Awkward Moments Day – March 18, 2020

Wed Mar 18

Remember that time you enthusiastically waved at your friend, but soon realized that they were a complete stranger? What about the time when that incy-wincy pebble tripped you in front of all of your classmates? No, not ringing any bells? Well for the rest of us that have experienced more awkward moments than we’d like to admit – March 18 is for you –– Awkward Moments Day.

Awkward Moments Day timeline

February 2017

"La La Land" DOESN'T Win Best Picture

And Steve Harvey thought he was the only one...

December 2015

Steve Harvey & Miss Universe

This infamous moment is still so fresh, you probably cringe just thinking about it. Nevertheless, here's the proof it happened:

July 2011

That Time A Jet Pack Almost Worked

Everyone in the world is holding their breath for a real jet pack. This guy forced everyone to hold their breathe a little longer!

September 2009

Kanye Steals Taylor Swift's Moment

Kanye & T-Swift's awkward moment can be relived here:

May 2006

Guy Goma Gets Interviews

Guy Goma showed up at BBC for a job interview, but a mixup had him on the evening news:

October 2004

Ashlee Simpson Gets Caught Lip Syncing

Ashlee's infamous TV gaffe can be seen here:

Awkward Moments Day Activities

  1. Embrace your awkwardness

    The universe has a funny way of reminding us that we shouldn't take life as seriously as we do. None of us are perfect and every now and then we all forget to push the door instead of pulling it before we walk into a store. Take this time to embrace your awkwardness. Live on the edge a bit and do what makes you happy. Even if that means dipping a french fry into your chocolate shake.

  2. Call a friend and reflect on an awkward you had together

    Take a look at your call log. Who have you talked to recently? Your spouse, friends, parents or coworkers maybe? Give them a ring a bring up something from the past. Share a laugh over an awkward experience you shared together. It'll be fun, we promise.

  3. Stop taking yourself so seriously

    Face it. You're in your thirties and you still listen to boy bands from the nineties. We get it, and we aren't judging. Do something out of the ordinary and listen to a playlist from the good old days with your coworkers. You'd be surprised, they might be holding on to those nostalgic memories as well.

Why We Love Awkward Moments Day

  1. Because we all have weird moments

    You and I both do strange things and you know it! it doesn't matter what you wrote about yourself in your Instagram biography section, you've been in these situations too buddy.

  2. Silence

    You may find this hard to believe, but the writers at National Today weren't always known as all-star comedians. There a was a time when our jokes fell flat too (three times a week at least). We feel your pain and today is the day to be proud of our classic jokes that no one laughed at.

  3. It makes us happy

    We make mistakes no matter how much we try to avoid them. We spill coffee on ourselves as we rush out the front door to get to work on time. We leave our zippers open on occasion. Etc, etc. Stuff happens, but it's what makes us human. And it is naturally entertaining.

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