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Ida Day – March 4, 2025

Ida is a feminine given name that is popular in both Europe and North America. It is well-known in Scandinavia, where it is pronounced “Ee-da.” The name has an ancient Germanic derivation that means ‘industrious’ or ‘prosperous.’ It is derived from the Germanic word ‘id,’ which means ‘labor’ or ‘work.’ It might also be linked to the name of the Old Norse deity Inn. Ida is also an anagram of the Irish feminine given name Dé. The meaning of the name Ida in English is ‘diligent.’ A Greek legend also tells of the nymph Amaltheia who looked after Zeus as a baby on Mt. Ida.

History of Ida Day

Many vowel names popular a century ago are making a comeback, and Ida appears to be a logical successor to Ada and Ava.

Ida was rated “sweet as apple cider” a century ago and ranked 10th on the popular parade of names. Its fame was sparked by a poem by Alfred Tennyson, ‘The Princess,’ which features the character Princess Ida. The same poem was adapted by W.S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan into a comic opera.

Ida hasn’t been in the ‘Top 100’ names since the 1980s, but we believe it’s on its way back. It is currently extremely popular in Scandinavia and German-speaking countries, ranking in the top 100 in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany, and Austria, where it is pronounced “EE-da.” It appears as a male and female first name in English, but is used solely for females in Germany. It was popular among the Normans who brought it to England and is of continental Germanic heritage. Its origins are disputed; some believe it derives from ‘hild,’ which means ‘battle,’ or ‘strife,’ while others believe it derives from Old High German ‘idis’ (‘wise’) or from Old Norse ‘idh’ (‘work’ or ‘activity.’) It also has Japanese roots. It is a name based on an area (or a “habitational name.”) There is a district named Ida in Japan, and it translates to ‘’rice paddy beside the well.’ It can be written in Katakana in three ways and is mostly found in eastern Japan and the Ryukyu Islands.

Ida is a popular name in the Nordic nations right now, and it was one of the top 20 names given to girls born in Denmark in 2019. In 2013, it was one of the top 20 names for newborn girls in Norway, and one of the top 50 names for newborn girls in Sweden. In 2013, it was one of the top ten names for girls born to Swedish-speaking households in Finland. In 2013, the Finnish variation Iida was one of the top ten most common names given to newborn girls in Finland.

Ida Day timeline

Devoted to the Poor

Ida of Herzfeld is widowed by her husband, a Saxon duke, and she dedicates her life to the impoverished.

The First Lady of the United States

As the wife of President William McKinley, Ida Saxton McKinley serves as the first lady of the United States.

Hollywood’s Most Prolific Female Director

Ida Lupino is born, and she goes on to become one of the most prolific, influential, and revolutionary actresses and directors in Hollywood history.

The Pulitzer Prize Special Citations Award

Ida B. Wells receives the Pulitzer Prize for "excellent and daring reporting on the brutal and cruel violence against African Americans during the lynching era."

Ida Day FAQs

Is the name Ida biblical?

Ida is a baby girl name that is mostly used in the Christian religion, and its major origin is Germanic. ‘Prosperous’ is the meaning of the name Ida.

What does the Japanese word Ida mean?

It is a habitational name from Ida-mura in Musashi (now Tokyo and Saitama prefectures); it means ‘rice paddy beside the well.’

Ida is a name of what nationality?

The name has an old Germanic derivation that means ‘industrious’ or ‘prosperous,’ depending on the etymology. It comes from the Germanic root word ‘id,’ which means ‘effort’ or ‘labor.’

Ida Day Activities

  1. Celebrate with delectable goodies

    Ida is a short but sweet name. Celebrate it with similar treats that are sweet and come in small bite-size pieces, like cookies or cupcakes. You can make them yourself or order them from a baker so that you can have your name put on them. Have fun sharing these with family and friends!

  2. Take pride in your name

    The name of a person is the outcome of love and affection. This is the perfect day to embrace your love and be proud of your name, Ida. Take the chance to reach out to other people with the name Ida, regardless of whether it is their first name or surname.

  3. Ask your parents about it

    This is an excellent opportunity to ask them about your name. Ask them why they gave you the first name Ida, or if you have it as your last name, ask them about important moments in your family’s history.

5 Interesting Facts About The Name Ida

  1. The first record of Ida

    The name was first mentioned as a given name in Sweden in 1351, although it was not widely used until the 19th century.

  2. The greatest number of Ida families

    In 1920, the United States had the greatest number of Ida families.

  3. Laborer and teacher

    Laborers and teachers were the top reported employment for men and women called Ida in the United States in 1940.

  4. The life expectancy

    Between 1965 and 2004, the life expectancy of people named Ida in the United States was the lowest in 1968 and the greatest in 2001.

  5. It’s popular in Scandinavia

    The name is currently extremely popular in Scandinavia and German-speaking areas.

Why We Love Ida Day

  1. It lets us discover our ancestors

    National Ida Day is the ideal day to find or rediscover our roots, the significance of the name Ida, and to learn about our family's customs. Ida families have a long history, so looking into the past may help them learn something new.

  2. It brings families closer

    When a parent teaches a child the origins of their name, they become closer. They are linked by dialogue and thought. By teaching children what their name means, you can show them what you hope they will become, and hearing their name is a daily reminder of their own potential.

  3. It inspires a sense of pride

    Today, we commemorate the meaning of the name Ida. A meaningful name not only inspires people to live up to their name, but it also becomes a source of pride when they manage to prove that the name is well-deserved.

Ida Day dates

2025March 4Tuesday
2026March 4Wednesday
2027March 4Thursday
2028March 4Saturday
2029March 4Sunday

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