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Toy Soldier Day – March 4, 2023

Toy Soldier Day is an annual event that occurs on March 4 to celebrate the day that “Toy Soldiers Unite”, originally the fan club of  Dr. Steel — a Los Angeles-based music and street performance artist, was formed in 2006. The holiday is intended to unite fans of various role-playing activities as opposed to collecting or displaying plastic toy soldiers. Although Toy Soldier Day is not as famous as holidays like Christmas or Halloween, numerous fans of Dr. Steel celebrate the day every year. 

History of Toy Soldier Day

Every year on March 4,  “Toy Soldiers”, the fan club of  Doctor Waldolf Steel — a Los Angeles-based music and street performance artist that all have the designation of Nurses & Medics, Scouts, and Engineers, gather the world over to celebrate the day that “Toy Soldiers Unite” was formed. In one of the publications on its website, the organization noted that “although much has changed since “Toy Soldiers Unite” was formed, one thing that remains unchanged is Toy Soldier Day and the commitment of its soldiers to impactful social missions”. 

The organization, founded as Dr. Steels fans club, created the holiday to unite fans of various role-playing activities and to collaborate, compare and share ideas. Although faux, the holiday is sometimes believed to be a time to gather up all your miniature figurine soldiers for the fictitious war. The founder and convener of Toy Soldiers Unite, Dr.Steel, started his career as a street performer and musician who became famous during the early days of the web. His performances involve a combination of puppetry and video projections to help his audience better understand the meanings behind his steampunk songs. 

His stage persona, fans have noted, is an original portrayal of a mad scientist determined to take over the world and become its Emperor, which was the reason why he needed the “Army of Toy Soldiers” and ultimately why we now observe Toy Soldier Day. Dr. Steel’s “Army of Toy Soldiers” is made up of four regiments: toy soldiers, nurses, toy scouts, and engineers whose mission is to promote Dr. Steel’s philosophy of transhumanism, freedom of thought, and subjective reality. Done through what it calls “invasions”, which is simply doing charity work and toy drives for the less fortunate in uniform. 


Toy Soldier Day timeline

Dr. Steel Performs Publicly

Dr. Steel, the principal convener and one-time subject of the Toy Soldier Day celebration, begins his career with a public performance on the streets of Los Angeles.

The Army of Toy Soldiers’ Website

The website for Toy Soldier Day’s founding organization, Toy Soldiers Unite, is created by its head of the fan club, Kate Lambert.

Dr. Steel Retire

Dr. Steel retires after a long silent period — however, his retirement is officially confirmed in a letter to the current head of the Army of Toy Soldiers the following year.

The Focus Switches To Promoting His Philosophy

The focus of Toy Soldier Day shifts from promoting Dr. Steel himself to promoting the philosophy he presented.


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