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English Tourism Week – March 18-27, 2025

English Tourism Week is celebrated from March 18 to 27. English Tourism Week is an annual celebration of English tourism. It showcases the importance, value, and vast contribution of the tourism industry to the U.K. economy, government, and shareholders.

History of English Tourism Week

In 1970, the Statutes for the observance of World Tourism Day on September 27 was adopted by the United Nations World Tourism Organization (U.N.W.T.O.). The adoption of these Statutes is considered a milestone in global tourism. The objective of this day is to raise awareness of the role of tourism within the international community and to show how it affects social, cultural, political, and economic values worldwide.

In 2017, the theme of the day was ‘Sustainable Tourism.’ In 2018, the theme was ‘Tourism and the Digital Transformation.’ In 2019, the theme was ‘Tourism and Jobs: a Better Future For All’ and in 2020, the theme was ‘Tourism and Rural Development.’ The 2021 theme was ‘Tourism for Inclusive Growth.’

At its 12th Session in Istanbul in October 1997, the U.N.W.T.O. General Assembly resolved to nominate a host country each year to function as the organization’s partner in the celebration of World Tourism Day. However, at its 15th Session in Beijing, China, in October 2003, the Assembly agreed that World Tourism Day festivities will be held in the following geographic order: Europe in 2006, South Asia in 2007, the Americas in 2008, Africa in 2009, and the Middle East in 2011.

In 2009, the late Ignatius Amaduwa Atigbi, a Nigerian national, was recognized for proposing the idea of marking September 27 of every year as World Tourism Day. Blue is the official color of World Tourism Day.

English Tourism Week timeline

U.N.W.T.O. Designates a Host Country

At its 12th Session in Istanbul, Turkey, the U.N.W.T.O. General Assembly designates a host country each year to act as the organization's partner in the celebration of World Tourism Day.

The U.N.W.T.O. Declares World Tourism Day

The United Nations World Tourism Organization marks September 27 as the day for celebrating world tourism.

World Tourism Day Geographic Order

At its 15th Session in Beijing, China, the Assembly decides to follow a geographic order for World Tourism Day celebrations.

Ignatius Amaduwa Atigbi is Recognized

The U.N.W.T.O. recognizes Ignatius Amaduwa Atigbi, a Nigerian national, as the person who proposed the idea of marking September 27 of every year as World Tourism Day.

English Tourism Week FAQs

What can you do to support the week?

You can make Facebook posts or Tweet using the #NationalTourismWeek hashtag. You can also share Instagram stories or make videos.

Why has tourism risen in the United Kingdom?

People are given more paid vacation days. Travel has become more convenient and affordable. There are more automobiles on the road, and our roads and highways are of higher quality, making it easier to drive further in less time.

What is National Tourist Board England?

VisitEngland (V.E.) is the national tourist board for England. It is responsible for marketing England to domestic and established overseas markets and for improving England’s tourism products.

English Tourism Week Activities

  1. Use the week as an opportunity to build connections

    Use English Tourism Week as an opportunity to build connections with your local destination management organization. Get in touch to see what they’re doing to support English Tourism Week. This could be putting out a press release to round up local English Tourism Week events.

  2. Nominate your favorite person for ‘Tourism Superstar’

    The finalists are featured by “The Mirror” and other local media. There are several awards to be won and other valuable benefits in the program.

  3. Plan an offer or event to support

    Your event doesn’t have to match the English Tourism Week theme. You can amplify your reach and engage more audiences by joining the English Tourism Week marketing campaign.

5 Flying Facts About Tourism

  1. 80% of the U.K.’s Economy

    Making up 80% of the U.K.’s visitor economy, English tourism in 2019 generated over £100 billion and supported 2.6 million jobs.

  2. Tourism generates over £106 billion every year

    Tourism is one of England’s largest industries, usually generating more than £106 billion a year for the English economy.

  3. VisitEngland has over 27,000 member businesses

    More than 27,000 businesses across England have signed up to VisitEngland’s ‘We’re Good To Go’ industry standard and consumer mark.

  4. World Tourism Day has a geographic order

    At its 15th Session in Beijing, China, in October 2003, the U.N.W.T.O. Assembly created a geographic order for the celebration of World Tourism Day.

  5. The Prince of Wales is the patron

    His Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales is English Tourism Week’s patron, and the event is managed by VisitEngland and the E.T.W. Executive Committee.

Why We Love English Tourism Week

  1. It encourages local visitor attractions

    English Tourism Week features ‘The Big Weekend’ event, which encourages local visitor attractions to offer free tickets to residents. The goal is to turn locals into better-informed ambassadors for their county, meaning they can recommend great things to see and do to visiting friends and family.

  2. It features the annual Tourism Superstar competition

    The annual Tourism Superstar competition is held in partnership with “The Mirror” newspaper. It helps showcase the amazing people who work on tourism’s frontline. Every year, 10 finalists compete to be crowned the ‘Tourism Superstar.’

  3. It features event listings

    To mark English Tourism Week, every year, VisitEngland dedicates a section of its website to the many B2C and B2B events and offers held by tourism businesses across the country. These include anything from money offers, free cups of tea, and one-off-themed guided tours.

English Tourism Week dates

2025March 18Tuesday
2026March 18Wednesday
2027March 18Thursday
2028March 18Saturday
2029March 18Sunday

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