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International Grenache Day
TueSep 17

International Grenache Day – September 17, 2024

September 17 celebrates International Grenache Day by bringing attention to the juicy fruit that allows us to enjoy the sweet yet spicy wine. Initially grown in the gardens of Spain, the grapes are also known as Garnacha. One of the most commonly used varieties, the red Garnacha and Garnacha Blanca, are making a comeback in Spain. This comeback is happening after the grape fell in popularity when other grape varieties, which were also easier to grow and had more yields, became more popular in the market. However, with the establishment of the International Grenache Day, the wine and the grape are slowly and steadily gaining popularity again. Because of its sweet taste with slightly spicy notes, many people also have Grenache as the first-ever wine in their life.

History of International Grenache Day

The first International Grenache Day was celebrated in 2010 by the Grenache Symposium, and it takes place on the third Friday of every September. There’s not much known about the organization, but research shows that every three years, the Grenache Symposium holds competitions and conferences to promote the wine and the grape. In today’s world, Garnacha is one of the most produced grapes, with its crops spanning six of the seven continents. It prefers to grow in hot and dry climates, and this fact makes Spain one of the most ideal places to help ripen the fruit. Spain is regarded as the origin country for Garnacha. In the late 1800s, Garnacha was already being grown in the Aragon region in Northern Spain. With the increase in imports and exports, the grape traveled to Catalonia, Corsica, Greece, and Italy. Many liked the resulting wine’s flavors, so they took the grape to other parts of the world like Asia, Australia, and America.

Because the Garnacha is very versatile in its flavors and chemistry, it is also mixed with other wines. The Grenache comes in three main varieties: white Grenache, red Grenache, and Grenache Noir. The grapes produce wine with a high alcohol percentage. A sip of Grenache is usually filled with some spiciness accompanied by sweet berry flavors. The sweet berry flavors are similar to the flavors of red berries like strawberry and raspberry. The spicy note has a white pepper likeness. Due to such a combination of flavors, Grenache wines go well with grilled meats. Grenache wines are also popular with people trying wines for the first time as they allow the consumers to ponder upon the taste without being too acidic or bitter. Said wine also oxidizes easily by turning dark to brown quickly. People have it mixed with other wines too, like Tempranillo and Syrah.

International Grenache Day timeline

12th–17th Centuries
Aragon Kingdom Expansion

The Aragon Crown expands its hold from Spain, where the major crops of Garnacha grow, to Italy, Sicily, and Croatia amongst a bunch of other places in the region.

18th–19th Centuries
Garnacha Going Out of Europe

The ever-increasing imports and exports of the region take the grape to America, North Africa, and Australia.

Mid-20th Century
Grenache Popularity Fell

With varieties of Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon being used more widely, Garnacha falls in popularity.

Early 21st Century
Vine Paintings to the Rescue

In an unexpected event, Garnacha grapes regain their popularity through vine paintings being produced in South Australia.

International Grenache Day FAQs

What kind of wine is Grenache?

Grenache falls into the category of red wines. The Garnacha grape, from which the wine is made, is mainly grown in Spain, America, and Australia. 

Is Grenache a heavy wine?

The Grenache wine is typically high in alcohol content. It is medium to full-bodied with flavors of strawberry, raspberry, and orange. It has balanced tannins and low-to-medium acidity. 

What is Grenache similar to?

Grenache’s sweet, earthy, and spicy flavors and aromas make it very similar to Syrah. 

How To Celebrate International Grenache Day

  1. Have an authentic Grenache

    Garnacha grapes are mixed with several types of wines in order to give them flavor and alcohol content. This practice often sidelines the authentic taste of the grapes, and this is why you should give a try to the real deal on September 17. Enjoy the sweet and spicy together, with or without food.

  2. Take a trip to Spain

    If you are a true wine lover, you will know the joy of visiting a vineyard to learn and experience the winemaking process from the beginning to the end. Book yourself a tour of the Garnacha vineyards located in Northern Spain. What better way to celebrate International Grenache Day than going to the wine’s point of origin?

  3. Host a Grenache party

    As we’ve already established, Grenache goes well with food. Plan a barbeque session with your friends and family, and just get ready to enjoy the savory flavors with sweet and spicy ones.

5 Facts About Garnacha That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. Known by many names

    Garnacha, Grenache, and Hairy Grenache refer to the same variety of grapes.

  2. Expensive and cheap

    Depending on where you are buying it, the cost of a bottle of Grenache will vary widely, from as high as $2000 in America to a mere $20 in Spain.

  3. The most amount of land

    When compared to other grapes, the Garnacha grape has the most amount of land to its name, most of which are situated in Northern Spain.

  4. One Grenache winery in America

    America’s Grenache winery in Tablas Creek is the sole producer of Grenache in the whole country.

  5. White version available

    If you want to have something new in the Grenache wine arena, you can try the white version made from Grenache Blanca.

Why We Love International Grenache Day

  1. It’s a celebration of Grenache wine

    Grenache wine has seen quite an amount of history in terms of kingdoms and business routes. Traveling from Spain to Europe to the rest of the world, the said wine has seen it all. It has also gone through phases of rising and falling in popularity. But it is remembered the most for its distinct flavors that liven up the atmosphere.

  2. It’s a celebration of Garnacha

    As we mentioned above, the Garnacha grapes enjoy the most land acreage in comparison to other grapes. This goes on to show its high demand in the market. The versatility it possesses allows it to lend its complexity and body to other wines (or even food if you are the adventurous type!).

  3. It’s a celebration of winery dedication

    Over the centuries, the wine industry has grown tremendously. After years of research and studies, wine flavors have been enhanced and perfected. Such research is not secluded to just the walls of a lab, but it also includes going out into the fields and seeing what type of weather, fertilizer, and seeds work the best to produce the highest quality yields.

International Grenache Day dates

2024September 17Tuesday
2025September 17Wednesday
2026September 17Thursday
2027September 17Friday
2028September 17Sunday

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