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SatNov 9

National Saddle Hunting Day – November 9, 2024

National Saddle Hunting Day is celebrated every second Saturday of November and this year it will be marked on November 9. It aims to call together every saddle hunter and give a toast to the rush of chasing deer while sitting on a tree saddle. The holiday creates a feeling of community and bonding. It is also loved by hunting enthusiasts, especially those new to the game. This day also provides an invaluable — somewhat rare opportunity to sit with experienced hunters and receive tips that will go a long way towards improving your hunting skills.

History of National Saddle Hunting Day

Though you may think that saddle hunting is new, it is not. The truth is that the hunting technique has been around for the past 30 years or more. However, it wasn’t until a few years back that saddle hunting began to be considered one of the hottest (and safest) deer hunting methods around. Its popularity has grown to a near cult-like level among mobile deer hunters across the country.

Saddle hunting is a technique of hunting deer from a high position using a hunting saddle — a swing/seat/sling that anchors to the tree via a tether rope. Essential tools for practicing this technique include a saddle, lineman’s belt, climbing equipment (sticks, steps, or ladders), a tether rope, and a platform to stand on once you’ve climbed to your desired hunting height. It’s very safe, extremely comfortable, and easy to learn. It also offers the hunter a 360˚ viewing angle, allowing greater hunting access. For these reasons, Trophyline, the creator of tree saddles, established National Saddle Hunting Day in 2020.

The holiday aims to make people aware of saddle hunting and increase the saddle hunting community. Saddle hunters take this opportunity to gather, share experiences and ideas, show off new accessories that may be needed when hunting, and eat great food. If you’re new to hunting, National Saddle Hunting Day may be an excellent opportunity to talk with experienced hunters and receive advice to improve your hunting skills.

National Saddle Hunting Day timeline

The Law Approves Hunting and Fishing

A law approves hunting and fishing as sports in the U.S.

The Law to Protect Fauna

A U.S. law establishes that hunting is illegal, except for hunts under a subsistence license.

The First Saddle Hunt

Hunters begin using the saddle hunting technique.

The National Saddle Hunting Day is Established

Trophyline, the creator of the tree saddle, founds National Saddle Hunting Day.

National Saddle Hunting Day FAQs

How do you climb a tree when saddle hunting?

Saddle hunters use a variety of “aiders” to help them extend their vertical reach.

What is the most comfortable saddle for hunting?

Trophyline appears to offer the best bang for your buck saddle kits.

What is the best tree saddle?

The Phantom Saddle is simply the best in class for single-panel saddles.

National Saddle Hunting Day Activities

  1. Join a hunting expedition

    You could try hunting for the first time on National Saddle Hunting Day. Contact an experienced hunter or purchase a saddle hunting course to start.

  2. Practice and join a saddle hunt

    If you’re an expert at deer hunting but haven’t tried saddle hunting before, then National Saddle Hunting Day is an excellent opportunity to experience the technique. Buy a saddle and start practicing.

  3. Attend a celebration

    National Saddle Hunting Day offers a chance to meet new people. Find a saddle hunting community near you and make some new friends.

5 Interesting Facts About Hunting

  1. There are several hunting gods

    Mixcoatl, Artemis, and Diana are gods of hunting.

  2. Hunting was only for aristocrats

    Peasants who tried to hunt without permission were either hunted down or punished.

  3. In France, hunting was illegal for peasants

    In 1515, hunting was made illegal for peasants in France.

  4. Hunts turned into spectacles

    When kings went on hunts, they brought their entire court to the hunting fields.

  5. Most hunters are baby boomers

    In the U.S., around a third of hunters are baby boomers.

Why We Love National Saddle Hunting Day

  1. It offers an opportunity to join a new community

    National Saddle Hunting Day provides a chance to join a new community, which comes with many benefits, such as free venison. Also, you’re in for a grand time.

  2. It allows us to try something new

    Hunting is not only for hunters. If you’re curious about saddle hunting (it’s one of the easiest deer hunting techniques), you can find a nearby hunting community and try the technique this holiday.

  3. It helps us share new experiences

    We love National Saddle Hunting Day because it allows us to share new experiences, meet fellow hunters, have fun, and enjoy juicy venison. It also lets us relax in good company.

National Saddle Hunting Day dates

2022November 12Saturday
2023November 11Saturday
2024November 9Saturday
2025November 8Saturday
2026November 14Saturday

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