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Time's Up Day
TueSep 17

Time's Up Day – September 17, 2024

Time’s Up Day is on September 17 and it’s all about being the bigger person. Apparently, it is awfully easy to drift apart with people over a little disagreement, especially people you enjoy having in your life. It usually starts small, a little disagreement turns into resentment and both parties are left with nothing to say to each other. If you know you’ve been waiting to make up with someone close to you, this is a reminder that it’s time to make amends.

History of Time's Up Day

This holiday is a copyrighted holiday that was created by Thomas and Ruth Roy of Wellcat Holidays. Wellcat Holidays was born back in the late 1980s when Tom stumbled upon a form at the back of Chase’s Calendar of Events that allowed for the submission of new “holidays.” An intrigued Tom submitted an entry which was later published spiraling him into becoming a serial Holiday Creator.

Time’s Up Day was created among other holidays to mark the presence of differences and disagreements in our life, but also encourage us to make amends and move past them. Life is too short to be on bad terms with a friend, parent, child, colleague, or someone who used to be one of your close acquaintances, especially if they are important to you.

Although, there are times when one has to gain a bit of distance from negative feelings and also give a little time before settling disputes. This is needed in order to acknowledge and understand the impact of negative feelings such as annoyance, anger, and discomfort in determining exactly what is wrong and how to set things right again.

At the end of the day, no matter how far apart you have grown, a little act of kindness on this day can break down pride and do away with hurt feelings. When you sincerely make amends, you acknowledge and align your values to your actions by admitting wrongdoing and then living by it.

Time's Up Day timeline

Dasslers Brothers Feud

The feud inspires the creation of Puma and Adidas, two of the biggest shoe companies.

Ann Landers Column

The famous columnist also known for her rivalry with her twin-sister suggests that a day be put aside as Reconciliation Day

Music Feuds Become Intense

Biggie Smalls and Tupac Shakur are both gunned down due to a hip-hop community feud.

The Internet of Conflicts

An abundance of social media platforms equips people with a negative response to opposing opinions.

Time's Up Day FAQs

What if the other party is not open to resolving the conflict?

That’s okay. Time’s Up Day exists for us to understand that life is too short to postpone making amends. If you have apologized and the other party is not willing to accept it, give them some time and space while also checking up on them regularly.

How do I cope with family conflicts?

Conflicts are generally draining, and being in an environment where conflict is active will consume an individual. If you have unsuccessfully attempted to reconcile family members, we suggest you try therapy to cope with the situation.

What if I accept the apology but do not want to maintain the relationship?

As Alon Paton once said “It is not “forgive and forget” as if nothing wrong had ever happened, but “forgive and go forward,” building on the mistakes of the past and the energy generated by reconciliation to create a new future.” 

How to Observe Time's Up Day

  1. Look beyond the incident and reach out

    If you are currently upset about what someone did or says to offend you, reach out and have a conversation about it with them. Give them an opportunity to apologize and give yourself the joy of closure.

  2. Encourage people who are feuding to make up

    We usually tend to witness when individuals we know are not on speaking terms, most times people do not like meddling and thus allow the feud to stew. To celebrate this day, encourage them to tell each other how they feel, but do not force them to reconcile if they are not ready.

  3. Show appreciation to the people in your life

    No man is an island and everyone needs a support system of family, friends, colleagues, or acquaintances. Use this day to appreciate the people in your life by telling them how much you value their presence in your life.

5 Famous Feuds In History

  1. It killed Hamilton

    The hatred between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr led to a duel that ended in the death of Hamilton.

  2. It was resolved through marriage

    The War of the Roses ended when Lancastrian Henry VII married Elizabeth of York.

  3. It wrecked a career

    The feud between Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan ended with Harding being barred from ice skating.

  4. It never ends

    Conflict and disagreements will continue to exist as long as man exists.

  5. It is being masked under cyberbullying

    With the internet, disagreements are transcending to cyberbullying and all forms of psychological manipulation.

Why we love Time’s Up Day

  1. It gives an opportunity to make amends

    We have all at one point stalled an apology due to guilt. Time’s Up Day gives us an “excuse” to apologize to those we have wronged without feeling overly guilty.

  2. It creates a healthier environment

    A peaceful environment is the best for productivity. Being caught up in the middle of a conflict is quite draining, and we love this initiative to help the people around us clear up their misunderstandings for the sake of our mental health.

  3. It teaches understanding and conflict resolution

    Two individuals will never agree with one another all the time. It doesn’t matter their relationship or understanding they have among themselves, some problems will arise and it is better to understand how to handle situations like that rather than avoiding and running away from them.

Time's Up Day dates

2024September 17Tuesday
2025September 17Wednesday
2026September 17Thursday
2027September 17Friday
2028September 17Sunday

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