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ThuAug 1

Homemade Pie Day – August 1, 2024

Homemade Pie Day is held every year on August 1. It’s a day to celebrate pie, a dish that has existed since the era of the ancient Egyptians. Pies have featured in one form or another in several cultures around the world, from the ancient Greeks to the Romans to the British and eventually, the Americans. Today, pie has become a symbol of American life. It can be eaten as a meal, as a dessert, or as a snack.

History of Homemade Pie Day

The ancient Egyptians are the earliest-known civilization to have had a pie dish. It typically consisted of a crust made from wheat, oats, rye, or barley and filled with honey. The ancient Greeks and Romans also had pastries similar to the modern-day pie. For instance, the Romans often coated meat with a pastry made out of flour, oil, and water. However, this dough was only intended to preserve the meat and not eaten as a meal. A Roman cookbook entitled “Apicius,” dating back to the first century was discovered to contain recipes similar to pie cases.

In Great Britain, pies were often referred to as ‘coffyns.’ They were mainly used as a covering to preserve meat, especially on long sea voyages as fresh meat could not be obtained. During medieval times, these pies became more elaborate as cooks tried to outdo each other in presentation. At grand banquets, pies were often the centerpiece of the food table as the pie cases were removed to reveal the delicious fillings underneath. Sometimes, live actors or musicians were hidden inside pies to burst out as a surprise.

Until the 15th century, pies usually only contained meat or fish, but they soon included fruits and custard. It is reported that the very first cherry pie was baked for Queen Elizabeth I during the 16th century. As English settlers arrived in America, pies came along with them. Early versions often had thick, heavy crusts of rough flour and suet. Pies soon became a trademark American dish and today are heavily associated with traditional American life. When soldiers were asked why they were going off to war during World War II, they replied, “For mom and apple pie.”

Homemade Pie Day timeline

1st Century A.D
Apicius is Discovered

“Apicius,” an ancient Roman cookbook, includes pie recipes.

14th Century
The Oxford Dictionary Mentions Pie

The first written reference to ‘pie’ is included in the Oxford English Dictionary.

16th Century
The Queen Eats Pie

The first cherry pie is baked for Queen Elizabeth I.

The New York Times Praises Pie

An article in “The New York Times” states, “Pie is the food of the heroic.”

Homemade Pie Day FAQs

How long do pies keep?

Depending on what type of pie it is, a pie can last between two days to one week.

What’s the best way to reheat a pie?

Preheat your oven to 350°F, place your pie on a baking sheet and lightly cover with foil, then allow to heat for the next 15 to 20 minutes.

Can pie be refrigerated?

According to the F.D.A., pies that contain dairy products should be refrigerated within two hours of baking, while pies that don’t contain dairy products may last for up to two days at room temperature.

Homemade Pie Day Activities

  1. Make homemade pie

    There’s nothing sweeter than the smell of a homemade pie. Get your hands to work and bake a delicious pie for yourself and your loved ones. Make it a challenge by trying out some new recipes.

  2. Support a pie business

    If you just don’t trust yourself around an oven, help a small business stay afloat. Order a pie in whatever flavor you love and get chewing.

  3. Use the hashtag

    Help create awareness for this fun holiday by posting about it on social media. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #homemadepieday

5 Interesting Facts About Pie

  1. Americans eat a ton of pie

    In America alone, 186 million pies are sold in grocery stores every year.

  2. The most expensive pie cost nearly $10,000

    In 2015, the most expensive pie in the world cost about $9,500, sold at Lord Dudley Hotel in Sydney, Australia.

  3. Pies are comforting

    According to a survey, 47% of Americans associate the word ‘comforting’ with pie.

  4. Apple pie is popular

    In the United States, apple pie is a crowd favorite.

  5. Pies are a money-maker

    In the United Kingdom, the pie industry rakes in about £1.2 billion a year.

Why We Love Homemade Pie Day

  1. It encourages home cooking

    In this age of fast food, it’s often difficult to take out time to cook for ourselves. This holiday gives us a chance to get into the kitchen and make our own food, even if it’s for one day.

  2. It supports pie bakers

    The awareness that this day brings provides a boost to the pie industry. As people go out of their way to purchase pies, a lot of people will be smiling all the way to the bank.

  3. Pies bring warm memories

    As discovered in a survey, comfort is associated with pie. This day brings to mind warm feelings of home, hearth, and family life.

Homemade Pie Day dates

2024August 1Thursday
2025August 1Friday
2026August 1Saturday
2027August 1Sunday
2028August 1Tuesday
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