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FriMar 28

National Amber Day – March 28, 2025

National Amber Day, on March 28, honors the people named Amber. Amber is a popular name used for girls and is derived from the Arabic word ‘ambar’ which means ‘jewel’ referring to the fossilized, yellowish-brown tree resin that can primarily be found on pine trees in the Baltic Sea region. After undergoing a procedure that involves persistent heat and pressure, this “tree sap” is essentially transformed into the gemstone amber. It also has its roots in French meaning ‘jewel-colored.’ It is a gem name that came into use as a female name in the 19th century when other jewel names were also enjoying popularity.

History of National Amber Day

Amber is a name that is more commonly given to females and it has its origins in both the Arabic and Celtic languages. Either the word ‘fierce’ or the jewel with the same name that is amber-colored can be associated with this word.

Late in the 13th century in Anglo-Latin and about the year 1400 A.D. in English, the term amber was extended to include fossil resins from the Baltic, and since then, this sense of the word has become the predominant one as ambergris’s use has decreased. The fact that both were discovered washed up on seashores might have led some people to believe that there’s some sort of connection between the two. It’s also possible that this is a completely distinct word with an obscure history. In the past, the Baltic fossil resin and ambergris, also known as “gray amber,” were differentiated from one another as “white amber” and “yellow amber,” respectively. The French refer to the two types of amber as ambre gris and ambre jaune, respectively.

Amber as a name was not widely used until the 1950s, even though it has been around since the 1800s. There were nine newborns named Amber in 1880 when the name first surfaced. Its boom in the 1950s is most likely because of the novel “Forever Amber” written by Kathleen Winsor in 1944. The name first became popular in the 1960s and 1970s, and from 1981 to 1993, it ranked among the top 20 choices given to baby girls in the United States. Since then, the use of the name Amber has steadily decreased, and in 2018, it was the 471st most popular choice for girls.

National Amber Day timeline


The bestselling novel, “Forever Amber” pushes the popularity of the name while the novel is banned in several states for being sexually explicit.

“Forever Amber” Movie

The novel, “Forever Amber” is adapted into a movie starring Linda Darrel.

Cycling Champion

Amber Neben wins the U.C.I. world-time trial championship.

“The Spy Next Door”

Amber Valletta is an American actress and model starring in this popular movie.

National Amber Day FAQs

Is Amber an uncommon name?

Throughout the English-speaking world, Amber has become a common choice. As a baby name in the United States in the 1990s, it ranked 20th. It has been the most popular baby name for girls in the United Kingdom, Scotland, Ireland, Belgium, Australia, and Canada over the last several years.

What is the record high for the name Amber in a state?

In 1986, 1,659 baby girls were given this name in California, which is the highest total ever recorded for this name.

Was there a time when the name was not in use?

Yes, it dropped off the charts in 1915 and was not in use for 30 years.

National Amber Day Activities

  1. Find out other meanings

    You can find out other meanings of amber that exist. Besides being a name and jewelry, you can find out other meanings the name has and you may be surprised to see the other meanings that may come up.

  2. Play a game

    Play a game by writing about popular people of the same name. Put the written names into a bag, shake, and have your friends draw a piece of paper. Let them say facts they know about the person and the person with the most points wins.

  3. Appreciate the Ambers in your life

    Today is a good day to appreciate all the Ambers you know. Send them a message and tell them how much they mean to you or just thank them for being good friends or family.

5 Interesting Facts About The Name Amber

  1. Popular name

    According to the United Nations' World Population Prospects for 2019, there are more than enough Ambers to fill Iceland, which has a populace of 340,566 individuals.

  2. The fall out of top 100 names

    In 2005, the name saw a decline and left the top 100 names list.

  3. Fell out of the top 200 names

    In 2010, the name further declined and fell out of the top 200 names.

  4. Not popular in Alabama

    As of 2008, there were only 36 girls named Amber in the whole state.

  5. Popular in Oklahoma

    In 1979, at that time, Amber was a common name for a girl to be called in the state of Oklahoma.

Why We Love National Amber Day

  1. They’re social butterflies

    People with the name Amber are generally considered to be social butterflies. They are the life of any party and people love being around these expressive and creative people.

  2. It’s a beautiful name

    Even though the name means fierce, there is no doubt that it is a melodic name. An association with the jewelry boosts its beauty and shows there is beauty in fierceness.

  3. It’s creative

    People with this name are one of the most creative people around. There is nothing creative they simply cannot do: sing, dance, draw, and act, there is no creative talent they do not possess.

National Amber Day dates

2025March 28Friday
2026March 28Saturday
2027March 28Sunday
2028March 28Tuesday
2029March 28Wednesday

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