milk produced, goat cheese can even taste sweet or fruity. 

Does goat cheese taste and feel like mozzarella?

No, goat cheese has a different texture and taste than mozzarella. There are different chemical amounts and compounds in it that give the cheese its own distinct features. It is not as stretchy as mozzarella or other types of cheese. It also does not melt at a higher temperature. 

How To Celebrate National Goat Cheese Month

  1. Eat some goat cheese

    Goat cheese is a great addition to many recipes. It only works to further enhance the taste of a food item. You can have it with salads, but if you are feeling adventurous you can also have it grilled or roasted as goat cheese doesn’t melt as cow cheese does. While you are at it, try the cheese as is to really appreciate its dense and rich flavors.

  2. Have it as dessert

    Dessert and cheese, need we say more? We are going to say just a little bit more. Because of its tangy and tart taste, you can have it to satisfy your sweet cravings. Honey and chocolate will complement the flavors immensely.

  3. Make goat cheese at home

    Making goat cheese is quite simple. You just have to allow raw goat milk to naturally curdle. If you want, you can use acid, like vinegar, to get the curdling effect. Once the curdling is done, you can separate the curds through draining, and then press the curds to get a shape.

5 Facts About Goats That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. Goats are social animals

    As goats are social animals, they can start feeling lonely if you do not give them enough attention and care.

  2. Goat meat is the most consumed

    Goats’ are eaten the most worldwide per capita.

  3. Goat kids are easily recognized by mothers

    Goat mothers can easily recognize their goat kids since the latter has a unique call and scent.

  4. Rectangular pupils for better vision

    Goats have rectangular pupils that afford them 320 to 340 degrees of vision, and this means that they can see without having to move their heads or necks much.

  5. Goats are like dogs

    As if they weren’t adorable enough, goats are also very similar to dogs in their behavioral patterns, like responding when their name is being called or seeking a human’s help when faced with a difficult task.

Why We Love National Goat Cheese Month

  1. It’s a celebration of goat cheese

    Goat cheese can easily make it to the list of the greatest human inventions in the food industry. It can be soft, hard, and fluffy. It can also be salted, brined, tangy, tart, and so many other flavors. Half of goat cheese’s greatness lies in its versatility that allows it to shift between savory and sweet dishes.

  2. It’s a celebration of goats

    Did you know that a goat giving birth is called ‘kidding’? Yep, a goat baby is called a kid, and it was brought into this world through kidding. Their origins are super adorkable, and if you take them under your care, they will vow to see you through thick and thin by upholding their end of the friendship bargain.

  3. It’s a celebration of different flavors

    While goat cheese has been around for quite a while now, it is the way the countries of the world have adopted it into their cultures that is interesting. Spicy and savory goat cheese can be found in Europe, but if you have a sweet tooth to take care of, then head over to America to have it in your pies or cheese boards.

National Goat Cheese Month dates

2021August 1Sunday
2022August 1Monday
2023August 1Tuesday
2024August 1Thursday
2025August 1Friday

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