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Guadalcanal Province Day – August 1, 2023

Guadalcanal Province Day, also known as the Second Appointed Day, is observed on August 1 every year in the Solomon Islands. This day marks the establishment of the local Provincial Government for Guadalcanal Province. Guadalcanal is an island located in the Solomon Islands chain and is known for its significance during World War II. It is a 2,510 square mile island and is primarily a jungle. This province is well-known for snorkeling, especially at Bonegi beach.

History of Guadalcanal Province Day

Guadalcanal Island is the largest island in the country of the Solomon Islands, located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. The Kavo Range, a rocky spine that culminates in Mount Popomanaseu, the country’s highest point, runs through the island with volcanic origins. On the north coast is Honiara, the country’s capital. Fishing, coconuts, lumber, cocoa, oil palms, and fruit dominate the island’s economy; sometimes, alluvial gold and silver are worked.

The name Guadalcanal is given by the Spanish explorer, Álvaro de Mendaña de Neira, who visited the region in 1568. It is also a name for a town in Spain. In 1788, John Shortland explored the sheltered anchorages along the northern coast. Following the arrival of English traders, the British conquered the island and included it in the Solomon Islands Protectorate in 1893. The lengthy Battle of Guadalcanal, fought by Allied and Japanese forces on land and at sea, took place on the island during World War II.

Guadalcanal is notable for its lack of roads along the west coast, making the area mainly inaccessible to outsiders by land, despite the abundance of natural treasures. Guadalcanal is a luxuriant rainforest shrouding the rugged terrain and offers unlimited hiking possibilities across the island to Mataniko Falls, Tenaru Falls, or the Boarare Cascades.

Guadalcanal Province Day timeline

The Island is Named Guadalcanal

Spanish explorer Álvaro de Mendaña de Neira names the island Guadalcanal.

The British Annex the Island

Following the arrival of English traders, the British conquer the island and include it in the Solomon Islands Protectorate.

The Battle Of Guadalcanal Takes Place

The battle of Guadalcanal takes place between America and Japan on the Solomon Islands

Honiara is Designated Separately-Administered Capital Territory

Honiara is on the Solomon island but is no longer considered part of the Guadalcanal province.


Guadalcanal Province Day FAQs

What is the indigenous name of Guadalcanal?

The indigenous name of Guadalcanal is Isatabu.

Why was the island of Guadalcanal considered so important?

The Guadalcanal Campaign halted all Japanese attempts at expansion and gave the Allies a definite upper hand, making the island significant.

What does the word Guadalcanal mean?

The word Guadalcanal means a mountainous island.

Guadalcanal Province Day Activities

  1. Attend a procession

    This day is a public holiday in Guadalcanal. Various sports and music events, political speeches, and processions mark the celebrations. The perfect plan for you would be to attend one of these celebrations.

  2. Celebrate the day in your home

    If you cannot attend the events held in many parts of the island, celebrate this day in your home community. You can cook a typical dish and try to celebrate this day similar to the people of Guadalcanal.

  3. Search information about their culture

    The culture of this island is relatively unknown to the people from the U.S. This day could be an opportunity for you to search for information about their culture and traditions.

5 Activities That You Can Do On The Islands

  1. World War II Tours

    You can visit numerous battle sites and find relics from the conflict in and around Honiara.

  2. Birdwatching

    The primary birding site is just a 45-minute drive outside Honiara.

  3. Diving

    There are several diving sites along the western part of Guadalcanal, including the famous WWII sites at Iron Bottom Sound and Bonegi Beach.

  4. Fishing

    You can schedule fishing trips around Marau Sound in eastern Guadalcanal and find good fishing spots around the river estuaries of north-western Guadalcanal.

  5. Snorkeling

    Pristine waters, colorful corals, and a beautiful variety of fishes make snorkeling a beautiful experience in the waters of the Solomon Islands.

Why We Love Guadalcanal Province Day

  1. It is a day to celebrate Guadalcanal culture

    The people of Guadalcanal celebrate the Guadalcanal Province day with their traditions and culture. Celebrating culture and traditions is essential for people because it highlights the idea of belonging.

  2. Celebration of the establishment of Local Government

    This day marks the establishment of the local Provincial Government for Guadalcanal Province. It is a public holiday, and all inhabitants celebrate this commemoration.

  3. It is a day to enjoy with your loved ones

    Celebrations held during this day are focused on family gatherings, friends, and relatives. Spending time together is essential to having a great time.

Guadalcanal Province Day dates

2023August 1Tuesday
2024August 1Thursday
2025August 1Friday
2026August 1Saturday
2027August 1Sunday
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