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Talk Money Day – November 8, 2024

Talk Money Day is observed on November 8 every year. This day is designed to teach people to stop being afraid of talking about money. This is how the day is distinguished from Talk Money Week, which is also held in November to raise awareness.

It turns out that talking about money can be difficult, especially when it comes to financial worries. People are afraid, ashamed, and hesitant. And often they can’t admit it to themselves. However, conversations are important and can help them make better and less risky financial decisions, get help when faced with financial difficulties, and, most importantly, feel less anxious.

History of Talk Money Day

The invention of money occurred before the beginning of writing history. Thus, any story about the development of money is largely based on assumptions and logical conclusions.

Significant evidence confirms that ancient markets traded many things that could be described as a means of exchange. These included livestock and grain, that is, directly useful things. Even more so, beautiful items such as cowrie shells or beads were exchanged for more useful goods. However, such exchanges would be better described as barter, and the usual exchange of a commodity does not technically make that commodity “money” or “commodity money”.

The ancient origins of economic systems precede written history. Also, since ancient civilizations kept evolving at different rates and did not keep accurate records, or were unfortunate that their records were destroyed, it is impossible to trace the true origin of money. In addition, the historical evidence confirms the idea that money has acquired two forms and is divided into broad categories of settlement money — debit and credit in books, and money and material exchange; made of clay, leather, paper, etc.

It is very important to break down the barrier of talking about money. After all, talking openly about money is vital to our health, well-being, and relationships. Research shows that people who talk about money can make better and less risky financial decisions, have stronger personal relationships, help their children develop good money habits for life, and have better control over their financial situation. Promoting conversations about money in our daily lives helps us build financial confidence and resilience to withstand any event — it prepares us for the future. Because, if we are not ready for this, it will be difficult for us to cope when there is a strain on income or an event that will change one’s financial status.

Talk Money Day timeline

14th Century
Gold Minting

Europe moves from using silver as a currency to minting gold.

Risk of National Financial Catastrophe

The Bank of England is at risk of a national financial catastrophe because customers are demanding that their money be turned into gold in a time of crisis.

20th Century
Louis Bachelier’s Thesis

Qualitative theories of finance first begin with the thesis of Louis Bachelier.

Early 21st Century
The World Financial System

The world financial system begins to form.

Talk Money Day FAQs

What is National Financial Awareness Day?

National Financial Awareness Day is celebrated on August 14. This is a good reminder to make investing and savings seriously and correctly.

How can one live without money?

People who choose to live without money rely on an exchange system in exchange for their daily needs. It includes food, supplies, modes of transport, and many other things.

Who said money talks?

The idea of this idiom belongs to Euripides, who expressed it in the fifth century B.C.

How to Observe Talk Money Day

  1. Start a conversation

    Talk Money Day is a good opportunity to overcome your fears and dare to talk about money and finances. Discuss this topic with your parents, friends, or coworkers.

  2. Solve your money issues

    If you are constantly postponing money-related issues because it is difficult for you, this day is the best option to finally solve it. You can seek the advice of a specialist to get rid of any doubts.

  3. Spread words about the day

    Not many people know about Talk Money Day. Share the story on social media about this day, maybe someone is waiting for it.

5 Facts About Money That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. ‘Money’ has origins in Middle English

    From the Latin ‘Moneta,’ ‘mint’ or ‘money,’ originally the title of the goddess Juno, in whose temple in Rome money was minted.

  2. Pythius was the first registered banker

    Merchant banker from Asia Minor was the first registered banker.

  3. Traveler’s checks originated in 1118

    The Knights Templar used a system of checks to provide their pilgrims with travel funds.

  4. The origin of the symbol $

    In 1782, the U.S. considered choosing the Spanish peso as the country’s currency.

  5. Wooden bills were used temporarily in Washington

    It is because, at that time, there was a major shortage of cash, and wood was readily available.

Why Talk Money Day is Important

  1. It has a meaningful purpose

    It is difficult for people to dare to overcome their fears and complexes. So, sometimes they need a boost. Talk Money Day aims to free people from barriers to getting them talking about money.

  2. We support the initiative

    The people who founded this holiday are very concerned about people and their health. After all, talking about money affects not only wealth but also the psychological state of man. The initiative to help people with money is noble, and we support it.

  3. A day to learn about money

    On this day, people not only learn to talk openly about money but also find out a lot of useful information that they may need in the future. For example, how to properly plan finances and monitor and multiply them.

Talk Money Day dates

2024November 8Friday
2025November 8Saturday
2026November 8Sunday
2027November 8Monday
2028November 8Wednesday

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