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Global Recycling Day
TueMar 18

Global Recycling Day – March 18, 2025

Global Recycling Day, celebrated on March 18 every year, is a recycling initiative that encourages us to look at our trash in a new light. There are several ways to recycle that allow some materials to be reused multiple times. Recycling is great for us and the environment because it lessens the energy we use, enhances the quality of water and air we breathe, and combats climate change.

It also reduces using new raw materials to create new products — saving money and natural resources. Newspapers, plastic water bottles, soda cans, cereal boxes, and milk cartons are some of the common everyday recyclable items. If we put effort into recycling items that we usually throw away, we can impact the earth and our lives in a more profound way.

History of Global Recycling Day

Since becoming an U.N.-recognized day in 2018, millions and millions of people and businesses have joined hands to boost awareness about recycling through the Global Recycling Day initiatives. It’s almost impossible to miss the hundreds, if not thousands, of reports on the media about global warming, the negative results of our bad habits on the planet, and pockets.
Annual reports estimate that the earth might not live to see the next decade if we don’t curb our litter. Natural resources are threatened as pollution closes in on climate change as well. The last decade has seen the most extreme temperatures in history, which causes not only natural devastation but an economical one as well.

It is no secret that we need to make significant changes to save our planet and lives. This is precisely why Global Recycling Day was created in 2018. The holiday emphasizes the importance of recycling and conservation by educating the world about the status of our essential resources. The Global Recycling Foundation sets out the clear goals of Global Recycling Day.
The foundation communicates directly with world leaders to combat the issue as a global team. Approximately 700 million tons in CO2 emissions were saved by recycling this year. This is set to increase to one billion tons by the year 2030. Many other people, organizations, and governments are directly endorsing the global green agenda, which facilitates higher recyclable numbers.

We have the power to make lasting changes to combat this, and with recycling being recognized in the U.N.’s Sustainable Development Goals 2030. The Global Recycling Foundation is pleased to announce the theme of Global Recycling Day 2021 as #RecyclingHeroes. The theme and hashtag movement will help environmentally conscious people, places, groups to become more recognized, helping them have a more substantial influence on greener future initiatives.

Global Recycling Day timeline

Global Recycling Day Begins

Global Recycling Day is officially recognized by the United Nations.

Greta Thunberg’s Nobel Peace Prize Nomination

Thunberg, a Swedish climate activist, is nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

The Third Global Recycling Day

The third annual Global Recycling Day takes place successfully.

A Billion Tons of CO2 Emissions Saved

The recycling industry is projected to save approximately a billion tons of CO2 emissions by 2030.

Global Recycling Day FAQs

Can recycling save energy?

Yes, it can! It is a major energy saver. For example, the Steel Recycling Institute acknowledged that steel recycling saves sufficient energy to electrically power an equivalent of 18 million homes for a whole year.

How much energy is saved by recycling newsprint?

One ton of recycled newsprint saves 601 Kwh of energy, about 71 gallons of oil, 7,000 gallons of water, 10.2 million B.T.U.’s of energy, saving approximately 60 pounds of air pollutants from being released, and 4.6 cubic yards of landfill space.

Can wood be recycled?

Yes. Wood is the most recyclable material on the planet. It can be reused as building material, made into mulch for landscaping, or pulp for papermaking. Many people also reuse wood as fuel. Recycling and reusing wood lessens the need to cut down trees.

How To Observe Global Recycling Day

  1. Recycle

    Are you recycling? It is one way to save our planet. Recycling helps reduce energy usage, the consumption of fresh raw materials, air/water pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions. What are you waiting for?

  2. Enlighten others on recycling

    Teaching others about recycling and its benefits can be fun regardless of age. People seem to listen when you talk about money, and recycling can save you, your neighbor, or someone else money. So add that part when creating awareness.

  3. Show gratitude to those who recycle

    Use social media to shout out to everyone who helps in recycling and popularizing recycling as a major activity in their lives. Recycling measures should be part of our daily lives, and the individuals who take them seriously deserve accolades. So do give them awards, rewards, or even a pat on their back and a good word, if you can.

5 Awesome Facts About Recycling

  1. The world’s most recycled item

    Over 50% of the aluminum cans produced are recycled.

  2. U.K. households use lots of cans

    Each household in the U.K. uses approximately 600 steel cans a year.

  3. Glass can be recycled continuously

    Glass can be recycled continuously without losing its integrity or altering its quality.

  4. Papers are reborn in a week

    It could take just seven days for old magazines and newspapers to be recycled into new ones.

  5. Trees are dying

    For every ton of recycled newspaper, 17 trees are saved.

Why We Observe Global Recycling Day

  1. It prevents pollution

    Recycling prevents pollution. It lessens greenhouse gas emissions and water pollutants, saving energy, and reducing the number of air pollution prompted by burning fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and natural gas, which greatly contributes to the largest amount of energy produced.

  2. Recycling saves money

    We could save money through recycling by saving things that can easily be reused. This includes disposable containers, soap, clothing, bags, and even furniture. Using any of the following techniques, you could save you or a friend money, and you'll need to buy fewer new items.

  3. Recycling can be lots of fun

    We can have fun and enjoy this day by creating recreational activities with friends and family. Or sorting out recyclables as a fun activity for the kids — decorating bins and playing games of finding hidden recyclable items and placing them in the containers marked for it is part of fun activities for kids.

Global Recycling Day dates

2025March 18Tuesday
2026March 18Wednesday
2027March 18Thursday
2028March 18Saturday
2029March 18Sunday

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