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TueMar 4

March Forth – March 4, 2025

March Forth is an annual unofficial holiday celebrated on March 4 to encourage everyone to work towards achieving their dreams. It aims to provide an opportunity for people to take calculated risks towards achieving their goals and developing themselves. It is a special day to take a stand against procrastination or the faux reasons that tend to creep into our heads and discourage us from even trying. The name was made up as a homophone of the day ‘March Fourth.’ It is also the shortened version of the full name — ‘March Forth and Do Something Day.’ 

History of March Forth

March Forth was born out of the numerous stories of people giving up on their goals due to procrastination and sheer lack of motivation. It encourages support for anyone who may need a little nudge to help kickstart and go full steam on their goals. The holiday is observed for the same reason its name alludes to, marching forth, and it is one of the few unofficial holidays that serve an important purpose of helping to guide our path. 

One interesting thing and perhaps an unintended consequence of the date of the holiday is that it comes off the back of some significant holidays celebrated in the months prior to March Forth Day, including Martin Luther King Jr. Day, which is in January, and February’s Black History Month. This is perhaps why some believe the day is an opportune time for Americans to “march forth” towards unity and reflect on the dark history of early human rights struggles to avoid reliving it. To these people, March Forth is a Christian holiday that invites the American populace to begin anew and make an effort to open their hearts and minds to the common goal of unity and the work of racial reconciliation through the love of God. 

However, the central purpose of the holiday is for people to make a special effort to improve their lives and “March Forth” toward their dreams and highest aspirations, taking calculated risks, and making the necessary sacrifices. 

March Forth timeline

A Book Named After It

Marci A. Schmitt’s book of the same name, about how she faced her cancer diagnosis struggles, is published.

Another “March Forth” Book

The book details Canadian Forces journalist and reservist Trevor Greene’s survival and recovery, with the help and support of his wife, Debbie, from a severe brain injury he got during his deployment in Afghanistan.

“The Observer” Article

Matthew Kassel writes about March Forth Day on a popular online news website.

The “wikiHow” Article

“WikiHow” updates a comprehensive article on the holiday and how to celebrate it.

March Forth FAQs

What date is also a sentence?

March 4, when spelled out as March Fo(u)rth, is the only date that is also a command, or at least sounds like it. March Fourth commands us to ‘march forth.’ The date is also National Grammar Day, sometimes called Sentence Day, and is informally regarded as the only date that can be used as a full sentence.

What is the meaning of march forward?

‘March forward’ is a verb that means to walk with regular steps, usually in a procession or military formation, or to make a person or group of people do so.

What does March mean?

‘March’ was named after Mars who the Ancient Romans regarded as the god of war because it was the month they would usually resume the military campaigns interrupted by winter. It was originally called ‘Martius,’ and was the first month of the Roman year.

March Forth Activities

  1. Plan out your goals

    The goal of March Forth is to encourage people to achieve their goals. Start by planning out your future and breaking ambitious goals into smaller, achievable stepping stones. Try using a vision board to push yourself to work on them every day going forward.

  2. Volunteer in your community

    Volunteer with organizations working to help others achieve their goals or towards a common goal like the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals. Contribute to our shared humanity and commit to the service of helping people actualize their dreams.

  3. Invite people on social media

    Share your photos, videos, and thoughts about the holiday on social media to spread awareness for the day. Be sure to share how you’re working on your own goals using #MarchForth #DoSomethingDay.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About March Forth

  1. It’s not an actual holiday

    The holiday represents one of few unofficial and made-up holidays available in a calendar year.

  2. March Forth is also the shortened

    March Forth is the shortened version of the full name of the holiday, which is March Forth and Do Something Day.

  3. It rhymes with the March 4 date

    The name of the day is the homophone of the word ‘fourth.’

  4. March Forth and Black History Month

    The holiday was specifically made to be observed just after Black History Month.

  5. It’s meant to deal with procrastination

    March Forth was specially created to help people overcome procrastination.

Why We Love March Forth

  1. It helps us overcome procrastination

    The importance of having a day dedicated to getting over procrastination, which holds us back from our goals, cannot be overestimated. March Forth is that day! The holiday was made to help us kickstart and work towards significant milestones in the achievement of our aspirations. In other words, it helps us overcome procrastination.

  2. It encourages self-motivation

    Motivation can be a hard thing to find most days. March Forth is a specific day in the year that was created to help us stay accountable to ourselves about the progress we have made towards achieving our goals. It makes sure there’s a reason for us to convince our sometimes tired minds to work even harder at attaining our goals.

  3. To ease into the coming months

    March Forth is typically observed after some really important events from the previous months. It is believed that the holiday was created to ease from the spirit of honoring and celebrating others to focusing on bettering ourselves.

March Forth dates

2025March 4Tuesday
2026March 4Wednesday
2027March 4Thursday
2028March 4Saturday
2029March 4Sunday

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