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National Table Shuffleboard Day – September 17, 2024

National Table Shuffleboard Day is marked on September 17 of every year across bars, game rooms, casinos, pubs, and hotels. Table shuffleboard is played by pushing pucks to opposite ends of the board while keeping score based on the scoring board. This day seeks to remind people of this simple yet enjoyable game and the historical significance surrounding it.

History of National Table Shuffleboard Day

National Table Shuffleboard Day was founded by the shuffleboard manufacturer Zieglerworld in 2017 in honor of the history of the game. Table shuffleboard as a sport is not linked to any known location or origin. The presence of the game has evolved and its development is the only historical fact about the game.

The earliest mention of the game in history is during the reign of Henry VIII of England where he banned commoners from partaking in the game due to its addiction, even though he himself played, but did not always win. In the book “Sports And Pastimes Of The People Of England,” shuffleboard is associated with a game the locals played by sliding a large coin down a table
The game is played using pucks, with two players. The players use their fingers to shoot the puck in order to score or prevent their opponent from scoring while also shooting properly so their own puck doesn’t fall into the alley or off the board. The scoring or point system is already drawn on the board, which gives players the ability to keep count of wins.

Today, the game strives to bring people together and can be played by people of all ages. The game is versatile and quite easy to understand for all. Table shuffleboard has grown exponentially to become available in bars, game rooms, and spaces that have invested in one form of shuffleboard or another.

National Table Shuffleboard Day timeline

The State vs. John Bishop

A judge in Pennsylvania declares it a game of skill.

Newspaper Publicity

Shuffleboard made its way across the country and gained as much newspaper recognition as prizefighting and baseball.

Superstars Want Them

Shuffleboard becomes a must-have item in almost every celebrity home.

Sponsored Tournaments

Tournaments were organized by major shuffleboard manufacturers across the globe.

National Table Shuffleboard Day FAQs

Is table shuffleboard only played at pubs?

Not everyone likes to go to bars or pubs and we understand that. Public places where the game can be played are hotels, casinos, and game rooms.

What is the difference between table shuffleboard and shuffleboard?

The only difference is in the table. Shuffleboard is played on the ground in an open field while table shuffleboard is usually indoors with a table made of refined wood.

Can I buy my own shuffleboard?

Absolutely! Although high-quality shuffleboards are a bit pricey due to the type of wood used in making them and also require space for installation. If both of these are not an issue for you, you can find a reliable table shuffleboard manufacturer online.

National Table Shuffleboard Day Activities

  1. Learn the game

    Go to your nearest bar and ask anyone you see playing to teach you how to play the game.

  2. Watch a tournament online

    Like any football game, watch a shuffleboard tournament online on your flatscreen. This will give you an understanding of the skill needed to play the game.

  3. Share the holiday online

    Support National Table Shuffleboard Day and share the holiday online tagging any players you know and shuffleboard manufacturers.

5 Facts About Shuffleboard Tables You Won’t Believe Are True!

  1. Taller than the tallest human

    Shuffleboard tables are usually within a nine to 22-foot range in length and are at least 20 inches in width.

  2. It is as flat as a pancake

    The tables are flat but some may have a slight convex condition, to add an extra challenge to the game

  3. Shuffleboard gat cheese

    To reduce friction, the table is sprinkled with tiny beads of silicone known as shuffleboard cheese.

  4. All cards on deck

    The scoring section of the game is located at the far ends of either side of the board.

  5. It can be made from anything

    Shuffleboard tables can be made from hard maple wood, rubberwood, poplar, or Chinese birch.

Why We Love National Table Shuffleboard Day

  1. We love an opportunity to be at the pub

    Chips, beer, football, and now shuffleboard? What’s not to love about National Table Shuffleboard Day when it gives us an opportunity to do the things we love.

  2. An opportunity to catch up with friends

    Where there is a table shuffleboard, there is bound to be a crowd. Get to hang out with your buddies without making any real plans, you all just show up because there’s a board, and it’s close to home.

  3. To maintain and recognize history

    As a people that value culture and history, we are bound to love most activities our ancestors engaged in. This day gives us the opportunity to keep tradition alive and also educate others on the game.

National Table Shuffleboard Day dates

2024September 17Tuesday
2025September 17Wednesday
2026September 17Thursday
2027September 17Friday
2028September 17Sunday

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