National Cheese Day – June 4, 2019

Tue Jun 4

On June 4, we honor one of the most delicious contributions to our food and hearts. From bland meals to breakups, cheese makes anything better. And with thousands of varieties, we want to try them all. This National Cheese Day, get adventurous! Try making your classic mac ‘n’ cheese with Comte (similar to gruyére) — or grill up halloumi, a melt-resistant combination of goat’s milk and sheep’s milk, and serve it on a pesto sandwich. In fact, 52% of Americans believe cheeses are interchangeable in recipes, and 28% say they switch cheeses because they like to experiment with the flavors different cheeses offer. That’s a cheesy fact from Innit — an extensive culinary ecosystem that guides users from store to the table. The data researchers at Innit asked 1,000 Americans to brie-fly dish on their cheese-eating habits to conduct the Innit Cheese Day Survey. Read on for more facts that will make you say, “more cheese, please!”

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National Cheese Day Survey

National Cheese Day Activities

  1. Try Something Scary!

    As much as we all love cheese, there are some varieties that, for many of us, are a bit outside out comfort zones. It's time to mix things up! Find a cheese that scares you a little bit and give it a go — you'll likely be surprised how much you like it. Looking for a suggestion? Give Epoisses de Bourgogne a try, if you can find it. It's got such a pungent aroma that it's been banned from public transportation systems in France!

  2. Make Your Own!

    Making cheese can be a pretty simple process — it just requires a bit of patience! It's always interesting to go "behind the scenes" of our favorite food items, but with cheese in particular, it's pretty incredible seeing all the hidden steps that go into making one of our favorite food-delights.

  3. Perhaps a new pairing?

    Something you've probably noticed through your cheese-eating: cheese goes with everything! Well, almost. But things get truly magical when you find perfect pairings that bring out different flavors. Have you ever tried figs with brie? They're delicious separate, but they're simply irresistible when brought together. We've included a recipe below!

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Why We Love National Cheese Day

  1. It's Always Looking For A Friend

    Cheese is the great connector. Sure, it's often plenty good on its own, but the best cheeses are made even better with the right best friend. "Mr. D'Anjou, have you met my gouda friend?" No, really — D'Anjou pears and Gouda cheese are one of many perfect pairings. Try it!

  2. It's Universal

    Regardless of age, culture, or social standing, cheese is accessible to people all over the world. While local varieties can vary drastically from foreign imports, it's truly difficult to find a group of people without finding some cheese, too.

  3. It's Scientific

    The cheese making process is dependent on a variety of factors, like time, temperature, acidity, and more. Learning about cheese, and how to make it, is like an Intro to Science class — except it's actually fun!