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WedMar 26

Little Red Wagon Day – March 26, 2025

Little Red Wagon Day on every last Wednesday in March, on March 26 this year, is a token of appreciation for those cheerful, airy rides in a little red car pulled by moms or dads on a summer afternoon. If you’ve sailed in a red wagon on Independence Day parades or were pushed in a toy red van in your childhood, it’s time to relive those memories and make some more.

History of Little Red Wagon Day

The little red wagon is a vivid part of every childhood. Bright, small, and pushed by an adult, the time spent riding in a red wagon is unforgettable. Little Red Wagon Day was founded by the parent company of the red wagon, Radio Flyer, to honor 100 years of manufacturing one of the most popular and favorite toys for kiddos.

The history of the little wagon dates back to 1917, which is way before the company was even named Radio Flyer. Antonio Pasin, the founder of Radio Flyer, was a carpenter who made phonograph cabinets and used a small wagon to store his tools. Catching the eyes of many, people were intrigued by the little wagon. The increasing demand for the small cart originally used as a toolbox led Pasin to begin manufacturing the wagons. The first name of Pasin’s newfound company in 1923 was the Liberty Coaster Company. Picking up the pace, it was renamed Radio Steel & Manufacturing in 1930 with its advanced version of steel stamped wagons and finally settled on Radio Flyer a few years later.

The booming popularity of the little red wagon increased after the Chicago World’s Fair in 1933, where Pasin built a 45-feet tall statue of a boy riding the red wagon. Known as the world’s largest red wagon, Radio Flyer used it to celebrate their 80th- and then their 100th anniversary to pay tribute to the only outdoor toy that’s been passed down to generations. The little red wagon has since brought smiles, fostered imaginations, and had a healthy, positive impact on little kids. On every last Wednesday in March, we rekindle fond memories and celebrate the classic American toy.

Little Red Wagon Day timeline

Birth of the Wagon

Antonio Pasin, the founder of Radio Flyer, loves to tinker and creates a wooden wagon that becomes an instant success.

Chicago World’s Fair and Liberty Coaster Boy

Antonio Pasin takes on debt to construct the largest wagon for the Chicago World’s Fair where he sells miniature versions for 25 cents.

Radio Flyer Takes Flight

The company, formerly named Radio Steel, changes its name to Radio Flyer to make a brand out of its flagship product, the little red wagon.

Named as Best Small Business

“Fortune” names Radio Flyer number one amongst the top 25 best small businesses to work for.

Little Red Wagon Day FAQs

When is the Little Red Wagon Day?

It is celebrated every last Wednesday in March for a fun-filled, bright mid-week.

Who founded the Little Red Wagon Day?

The holiday was founded on the 100th anniversary of the company, Radio Flyer, which is best known for its red wagons since 1917.

Is Little Red Wagon Day a real holiday?

You won’t get a day off at work but you can always come home early to spend time riding with your kids in the little red wagon.

How To Celebrate Little Red Wagon Day

  1. Bring your red wagons out!

    No matter if you’ve passed down your red wagon to your child as an heirloom or have it parked in storage, get it out and head out into the neighborhood. Let your friends around the block know it’s Little Red Wagon Day and get them to do the same as you all bring your little ones sailing through the parks and streets!

  2. Watch movies featuring little red wagons

    There are many films and television series that have featured the famous little red wagon or the Radio Flyer company. There’s even a docudrama named “Little Red Wagon.” Gather your family and cozy up while watching one of these movies with a bag of popcorn.

  3. Post a picture with a little red wagon

    Besides encouraging your kids to ride the wagon on this day, hop on the seat and click a snap of yourself to upload on your social media accounts with one silly memory you remember as a child. Spread love and smiles using the hashtag #LittleRedWagonDay.

5 Facts About Radio Flyer That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. Little Red Wagons sold originally for $3!

    In the 1930s, the $100-worth steel red wagon nowadays was sold at only $3.

  2. Radio Flyer inspired by radio and airplanes

    The name of the company was a result of the founder’s fascination with two inventions, radio signal and flight, which were invented around the same time the company came into being.

  3. It’s included in the National Toy Hall of Fame

    In 1999, the National Toy Hall of Fame inducted the red wagons of Radio Flyer into its collection alongside its other original inductees including Barbie, roller skates, and teddy bears.

  4. It’s a phenomenal success

    The company has sold over 100 million wagons and has made more than 100 award-winning products that are enjoyed across 25 countries.

  5. It has made the world’s largest toy wagon

    The larger-than-life sculpture of the toy wagon was built for the company’s 80th celebration and was named the world’s largest toy wagon by the Guinness World Records in 2019.

Why We Love Little Red Wagon Day

  1. It’s the most enduring outdoor toy

    The little red wagon has been around for 100 years and hasn’t lost its charm. Treasured like a family heirloom, it has remained the favorite outdoor toy for kids of all generations.

  2. It fueled our wildest imaginations

    The little red wagon is not just a toy; it encapsulates many stories of childhood adventures, sparking imaginations, and inspiring active play. From being a rocket ship flying to the moon and a race car, to a wagon in the Wild West, it remains at the heart of all our favorite imaginary adventures as children.

  3. It’s become part of popular culture

    The iconic red wagon has appeared in several artistic works of films and television. The three best-known appearances include the drama-fantasy film “Radio Flyer,” “A Christmas Story,” and an episode of “Let’s Make A Deal.”

Little Red Wagon Day dates

2022March 30Wednesday
2023March 29Wednesday
2024March 27Wednesday
2025March 26Wednesday
2026March 25Wednesday

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