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National Ram Day – March 28, 2025

National Ram Day, on March 28, celebrates people named Ram. The name Ram is a boy’s name that originates from Sanskrit and means ‘archer’ or ‘attractive.’ It is one of the most common and powerful names found in the Middle East and India. According to some versions of Indian mythology, it is the seventh reincarnation of the god Vishnu. Additionally, in the Bible, this was the name of one of King David’s and Jesus Christ’s ancestors.

History of National Ram Day

The name Ram can be traced back to a variety of places. This is a Hindu name derived from the Sanskrit word ‘rma,’ which means ‘pleasing’ or ‘charming.’ It is also the name of an incarnation of the god Vishnu. It is used in both Northern and Southern India. It possibly became a family name in the northern states via being used as the final part of compound personal names such as Atmaram (with Sanskrit term meaning ‘soul’) or Sitaram (with Sita being the name of Rama’s bride). In South India, it is only used as a male given name, but in the United States, among those who originate from South India, it has become more common to use it as a family name. It is a version of the name Raman that is used by Tamil and Malayalam speakers who have moved away from their home states.

It comes from the Middle Low German and Middle English words for ‘ram,’ which can mean ‘male sheep’ (in the sense of ‘battering ram’) or ‘pile driver’ (in the sense of driving a pile). The name appears in Dutch and English. It is an ornamental name in Swedish that originates from a place-name element, either from Old Norse ‘hrafn,’ which translates to ‘raven,’ or from the Swedish dialect ‘ramm,’ which means ‘water meadow.’

It is an aesthetic name derived from the Hebrew word ‘ram,’ which can be translated as ‘lofty.’ It is a topographic name that means ‘branch’ in Southern French and designates a person who lived in a densely wooded area with lots of branches.

National Ram Day timeline

On-Screen Debut

Ram Kapoor makes his on-screen debut in Nyaay.


“Shool,” a political crime drama written by Ram Gopal Varma, wins the National Film Award for its scripting.


Ram Achaean features in “Forbes” India's Celebrity 100 list.

The Ellis Island Medal of Honor

The Ellis Island Medal of Honor is bestowed upon Ram Shriram.

National Ram Day FAQs

Is Ram a rare name?

Yes, it is in certain countries. In India, for example, it is not as rare as in a country like the United States.

What is Ram short for?

Ram is a variant of the South Asian name Rama as well as the name Avram, Abraham, or Abram.

What year had the highest use of the name in the United States?

From 1880 through 2018, the year 2017 saw the greatest reported usage of this name with a total of 43 newborns being given it in the United States.

National Ram Day Activities

  1. Get to know the story behind the name

    To celebrate the day, you can research the name and see all the countries the name is popular in. You can find out what the name means in some countries and how it differs.

  2. Learn more

    You can learn more about the name and the people who bear the same name. It is a very popular name among creatives, especially in India.

  3. Add Ram to your list of names

    You can add Ram to the list of names you know of. You can also add it to any word game you play.

5 Famous People Named Ram

  1. Ram Shriram

    He is an American businessman and one of the earliest investors of Google.

  2. Ram Swarup

    Ram Swarup was an Indian writer and one of the most influential Hindu revivalist thinkers.

  3. Ram Kapoor

    Ram Kapoor is a television and film actor in India.

  4. Ram Charan

    Telugu cinema's Ram Charan is a multi-talented actor, producer, dancer, and businessman from India.

  5. Ram Gopal Varma

    Film director and screenwriter Ram Gopal Varma is an Indian filmmaker recognized for his efforts in Telugu cinema, Bollywood, and television.

Why We Love National Ram Day

  1. Rare name

    It is a name with a rich history. There are only a handful of Rams in certain countries like the United States.

  2. Different meanings

    Ram is a name with meanings in a lot of languages. The unique name has varied meanings as well.

  3. Godlike

    The name has been likened to gods. People with the name often possess a godlike nature that is unparalleled to others.

National Ram Day dates

2025March 28Friday
2026March 28Saturday
2027March 28Sunday
2028March 28Tuesday
2029March 28Wednesday

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