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Bed-in for Peace Day – March 25, 2025

Bed-In for Peace Day is celebrated on March 25 to mark an innovative, non-violent way of expressing protest against wars. It was first used 53 years ago by John Lennon and his wife Yoko Ono. As newlyweds, this couple used this method to protest the ongoing Vietnam war. It was their way of peacefully voicing against the atrocities of war and promoting peace. This style of protest gave birth to many such protests in the future, where people would lie down in front of government institutions and would not vacate unless their demands were met.

History of Bed-in for Peace Day

The Vietnam War is one of the biggest events that took place in the second half of the twentieth century. The war was between the Army of the Republic of Vietnam (A.R.V.) and the People’s Army of Vietnam (P.A.V.N.). The 1950s were a time when the Cold War had begun, and the U.S. had decided to support the Army of the Republic of Vietnam, in South Vietnam. The war was devastating. Within the first month of operation, about 2,100 soldiers from the Army of the Republic of Vietnam, 1,100 soldiers from the U.S. military, and 14,000 civilians were killed.

Back in the U.S., many people opposed the involvement of the U.S. troop in the Vietnam war. Many celebrities joined the protest. Heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali refused to get inducted into the army and was stripped of his title and the license to box.

In 1969, musician John Lennon, a former member of the Beatles, along with his wife Yoko, joined the protest. It was during their honeymoon the couple decided to book the presidential suite in the Amsterdam Hilton Hotel and decided to call in the press in their bedroom. The couple talked of peace and held up signs that promoted peace. This form of protest came to be known as the Bed-In protest. It also became immensely popular in pop culture. Musicians and bands such as Linkin Park and Green Day came out with bed-in posters. Posters like “Make Love, Not War” were popular.

Bed-in for Peace Day timeline

The Vietnam War Starts

The Vietnam War is fought between A.R.V. and the P.A.V.N., along with the involvement of the U.S.

The Protests in the U.S.

Many people in the U.S. oppose the war and the involvement of U.S. troops in it.

The New Form of Protest

John Lennon and his wife Yoko start the bed-in protest in the Amsterdam Hilton Hotel.

Bed-In for Peace Day

People observe this day by demonstrating bed-in protests for a cause or just to commemorate the day.

Bed-in for Peace Day FAQs

How long did John and Yoko stay in bed?

The couple stayed in bed for seven days.

Did John and Yoko have a child together?

Yes. John Lennon and Yoko Ono had a son who they named Sean Lennon.

Why did John do the bed-in protest?

John Lennon and his wife Yoko were popular figures in the late 1960s. When they got married, they knew that they would be covered heavily by the media. The couple made use of this opportunity to protest the ongoing war in Vietnam, and promote peace by going ahead with the bed-in protest in 1969.

How to Observe Bed-in for Peace Day

  1. Participate in the bed-in protest

    If you have been waiting to voice your opinion on something, then this is your chance to do it peacefully. Join your friends or do it yourself at home by simply staying put on your bed and making posters.

  2. Share it on social media

    Let everyone know the importance of this day. Take pictures of yourself participating in bed-in demonstrations and post them on your social media page.

  3. Read more about historical events

    Read more about the events that shaped the civilization we know today. Read more about the Vietnam War, and how it affected the lives of people in Vietnam and the United States.

5 Facts About Vietnam War

  1. Many countries were involved

    Apart from the main belligerents, countries such as Australia, New Zealand, and South Korea were involved in the war.

  2. Nixon ended the war

    President Nixon's strategies are said to have made the final few steps in putting an end to the war.

  3. There were unconventional practices

    There are reports of superglue being used to stop bleeding, and Slinkys being used as antenna extensions.

  4. The Pentagon Papers stirred controversy

    The leak of the Pentagon Papers by Daniel Ellsberg created chaos, as the real situation at the forefront was revealed to the public.

  5. There were many volunteers

    At the time about 60% of soldiers in the U.S. military were volunteers.

Why Bed-in for Peace Day is Important

  1. It’s a chance to voice our opinion peacefully

    The bed-in protest is a peaceful way to demonstrate objection to something. Today we protest for an important cause.

  2. It commemorates a famous protest

    This was the day when a celebrity couple came up with this idea. We can easily recreate the same with our friends and family.

  3. We reflect on the past

    We look back at events in the past that had a huge influence on the lives of people. It makes us appreciate the sacrifice of millions and the value of peace in our lives.

Bed-in for Peace Day dates

2025March 25Tuesday
2026March 25Wednesday
2027March 25Thursday
2028March 25Saturday
2029March 25Sunday

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