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SatMar 22

Walk in the Sand Day – March 22, 2025

Walk in the Sand Day is celebrated every year on the Saturday after the March Equinox. This year, it takes place on March 22. This occurs at the start of spring in the Northern Hemisphere and autumn in the Southern Hemisphere. You’ve probably seen cute photos on social media of people walking on the beach while on vacation. However, walking in the sand has benefits that go beyond beautifying your Instagram feed. It provides a relaxing experience as you watch the waves, take in the sunset/ sunrise, bird watch, look for marine life, collect pretty shells, and immerse yourself in the beauty of the natural environment. The feeling of walking barefoot in the sand provides a soothing and relaxing sensation, which is beneficial for both your mental and physical health.

History of Walk in the Sand Day

Walk in the Sand Day was founded by Patti Jewel in 2012 to celebrate the healthy activity of walking barefoot in the sand. She conceived this day to share the experience and joy of beach walks with the world. Jewel is a beach advocate who goes to the beach for relaxation and mental and physical healing. She has expanded the aim of the day to help people appreciate and protect beautiful beaches all around the world.

She is also a strong supporter and activist in environmental protection, preserving the beaches, and sharing the beauty of these spectacular natural resources. She is the founder of and and has published content about Florida’s beaches for over a decade.

Walking in the sand is a fun way of working out your legs. It allows you to walk slower and enjoy nature while getting a better workout, burning more calories, and enjoying the experience more.

Dry sand areas require extra energy to walk on them. Therefore, you get to exercise more muscles in the legs and feet. The harder sand near the water is perfect for a faster-paced walk. You experience less stress on your feet and joints when compared to walking on pavement since the sand offers more flexibility. In the long run, this helps prevent degenerative conditions like spinal arthritis from progressing.

While the oceans invoked feelings of dread in people before the 18th century, they have now become places of rest and mental refreshment. More and more people visit beaches each year for health and leisure.

Walk in the Sand Day timeline

Mid-18th Century
The Rich Go to the Beach

European elites begin praising the curative qualities of exercise, fresh air, and sea bathing.

America's First Public Beach

The first public beach in the United States opens, with over 45,000 people attending.

19th Century
Beaches are Praised in the Arts

Romantic writers and artists add emotion and wonder to the act of strolling along the beach.

Closer to the Sea

One-half of the world’s population lives within 37 miles of an ocean.

Walk in the Sand Day FAQs

How does the sand feel on your feet?

It’s a tickly, gripping sensation.

Which is better, hard or soft sand?

Softer sand gives you more of a workout than walking on packed sand, thus, it builds more resistance and strength.

Can your feet burn from sand?

Yes. Since the sand heats up in the sun, it is a common cause of burns on your feet.

Walk in the Sand Day Activities

  1. Walk on the beach

    There is nothing more calming than walking on the beach. Take a few minutes on this day to unplug and enjoy nature.

  2. Be a change ambassador

    Start a movement in your coastal community to bring more awareness about the need for cleaning up your local beaches. Partnering with existing lobby groups will make your work much easier.

  3. Share on social

    Post your images and videos of your beach walks on social media. This way, more people will see how beautiful and important our beaches are and appreciate the value of beach walks.

5 Interesting Facts About Beaches

  1. Variety in nature

    Every beach in the world has sand that varies in color and coarseness.

  2. A new form of enjoyment

    Beaches became popular as tourist attractions during the middle of the 18th century.

  3. The chemical composition of sand

    Sandy beaches are mostly made of silica (SiO2) in the form of quartz.

  4. The world's longest beach

    Casino Beach in the Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil is the longest uninterrupted stretch of beach in the world with an estimated length of over 152 miles.

  5. The world’s largest sand island

    Fraser Island located in Queensland, Australia is the world’s largest sand island and is a World Heritage Site.

Why We Love Walk in the Sand Day

  1. It boosts our health

    Walking on the beach helps to relieve stress, keep us grounded, and work out the muscles. It also helps us stay unplugged as we focus on our environment.

  2. It’s family-friendly

    Walking on the beach can be enjoyed with your dog, your partner, or a friend. You can even invite the whole family to join in the experience.

  3. Advocates for environmental protection

    Walk in the Sand Day spreads the word about protecting and appreciating the beaches around the world. It brings attention to the problems facing beaches and the need to protect them.

Walk in the Sand Day dates

2022March 26Saturday
2023March 25Saturday
2024March 23Saturday
2025March 22Saturday
2026March 28Saturday

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