Global Running Day – June 7, 2019

Fri Jun 7

Are you looking for the perfect motivation to get up, get out, and exercise with your friends and family? Join millions of people around the world in celebrating Global Running Day, which falls on June 7 of each year. Global Running Day is a celebration that encourages people to run as much as they can. But it also impresses the importance of leading a more active lifestyle, even if that’s simply playing with your children or chasing after your dogs. This celebration is open and free to everyone, which makes it easy to get started. Simply grab your tennis shoes, a bottle of water, and get moving!

Global Running Day - History


Officially Uniting a World Through Running

The name change to Global Running Day was initiated in New York, USA, and quickly swept through various states, lands, and nations around the world.


Birth of a Legacy

Prior to being named Global Running Day, this special day was entitled National Running Day.

Global Running Day Activities

  1. Smile and enjoy yourself as you’re exercising

    Enjoy learning something new about one of your friends as you go for a walk or race your grandchild to the nearest tree. Either way, by taking the time to be thankful and encouraging, you’ll make memories that will stick with you for a lifetime.

  2. Run or walk as much as you can

    No one said that you have to run 50 miles or powerwalk 10 times around a track. In order to get the most out of this day, grab your friends and neighbors and plan a community walk or a potato sack race. The more you are able to get people involved, the better.

  3. Play sports with your kids

    Playing sports with your kids isn’t as hard or tricky as it may sound. Simply round them up, ensure they have all of their appropriate equipment, including water and snacks, then it’s off to the park or even your own backyard!

Why We Love Global Running Day

  1. You’re able to make exercise and fitness fun for children

    It’s easy for children to stay inside and watch TV or play video games all day. However, it’s much more inspirational for them to get outside, run around, and spend time with you!

  2. You’re able to strengthen your personal relationships

    By participating in this celebration, you’re taking steps to become even closer to your friends and family. Working out with others helps to not only motivate you, but also to allow you to draw closer to friends and actually engage in genuine conversations.

  3. You’re able to participate in deals and specials for other fitness activities

    There are many global supporters and local vendors in your city that will be participating in this momentous occasion. Visit your local stores or parks to find sign-up sheets for upcoming races, walks, runs, and marathons. By pre-registering for these activities, you're often able to obtain a discounted rate instead of paying the full registration price.