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September17–October 2

British Food Fortnight – September 17-October 2, 2024

British Food Fortnight, running from mid-September to early October, is a food festival like no other! This year, it takes place from September 17 to October 2. By promoting traditional dishes and produce, the festival is among the biggest celebrations in the United Kingdom. These days are a lot of fun and a lot of food, and in addition to that, it’s the perfect occasion for people to think about food, as this national celebration aims to market healthy fresh produce that eliminates several health issues caused by our diets. The event takes place at schools, restaurants, supermarkets, and households across the country.

History of British Food Fortnight

English food as we know it today evolved with time as several invaders and travelers passed by the land, including the Vikings, Romans, and the French. Spices such as saffron, mace, nutmeg, pepper, and ginger, for example, were introduced to the British world of cooking by the Franco-Normans. Other ones entered the kingdom coming from India, at the time it was invaded by the mighty British Empire.

The first edition of British Food Fortnight, on the other hand, has a narrative of its own. The festival started in 2001 after the land faced a farming crisis due to which people barely had anything to eat. To help revive rural communities with farmers, a Dorset-born called Alexia Robinson had the idea to introduce British Food Fortnight. The festival provided the opportunity for farmers to sell their produce, and brought life to some traditional dishes of the country. Hence, since the festival managed to serve several advantages, it is celebrated to this day with great passion.

Are you wondering how Robinson came up with such an idea? Well, she was inspired by the harvest festival, of course. That is why British Food Fortnight takes place around the time when farmers are churning out the most goods. The website ‘Love British Food’ also plays a great role in promoting the festival by posting interesting food recipes.

British Food Fortnight timeline

3700 B.C.
Munch On

Bread from mixed cereal grains is made in Britain.

1st Century A.D.
New Tastes

The Anglo-Saxons introduce bacon to Britain.

16th Century
Fresh Bird

The turkey is introduced to Britain.

18th and 19th Centuries
Sizzle It Up

Spicy curry sauces from India emerge in Britain.

British Food Fortnight FAQs

What are the traditional British foods?

The traditional foods include Shepherd’s pie, fish and chips, and Beef Wellington.

What is the U.K.'s favorite meal?

The roast dinner is considered the country’s favorite meal.

What food is London known for?

Amongst other dishes, London is known for its Full English Breakfast.

British Food Fortnight Activities

  1. Make some traditional dishes

    Keen on celebrating the event? Make some traditional dishes at home. It could include savory items, as well as dessert. Have the kids try the delicious flavor of tradition.

  2. Grow your own food

    Since the event is all about the importance of British produce, buy some seeds and grow your favorite fruit or vegetable. It can be a hobby that will last you a lifetime.

  3. Attend a festival near you

    To truly experience British Food Fortnight, attend a festival near you and enjoy British food in all its glory. You can also set up a stand at a festival and sell homemade food.

5 Facts About British Food

  1. Less transit, more nutrients

    You will be able to devour food full of nutrients and minerals.

  2. The livestock

    British livestock adheres to high-quality standards.

  3. Easy delivery

    The produce is sent directly from the farm to one's house.

  4. Lower carbon footprint

    British food uses less travel time to reach the residents.

  5. Damage caused by World Wars

    The wars used up all the goods and left a terrible impact on Britain's cooking history.

Why We Love British Food Fortnight

  1. It encourages people to buy food produced in Britain

    We love the day because it encourages people from across Britain to purchase freshly grown food, helping the economy in several ways.

  2. It reintroduces traditional dishes

    The event also introduces some unique British dishes that you may not be aware of anymore. For instance, several difficult desserts were made with great care in the Middle Ages.

  3. It has become a fun event

    British Food Fortnight has already become a fun event that gathers people from different regions across the country. They can munch their days away with some delicious fresh produce.

British Food Fortnight dates

2022September 17Saturday
2023September 16Saturday
2024September 17Tuesday
2025September 17Wednesday
2026September 17Thursday

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