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FriAug 2

National Water Balloon Day – August 2, 2024

National Water Balloon Day is held on the first Friday of every August. This year, it falls on . It is dedicated to celebrating the jiggly water-filled balloons that can make a dull, hot summer’s day memorable and enjoyable. Coming in the peak of summertime, it is a day to immerse yourself in the damp fun and the sensational thrills of a splashy melee with your loved ones.

History of National Water Balloon Day

National Water Balloon Day was an event launched by the town of Newmarket, New Hampshire, in 2019 as a way for residents to have fun while cooling down in the hot summer sun. It is seen as a wholesome, family-friendly activity because it is an inclusive, energetic activity that encourages bonding and can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

A staple of pool parties, playgrounds, and the summertime, water balloons exude so much joy for those playing with them. There is a certain thrill and excitement that one feels whenever they chuck a jiggly orb of water and see it explode in a burst of wetness and rubber flakes. For many, the action of throwing balloons back and forth ignites an excitement that is unmatched by any other.

The water balloon has retained much of its form and use since its first appearance in 1950. Back then, British inventor Edgar Ellington was merely looking for a way to treat trench foot by filling up a latex sock with water. Seeing that it leaked, he threw the watery orb against a table and watched it explode. Ellington was splashed with an idea to market his accidental invention as a children’s plaything, which it remains to this day.
However, there have been several innovations over the years since its invention, with different types being invented and more efficient ways and devices to help fill it being available today. Water balloon fights also help its users develop skills such as tactical thinking, teamwork, and leadership. However, the main goal of the water balloon remains the same as it was decades ago: to bring simple, wet fun to people everywhere.
Just remember to keep a towel around!

National Water Balloon Day timeline

The First Rubber Balloon

Michael Faraday invents the first rubber balloon.

The Water Balloon As It Is Today

Ellington invents the modern water balloon using a latex sock and cotton initially as a way to treat trench foot.

Largest Water Balloon Fight

The largest water balloon fight, according to the “Guinness Book of Records,” takes place in Lexington, Kentucky, featuring 8,957 participants throwing up to 175,141 water balloons.

The First National Water Balloon Day

The town of Newmarket, New Hampshire, holds the first National Water Balloon Day.

National Water Balloon Day FAQs

Can I use regular balloons for water balloons?

The perfect balloons to use for water balloons are those that can stretch easier, such as latex balloons. However, regular party balloons are also suitable for water balloons but note that their lining can be thinner than that of higher-quality balloons, which can lead to accidental popping when being filled and tearing. The key is to fill the balloon with a suitable amount of water.

Do water balloons hurt?

When not used properly, anything you hurl can lead to injuries and this includes water balloons. If you are not careful about how you throw and play with them, it can lead to injuries to the eye, ears, or skin and can become choking hazards for children under three. That is why it is important to follow sensible rules such as not letting kids under the age of six play with water balloons and having water balloon fights always be supervised by adults. All of this is important to ensure a fun, safe time.

Who invented balloons?

Faraday invented rubber balloons in 1824 for his experiments.

National Water Balloon Day Activities

  1. Throw your own party!

    Gather your friends or family for a party and let it rip! Be sure to have enough balloons for everyone to throw and don't forget to be careful when playing. It might be a water balloon war, but nobody should get hurt while having fun.

  2. Choose a game to play

    While how you want to play with water balloons is your choice, there are a set of well-known games that are available if you're at a loss on how to play. One of them is the "water balloon kryptonite" hot-potato style musical chairs game where you make sure you're not the last one holding the balloon (unless you want to get soaked).

  3. Bring some fun to a party

    If a friend or family member is throwing a party for their kids, it doesn't hurt to offer some water balloons if they feel it's appropriate. When you get the green light, show up with as many water balloons as you can to give the party some extra fun and bask in the echoes of children's laughter as it resonates through the fracas.

5 Interesting Facts About Balloons

  1. Animal organs make good balloons

    Historically, the earliest balloons were made from animal bladders and intestines.

  2. Balloons can travel high in the sky

    Latex balloons can fly over three miles above the ground.

  3. Popping balloons create small sonic booms

    The sound of a popped party balloon travels faster than the speed of sound, hence its loudness.

  4. Helium shrinks in the cold

    Helium balloons last about eight to 12 hours in a cold room, but they shrink in colder temperatures due to the properties of helium.

  5. Phileas Fogg’s balloon is a myth

    Jules Verne's famous world-traveling character Phileas Fogg never used a hot air balloon during his voyage in the book “Around the World in 80 Days.”

Why We Love National Water Balloon Day

  1. It ensures a riot of laughter

    For a child, having access to water balloons, and the authority to hurl them to their heart's abandon is a feeling that rouses excitement like no other. When kids get their hands on one, you know that they will spend the next few minutes having a blast.

  2. It's a good way to get through the hot summer

    During hot days, all you want to do is just soak yourself in as much water as possible to keep off the heat. Water balloon fights are a fun way to cool yourself down and make the summer heat bearable.

  3. It reminds us that having fun is a necessity

    National Water Balloon Day is a day that celebrates and recognizes the importance of recreation. It is a day where you are asked to forget your troubles for the sake of having fun. Who knows, maybe throwing a few balloons might help reduce some of your stress!

National Water Balloon Day dates

2022August 5Friday
2023August 4Friday
2024August 2Friday
2025August 1Friday
2026August 7Friday

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