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TueMar 18

Transit Driver Appreciation Day – March 18, 2025

Transit Driver Appreciation Day, celebrated every March 18, is the time of year when you can thank and appreciate your transit driver for doing their job well. You may not realize it, but transit drivers make a great contribution to the community. They ensure the safety of transit travelers, keep a track of the stops, and bear the responsibility of dropping passengers off at the right location. Moreover, transit drivers put aside their comfort to make sure the passengers reach their destination on time. Can you imagine a world without them? Without transit drivers, we would never be able to reach the correct destination on time. Take this opportunity to show them just how grateful you are.

History of Transit Driver Appreciation Day

While transit drivers have existed for decades, the day to honor them was not created until much later. This turnover in history occurred in 2009 after Hans Gerwitz and Shannon E. Thomas published a blog post regarding Bus Driver Appreciation Day. Once the concept was pushed on a media platform, the idea simply caught on and was promoted by local transit-oriented blogs in Seattle, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. A few years later in 2013, was created in Portland to encourage the day. The very next year, the idea further evolved and the website also added rail operators to the list. Therefore, the name of the day was changed to Transit Driver Appreciation Day.

March 18 is the day chosen because the first bus line, ‘Carrosses à cinq sols,’ was launched on this day in 1662. This was the first form of public transport in the world that became functional in Paris. But the idea of public transport is centuries old. For instance, back in 4000 B.C., people traveled in wooden boats to trade. By the 16th century, boats were replaced by sailing ships to cover large distances across the world. These journeys were made easier in 1807, after the invention of steamboats and motor-powered ships.

Furthermore, the industrial revolution led to the development of other modes of trading goods such as the motorway and advanced transport forms. These were later used in public transit.

Transit Driver Appreciation Day timeline

Initial Travel

A horse-drawn public bus is invented.

On the Rails

The first underground railway is formed in London.

The New Style

The double-decker bus is launched in London.

Like a Bullet

The first bullet train is introduced in Japan.

Transit Driver Appreciation Day FAQs

What does a transit driver do?

Transit bus drivers are assigned to transport passengers across routes.

What do you think is the most important responsibility of a transit operator?

It is necessary for transit operators to be clear in oral communication.

What skills should a driver have?

A driver should possess the skills of steering the vehicle and putting on the brakes smoothly. they should also have a solid knowledge of road signs and rules.

Transit Driver Appreciation Day Activities

  1. Thank a transit drive

    To celebrate the day, thank your transit driver. You can say thank you either verbally, with flowers, a cup of coffee, or a card.

  2. Create awareness on social media

    Many people might not be aware that such a day as this even exists. So, take photos with your transit drivers and post them for the world to see.

  3. Design badges for transit drivers

    To do something special, design Transit Driver Appreciation Day badges and distribute them among transit drivers. Doing this shows that you care and identify with the efforts and sacrifices of transit drivers.

5 Facts About Transit That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. The largest bus in the world

    It can hold 300 people.

  2. For the world

    Public transport reduces carbon footprints.

  3. People traveling in the air

    At any one time, just in the U.S. alone, 60,000 people are in the air.

  4. Trends in other parts of the world

    People in some countries still use animals to travel.

  5. Full form of the word ‘bus’

    The original word is Omnibus.

Why We Love Transit Driver Appreciation Day

  1. It offers encouragement

    The day is appreciated and loved because it offers encouragement to transit drivers who dedicate their lives to ensuring people reach their required destinations on time. These professionals rarely ever get appreciated for their work.

  2. It makes the transit drivers feel good

    This day allows drivers to feel good about and proud of their jobs. People on this day show drivers how grateful they are.

  3. It boosts confidence

    The day helps in boosting the confidence of those who are employed as bus drivers. It also motivates the interests of people planning to embark on that career path.

Transit Driver Appreciation Day dates

2025March 18Tuesday
2026March 18Wednesday
2027March 18Thursday
2028March 18Saturday
2029March 18Sunday

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