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NYC Kidney Walk – November 8-14, 2024

New York City Kidney Walk is celebrated from November 8 to November 14 every year. This event was introduced by National Kidney Foundation (NKF) in order to spread awareness about kidney disease and raise funds for those in need. The New York City Kidney Walk is an important initiative for kidney patients, their families, and healthcare professionals. It provides a source of assistance by offering real-time support. The Walk raises money through donations, with more than 80 cents of every dollar going to kidney disease research, patient treatment, professional service provider education, public health education, and community centers.

History of NYC Kidney Walk

In the year 1953, the first walkathon was organized in San Juan, Puerto Rico. It was arranged by Ramón Rivero, aka Diplo, a Puerto Rican actor, and comedian. He walked from San Juan to Ponce, covering a distance of 80 kilometers. The walk’s purpose was to raise money for the Puerto Rican League Against Cancer and it succeeded in raising $85,000 in just four days.

The first walkathon was held in the United States in 1968. It was funded by the American Freedom from Hunger Foundation. The event was known as the “International Walk for Development” and took place in Minnesota. Approximately 3,000 individuals walked for 33 miles.

On May 8, 1971, the world’s largest walkathon took place for the first time in the United States. More than 150,000 Americans turned out to demonstrate their support for the fight against hunger. There were several routes totaling over 2 million miles. The walkathon raised nearly $1.2 million, and other organizations began to use the concept for fundraising.

Since then, the number of walkathons held around the country has increased. According to the Running USA State of the Sport report from 2012, America had a record-breaking year with 26,370 events. Every single day, this equated to approximately 72 incidents. This demonstrated the growing popularity of walking/running activities as a means of generating funds. Running U.S.A. also calculated and reported that road races have been able to generate 1.2 billion dollars in fundraising for charities and NGOs in the year 2012.

NYC Kidney Walk timeline

The First Walkathon is Held

The first walkathon is organized by Ramón Rivero in San Juan, Puerto Rico, for cancer awareness.

The First U.S. Walkathon is Organised

Funded by the American Freedom from Hunger Foundation, the "International Walk for Development" is held in Minnesota.

May 8, 1971
The Largest National Walkathon

More than 150,000 Americans walk to fight hunger and generate over $1.2m in funds.

Walkathons at an All-Time High

According to the Running USA State of the Sport report, America records a historic high of 26,370 events in this year.

NYC Kidney Walk FAQs

What is the best drink for your kidneys?

Water is the best drink for your kidneys. It keeps your kidneys healthy so make sure to always stay hydrated.

Does exercise improve kidney function?

Yes, regular exercise is good for your kidneys. According to the National Kidney Foundation, “Exercise benefits those with kidney disease by improving muscle function, lowering blood pressure, lowering cholesterol, keeping a healthy body weight, and improving sleep.”

Is New York City Kidney Walk a public holiday?

No, it is not a public holiday. Schools and offices will not be closed, so you will have to plan out your time if you want to participate.

How to Observe NYC Kidney Walk

  1. Increase your own knowledge

    Try reading up on kidney-related diseases and how you can help people with kidney problems. You can find many articles online as well as books in the local library with plenty of useful information.

  2. Participate in the walkathon

    Walking is something that we all do on a daily basis, so why not do it for a good cause? This year, show your support by participating in the New York City Kidney Walk.

  3. Inspire others

    The more, the merrier. Start spreading the word about the New York City Kidney Walk on social media to encourage others to participate.

5 Facts About Walkathons

  1. Walkathons are good for your health

    A recent Harvard study reported that walking can decrease the risk of heart disease by 40%.

  2. The largest walkathon in the world

    The record for the world's largest walkathon was taken by the “Iglesia ni Cristo World Wide Walk” for those affected by ‘Typhoon Yolanda’ in the Philippines with over 175,000 participants.

  3. The first organization to provide fitness training

    In 1988, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society sent runners to major races in order to meet their fundraising goal due to which they provided fitness training for their runners.

  4. Walkathons inspire ‘The Martyrdom Effect’ in people

    Psychologists have observed this effect where people tend to place a high value on hard work and this makes them willing to donate more.

  5. Walkathons help you sleep better

    According to a recent study, people who walked frequently had better sleep quality and duration.

Why NYC Kidney Walk is Important

  1. To support a good cause

    This week is celebrated to spread awareness about kidney disease and help those in need. There are various ways to help out!

  2. Improves your mental wellbeing

    Walking not only keeps you physically fit, but it also keeps your mind healthy. Participating in this walk can help lift your spirits.

  3. To feel connected to one another

    A walkathon is a mass gathering of individuals who get together to make a difference. It contributes to a sense of belonging and community.

NYC Kidney Walk dates

2024November 8Friday
2025November 8Saturday
2026November 8Sunday
2027November 8Monday
2028November 8Wednesday

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