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National Catfish Month

National Catfish Month – August 2024

National Catfish Month in August is a treat and feast to be had for 31 days. Catfish is enjoyed all over the world for its white meat and the versatility that allows one to enjoy it in many different forms. Because it is a freshwater fish and consumes a whole grain feed, catfish makes for a nutritional meal too. Doctors recommend it to patients suffering from heart diseases as eating it at least once or twice reduces the risk of sudden cardiac attack and death. The month promotes not only the benefits of having catfish but also promotes the socio-economical advantages that the catfish industry lends to the country. American catfish farmers take so much pride in their work that they call the American farmed catfish ‘All-America fish’ because it is 100% produced and raised in the states.

History of National Catfish Month

National Catfish Month is also known as National Farm-raised Catfish Month, and it was first celebrated in 2013. Catfish is a beloved meal in America, so much so that June 25 was announced as National Catfish Day in the 1980s by President Ronald Reagan. In either case, whether you choose to celebrate the day or the month, the goal of both the celebratory occasions is to honor the fish and the farmers/suppliers who work hard day and night to spread its goodness. The Catfish Institute (TCI), first established in 2007, is a nonprofit organization that works to represent catfish farmers and the work they do to contribute to America’s local and international economy. Catfish used to be a Southern staple and are now one of the largest aquaculture products. Most of the catfish in America are farm-raised on family-owned farms in Alabama, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Mississippi. In honor of such aspects, each year, TCI awards a farmer the title of “Catfish of the Year” for their hard work.

Farmers grow their catfish on a diet of fish grain pellets made of corn and soybeans — both of which are also supplied by local American farmers. Once catfish grow to a considerable size, they are taken and delivered to processing plants in rural and urban areas. Once the processing is finished, the final catfish products are delivered to the local markets all over the country. The whole process, right from growth and production to processing, involves many economical and employment opportunities for several people. Apart from all these benefits, catfish also make for healthy meals. The fish are rich in protein, vitamin B12, minerals, and omega-3 fatty acids. The American Heart Association also states that in order to prevent coronary heart disease, people should have two servings of catfish every week. Furthermore, feeding catfish to children aged two and above will help in their growth and development.

National Catfish Month timeline

Catfish Captured in Arkansas

The catfish is first captured in the Red River pools by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission.

President Reagan’s National Catfish Day

After realizing the economical benefits catfish lends to America, President Reagan declares June 25 as National Catfish Day.

The Catfish Institute Formed

The Catfish Institute is established in order to promote and recognize the works of catfish farmers.

First National Catfish Month

Congress designates August as National Catfish Month.

National Catfish Month FAQs

What month is National Catfish Month?

August is National Catfish Month. 

Is catfish easy to farm?

Catfish are generally easy to farm, provided the climate is warm. They feed on whole grain fish pellets. The ones that are grown and raised in channels or inland tanks are considered safe to eat. 

Where is catfish farmed?

Catfish in America are mostly farmed in the southern states like Mississippi and Arkansas. The fish are kept in earthen ponds, which are filled with well water. 

How To Celebrate National Catfish Month

  1. Have catfish at least twice a week

    What’s a National Catfish Month celebration without having some catfish every week? Catfish tend to have a clean taste as compared to other seafood items, and it is also generally healthier. So, take this month as the perfect chance to have catfish at least twice a week to nourish your palate and health.

  2. Try a new recipe

    One of the trademarks of catfish is its versatility. There are so many flavors you can try it with, be it spicy or tangy or a mix of both. Catfish is eaten in many countries of the world, so you can try a new dish every other week all August long.

  3. Use #NationalCatfishMonth

    Share the joys of catfish by using #NationalCatfishMonth on your social media platforms. Promote the works of your local farm-raised catfish farmers. It will help give America’s economy a further boost too.

5 Facts About Catfish Farming That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. Almost 90,000 acres for catfish farming

    America has 89,400 acres dedicated to catfish farming.

  2. Farm-raised catfish are more nutritionally consistent

    Scientifically, farm-raised catfish are more nutritionally consistent as opposed to wild catfish because the former has a fixed balanced diet and water habitat.

  3. Farm-raised catfish are healthier

    Catfish raised on a farm are much healthier because they are less likely to have heavy metals and other unhealthy components in them.

  4. Catfish need a lot of space

    For a catfish to grow to its full potential, you need to provide it with a spacious habitat, which means that the pond should not be overstocked with other fish or items.

  5. The biggest catfish producer

    Mississippi holds the title of producing and supplying America with 55% of all catfish stock.

Why We Love National Catfish Month

  1. It’s a celebration of catfish

    Catfish is a winning dish in all aspects. It is a healthy meal that provides the right set of minerals, vitamins, and fats to help with growth, development, and a healthy heart. Because it generally has a clean taste, it also goes great with a variety of flavors and cooking techniques.

  2. It’s a celebration of catfish farmers

    National Catfish Month and National Catfish Day honor all catfish farmers in the country. Raising catfish is hard work, and producing tons of catfish every year is even harder. Catfish farmers have to stick to strict standards in order to ensure that their catfish harvest is healthy and tasty at all times.

  3. It’s a celebration of a bright future

    Being of sound health will allow us to have a bright future. Catfish benefits allow us healthier bodies, but at the same time, it also significantly boosts our local and international economies. It’s a win-win situation all over.

National Catfish Month dates

2024August 1Thursday
2025August 1Friday
2026August 1Saturday
2027August 1Sunday
2028August 1Tuesday
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