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National Clean Up Week (New Zealand) – September 17-23, 2024

In New Zealand, National Cleanup Week takes place from September 17 to 23. It kicks off on the same day as World Cleanup Day, running all the way through that week. It is an annual event deliberately held in the month of September to coincide with similar global events held in the same month. The aim of the annual National Cleanup Week is in line with that of World Cleanup Day, which is to raise awareness about the mismanaged waste crisis by mobilizing all spheres of society, including individuals and organized bodies, to participate in cleanup actions.

History of National Clean Up Week (New Zealand)

New Zealand has a week where every person is expected to join in cleaning efforts. The start day coincides with World Cleanup Day, and then continuing cleanup activities all through that week. The annual week-long event, deliberately held in the month of September, was necessitated by the increasing risk of a total environmental shutdown as a result of poor management of waste all around the world. This global problem of waste mismanagement impelled different environmental groups in various countries to organize cleanup events that would be engaging enough to successfully get all hands on deck in the effort to save the environment from the effects of poor waste management.

National Cleanup Week is celebrated in the same way as World Cleanup Day, which was first observed on September 15, 2018, and the current cleanup efforts are only building on the successes of previous global cleanup efforts. The goal was to involve 5% of the world’s population in environmental cleanup efforts, hence New Zealand’s need to contribute to that quota. Since its inception, National Cleanup Week has helped New Zealand to contribute fairly to the target quota for global involvement in cleanup efforts, and each year, it gets more people volunteering. The country’s creative campaigns catch the interest of the younger generation while also educating them on the importance of these cleanup efforts.

Global cleanup efforts have existed in many forms throughout our history, especially following widespread catastrophes such as earthquakes, floods, and powerful tsunamis. In modern history, these efforts are left to affected community members who will often have support from various international organizations and N.G.O.s.

National Clean Up Week (New Zealand) timeline

The London Convention is Created

The Convention on the Prevention of Marine Pollution by Dumping of Waste and Other Matter, also known as the London Convention, is established.

The Litter Act is Established

The Litter Act is created in New Zealand in 1979, granting powers to the ‘Keep New Zealand Beautiful' organization to take charge of national cleanup efforts.

The Resource Management Act is Created

New Zealand enacts its Resource Management Act, which focuses on the sustainable management of New Zealand's natural and physical resources.

The Marine Pollution Regulations is Created

The Resource Management Act of New Zealand adds the Marine Pollution Regulations to itself.

National Clean Up Week (New Zealand) FAQs

When is National Cleanup month?

September is National Clean Up Month.

Does New Zealand have a food waste crisis?

We wouldn’t call it a “crisis.” However, statistics show that New Zealand wastes about $872 million worth of food annually.

How can I participate in National Cleanup Week?

Volunteer to take part in the scheduled cleanup activities.

How to Observe National Clean Up Week (New Zealand)

  1. Volunteer for national cleanup efforts

    New Zealand has the ‘Keep New Zealand Beautiful’ organization, which is in charge of national cleanup efforts in the country. Go ahead and sign up as a volunteer for National Cleanup Week.

  2. Avoid all forms of littering

    Littering is already a big enough deal as it is. In commemorating National Cleanup Week, please resist the urge to litter.

  3. Participate in the conversation online

    Join the online campaign. Share your thoughts about Cleanup Week online using the hashtag #NationalCleanupWeek.

5 Important Facts About Waste In New Zealand

  1. Millions of tons of waste landfilled

    New Zealand recorded over three million tons of waste landfilled in 1995.

  2. Plastic waste is an environmental hazard

    Of the millions of tons of waste landfilled in New Zealand annually, approximately 252,000 tons is plastic waste.

  3. New Zealand’s landfills are brimming

    New Zealand is one of the countries with a high waste output, and the landfills keep heaping higher each year.

  4. New Zealand wastes too much food

    New Zealand records approximately 122,547 tons of food waste each year, which is quite a lot of food.

  5. New Zealand has five notable landfills

    New Zealand has up to five notable landfills, which include Redvale in Albany, Hampton Downs in Waikato Region, and Green Island in Dunedin.

Why National Clean Up Week (New Zealand) is Important

  1. It is an effort to protect the environment

    National Cleanup Week is a commendable effort in the protection of our environmental health. It’s on all of us humans to take care of the planet we call home.

  2. It is a step towards a cleaner planet

    National Cleanup Week promotes the ideals of a cleaner planet. This is a worthwhile initiative, and we love it!

  3. It keeps our communities beautiful!

    Cleaning up helps to keep our communities beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. A clean environment translates to a healthy community.

National Clean Up Week (New Zealand) dates

2024September 17Tuesday
2025September 17Wednesday
2026September 17Thursday
2027September 17Friday
2028September 17Sunday

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