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National Endometriosis Awareness Week – March 4-10, 2025

National Endometriosis Awareness Week is observed from March 4 to 10 every year in the U.S. The holiday helps to raise awareness about this condition that can be hidden and often unrecognized. Endometriosis is a disease that affects women when tissue similar to the lining of the womb grows on the outer part of the uterus instead of inside it. National Endometriosis Awareness Week helps to spread information about endometriosis as a debilitating, and disabling disease. It recognizes the consequences of living with endometriosis for the patient, care provider, and all those affected by the disease.

History of National Endometriosis Awareness Week

National Endometriosis Awareness Week takes place in March every year to help raise awareness about endometriosis, a disease that occurs when tissue that is similar to the lining of the womb grows in the abdominal cavity and is linked to the woman’s hormonal cycle. It remains within the body and is not removed like a period. Instead, it bleeds and forms adhesions, lesions, and blood-filled cysts. It is estimated that about one in 10 women is affected by endometriosis.

Symptoms include pain, like dysmenorrhoea, dyspareunia, and chronic pelvic or abdominal pain. Endometriosis is known to lead to infertility. The prevalence rate ranges from 25% to 40% for women with subfertility.

The Endometriosis Association was officially established in 1980 by Mary Lou Ballweg and Carolyn Keith. Ballweg alongside eight other women was responsible for founding the Endometriosis Awareness Week during their annual Endometriosis Association roundtable in Milwaukee in 1993. The organization eventually grew into one of the most successful organizations for endometriosis. During the observation, education, fundraising, and marches run worldwide. The Endometriosis Association provides free, worldwide distribution of popular yellow ribbons and brochures. It helps women understand that endometriosis is a greatly undiagnosed disease and it removes the taboo associated with women talking about their monthly period and physical health. It also improves the study of endometriosis in the medical profession.

National Endometriosis Awareness Week timeline

Women are Referred to Psychiatrists

Women are referred to psychiatrists when they present with pelvic pain with no clear cause.

Hysterectomies Become More Frequent

Hysterectomies and specific removal surgeries become more frequent and advanced.

The 1950s
Pelvic Exams Become Common

Pelvic exams become a common practice with the rising awareness of cervical cancer and the introduction of the pap smear.

The Hormonal Contraceptive Pill

Women with endometriosis become some of the earliest recipients of the hormonal contraceptive pill.

National Endometriosis Awareness Week FAQs

Is it easy to diagnose endometriosis?

Diagnosing endometriosis is not easy. For endometriosis to be diagnosed with certainty, surgery is used.

Are painful periods normal?

Experiencing severe period pain that cannot be relieved by pain relievers may be a sign of endometriosis.

Can endometriosis be managed?

Yes, it can. It is possible to manage endometriosis through medications, hormone therapy, and surgery.

How to Observe National Endometriosis Awareness Week

  1. Make a donation

    You can make a donation. Donate to an organization that helps with the research and treatment of endometriosis.

  2. Learn about endometriosis

    You can do some research to help you understand the disease better. It is always good to have information.

  3. Share the holiday

    You can share the holiday with people you know in person or online. It can help raise awareness of the disease.

5 Interesting Facts About Endometriosis

  1. It is a common ailment

    In the U.K., Endometriosis is the second most common gynecological condition.

  2. The diagnosis takes time

    It can take about eight years from the onset of symptoms to get a diagnosis.

  3. It is a costly disease

    Treatment, loss of work, and healthcare costs for endometriosis cost the U.K. economy about 10 billion dollars a year.

  4. There is no known cause

    The cause of endometriosis in most women is unknown.

  5. There is no cure

    There is currently no definite cure for endometriosis.

Why National Endometriosis Awareness Week is Important

  1. It helps people

    The efforts of the holiday provide help to people who have been affected by endometriosis. It helps to make sure that more women can get support when they need it.

  2. It provides treatment

    More people can get access to standard healthcare and treatment. The holiday helps to encourage women to get treatment.

  3. It raises awareness

    The holiday helps to keep people informed about endometriosis. It helps them make better decisions.

National Endometriosis Awareness Week dates

2025March 4Tuesday
2026March 4Wednesday
2027March 4Thursday
2028March 4Saturday
2029March 4Sunday

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