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National Promise to Care Day – August 1, 2023

The National Promise to Care Day is observed annually on August 1 in the U.S. The holiday reminds urgent care centers about their promises to communities. It also honors the work of urgent care center workers and their dedication to their patients and their communities.

History of National Promise to Care Day

Urgent care workers promise to be compassionate, empathetic, appreciative, respectful, and ethical to ensure they’re serving their communities to the best of their ability. Yet, most of the time, we are unable to understand the actual responsibilities of U.C.C. workers. However, the National Promise to Care Day offers an opportunity for people to honor the work and efforts taken by urgent care workers to ensure the health and safety of people in their care. The holiday also facilitates the spread of information about U.C.Cs.

An urgent care center is a walk-in clinic that serves people with urgent medical issues that are not life-threatening. These clinics were instituted by physicians specializing in emergency medicine, who saw that emergency rooms were overwhelmed and inundated with people with all kinds of requirements. Setting up an urgent care center would divert traffic and people from emergency rooms, ensuring that everyone receives the care they need at the right time.

So, urgent care centers were set up, partially in response to the growing need for separate space for urgent but not life-threatening injuries and conditions and partially in response to the growing public demand. Spaces for unscheduled medical care not in the emergency room became essential due to the ever-increasing population.

Thus, the National Promise to Care Day allows us to understand that U.C.C. workers are also human, recognize their work, and spread awareness about it.

National Promise to Care Day timeline

Urgent Care Centers Open in America

Seeing the public demand for non-scheduled medical care for urgent medical issues, emergency care physicians open urgent care centers in America.

The Urgent Care Sector Expands

The urgent care sector expands during the 21st century, with over 10,000 centers across the U.S.

The Urgent Care Association Is Founded

Don Kilgore, Dr. John Koehler, Dan Konow, and others create the Urgent Care Association to provide training and resources to urgent care professionals.

The Urgent Care Industry Grows

The urgent care industry grows exponentially and is valued at $14.5 billion.

National Promise to Care Day FAQs

What are the most common urgent care conditions?

Broken bones, infections, food poisoning, and mild allergic reactions are common conditions for which people visit U.C.Cs.

What is the meaning of urgent care?

Urgent care is the medical care provided to an individual to address serious but not life-threatening conditions that need attention within 24 hours.

Can urgent care workers do stitches?

Yes, urgent care center workers will suture your skin if needed.

How to Observe National Promise to Care Day

  1. Share information about U.C.Cs

    The National Promise to Care Day is a great day to share information about urgent care centers. They are a great alternative to rushing to emergency rooms for situations that are not life-threatening.

  2. Appreciate the U.C.C. professionals

    Appreciate and honor the work of your local urgent care center professionals. Talk about their work and acknowledge all the effort they put in.

  3. Discuss the work of the centers

    This day is important for urgent care professionals and their ethics and professional mission. Organize discussions about the work of U.C.C. professionals and how they carry out their practice.

5 Facts About Urgent Care Centers That You Probably Didn’t Know

  1. There’s a board for certification

    Urgent care professionals in America must be certified by the American Board of Urgent Care Medicine (A.B.U.C.M.).

  2. Surgeries are not performed

    U.C.Cs are not emergency rooms and thus do not offer surgical services.

  3. Most centers are owned by physicians

    35.4% of the U.C.Cs in America are owned by physicians or physician groups.

  4. A lot of patients are older

    The majority of patients that admit themselves to U.C.Cs are 85 or older.

  5. Most U.C.Cs are in urban areas

    Urgent care centers are primarily located in urban areas with higher income and insurance levels.

Why National Promise to Care Day is Important

  1. It allows us to talk about U.C.Cs

    The National Promise to Care Day allows us to spread the word about U.C.Cs. We can raise awareness about their services so more people can visit them.

  2. It helps us appreciate U.C.C. professionals

    It can be challenging to talk about the work of U.C.C. professionals and the ethics and promises they make and keep to the community. The National Promise to Care Day helps us acknowledge and appreciate the hard work and dedication of U.C.C. workers.

  3. It assists us in sharing resources

    The holiday allows U.C.C. professionals to share training and resources. It can help them stay up to date with all the information they need.

National Promise to Care Day dates

2023August 1Tuesday
2024August 1Thursday
2025August 1Friday
2026August 1Saturday
2027August 1Sunday
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