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TueSep 17

National Pet Carbon Monoxide (CO) Safety Day – September 17, 2024

National Pet Carbon Monoxide (CO) Safety Day is a pet-focused day in North America that has been celebrated every year on September 17 since its start in 2020. The day was established so pet owners could learn about how dangerous carbon monoxide poisoning can be for their pets. Recent polls of pet owners in the U.S. and Canada showed that many pet owners don’t know what the signs of CO poisoning are or how dangerous it is. National Pet Carbon Monoxide (CO) Safety Day brings attention to how carbon monoxide poisoning can hurt our pets at home.

History of National Pet Carbon Monoxide (CO) Safety Day

Since they first learned to handle fire in the year 800,000 B.C., humans have had a complicated relationship with carbon monoxide. The first scientific examination into carbon monoxide poisoning from coal was conducted in 1716, even though Aristotle had already documented the deadly vapors produced when coals were burned. The makeup of the gas was determined through a series of studies until 1800 when scientist William Cruickshank classified it as a composite of carbon and oxygen.

While carbon monoxide was first recognized as a valuable reagent in the early 1900s, it has since gained a reputation as the most common form of air poisoning in a variety of countries. Carbon monoxide poisoning is a leading cause of emergency room visits in the U.S., according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Research has found that carbon monoxide poisoning kills animals at a rate twice that of humans. Mice and canaries, which have a very low tolerance for carbon monoxide, were used by miners in 1911 to detect harmful amounts of CO in the mine. Even though several ways to treat CO poisoning were developed in the 20th century, the fact that this gas is both colorless and odorless makes it hard to spot and has given it the nickname ‘silent killer.’

When Kidde, a renowned maker of residential smoke alarms and other safety devices, conducted a survey in the U.S. and Canada, it discovered that many pet owners were unaware of the dangers of carbon monoxide. This prompted the organization to develop a day to raise awareness about the hazards and devastating effects of CO on humans and animals.

National Pet Carbon Monoxide (CO) Safety Day timeline

The First Scientific Examination

Scientists conduct experiments to investigate carbon monoxide poisoning.

The Identification of a Fatal Gas

The composite elements of carbon monoxide are identified.

20th Century
The Animal Studies

Miners discover that animals have a lower tolerance for carbon monoxide.

The Survey Among Pet Owners

The Harris Poll conducts an online survey among over 1,000 pet owners in the U.S. and Canada.

National Pet Carbon Monoxide (CO) Safety Day FAQs

How long does it take to get carbon monoxide poisoning?

Signs of poisoning may appear within 1–2 hours if the carbon monoxide quantity in the air is substantially great. A high concentration of carbon monoxide can potentially kill an exposed person in 5 minutes.

What are the effects of carbon monoxide?

Headaches, lethargy, nausea, dizziness, confusion, and irritability are among symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning. Continued exposure can result in vomiting, loss of consciousness, brain damage, irregular heartbeats, breathing difficulties, muscle weakness, abortions, and even death.

Will opening a window help with carbon monoxide?

Yes, it will help. Open multiple windows to ensure optimum ventilation in your home.

How to Observe National Pet Carbon Monoxide (CO) Safety Day

  1. Install a carbon monoxide detector

    Get a carbon monoxide detector for your home. This way you don’t have to worry about accidental exposure and you can ensure that your family and pets stay safe.

  2. Learn about the dangers of this gas

    Educate yourself and your family about the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning and how to stay safe. Teaching children about these gases early also ensures the next generation has the chance to adopt healthier practices.

  3. Create awareness

    Spread the word on National Pet Carbon Monoxide (CO) Safety Day on social media. Use appropriate hashtags and share useful information to raise awareness of the dangers of indiscriminate gas use.

5 Interesting Facts About Gases

  1. Natural Gas was discovered in the Middle East

    Natural gas is considered to have been found between 6000 and 2000 B.C. in the Middle East when lightning strikes ignited natural gas oozing from the ground.

  2. China built the first gas pipelines

    The earliest pipes were constructed in China in approximately 500 B.C., and they were made of bamboo.

  3. Natural gas is both dry and wet

    While wet natural gas is favored in the manufacture of products and polymers, dry natural gas is widely used in heating and cooling systems.

  4. Natural gas is essential in numerous fields

    From vinyl flooring, carpets, and piping to Aspirin, artificial limbs, and heart valves to sunglasses, deodorants, and cell phones; natural gas is used in a wide range of common products.

  5. The largest gas reserve is in China

    China has nearly double the resources of the U.S. in terms of estimated recoverable shale gas resources.

Why National Pet Carbon Monoxide (CO) Safety Day is Important

  1. The day gives us an opportunity to raise awareness

    Every year, people and animals are injured or killed by carbon monoxide poisoning. With awareness of this potentially harmful gas, these incidents can be greatly reduced.

  2. It’s a day to check all your gas appliances

    What better day to have your furnaces and other gas-powered appliances serviced. Contact qualified professionals to come and determine the safety of your appliances.

  3. It’s a reminder to install gas detectors

    Carbon monoxide detectors can detect dangerous levels of this gas in your home. This would provide a warning before the gas harmful levels, and in effect save lives.

National Pet Carbon Monoxide (CO) Safety Day dates

2024September 17Tuesday
2025September 17Wednesday
2026September 17Thursday
2027September 17Friday
2028September 17Sunday

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