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National Hug Your Cat Month – June 2024

Despite their characteristically independent attitude, cats domesticated themselves. Millions of years ago they wandered up to human’s fires, begging for scraps, and decided to stay for the free food. Isn’t that just like a cat? In June, we smother our furry feline friends with affection they may try to escape. Welcome to National Hug Your Cat Month! May your day be full of purring, cat hair on your clothes, and face rubs on your chest.

National Hug Your Cat Month timeline

June 4, 781 BC
Black out

The oldest recorded solar eclipse is recorded on this day by the Chinese.

JJune 4, 1391
Burn it all

Ferrand Martinez led a mob to set fire to Sevil, Spain's Jewish quarter.

June 4, 1647
Just sign

King Charles I of England was seized by his own army and forced to sign the Magna Carta.

June 4, 1919
Suffrage and equality

The Women's Suffrage bill was passed in the US Senate.

June 4, 1939
Shopping carts were born

Oklahoma City's Sylvan Goldman introduced a chair on wheels to transport goods.

National Hug Your Cat Month Activities

  1. Volunteer at an animal shelter

    There are a lot of felines who don’t have families yet. If you are cat-less, we recommend playing with some at your local shelter. It’s a free activity guaranteed to increase your happiness, and you are helping underprivileged felines.

  2. Look up cat GIFs on Pinterest

    Many of us have a board specifically designated for the cute and the furry. Why not visit it and laugh at cute cats doing stupid things? The entire internet is already doing it.

  3. Cuddle with your cat on the couch

    Grab a cup of ice-cold lemonade, curl up with a book, and wait patiently for your cat to leap onto your lap for head rubs. We can think of no better way to escape the hot summer day.

Why We Love National Hug Your Cat Month

  1. We get to celebrate a loyal friend

    They may not always be as obviously affectionate as dogs, but it’s impossible to doubt your cat loves you. It purrs comfortingly at you after a break-up and follows you around whether or not you have food. Thick or thin, your cat will still trip you on the stairs. That’s a promise.

  2. It’s an excuse to snuggle

    Today you have an explanation for your clingy behavior. If you want, you can even offer your cat that explanation. We doubt you’ll get more than an unimpressed look, but, it’s worth a shot.

  3. We find fellow cat-lovers

    Today we unite under one fluffy banner! It’s a good day for finding fellow cat-owners and enthusiasts among your friends, family, and strangers you met on the bus. What better way to get to know someone better than bonding over cute pictures of your cat and sharing its funny mannerisms.

National Hug Your Cat Month dates

2024June 4Tuesday
2025June 4Wednesday
2026June 4Thursday
2027June 4Friday
2028June 4Sunday

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