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Anniversary Of The Arengo – March 25, 2025

The Anniversary of the Arengo is commemorated every year on March 25 in San Marino. It is a national holiday that honors the exact date in 1906 when citizens chose to work toward becoming a democratic nation. Instead of being dominated by patriarchs, the Arengo of 1906 gave birth to a Parliament that was directly elected by the people. The Arengo was the name of the assembly that ruled San Marino from the fifth century B.C. to 1243, as well as the popular councils that governed political life in Northern Italy’s free “comuni” during that time.

History of Anniversary Of The Arengo

San Marino is the world’s smallest republic and the oldest remaining sovereign state in Europe. It was founded at the beginning of the fourth century and pursued a different approach to governing than the nations and city-states around it. San Marino was administered by an assembly of the leaders of the great families in the State from the fifth century until the middle of the 13th century, rather than by a monarchy. The Arengo was the name of this group of founding great families. The Arengo didn’t have a leader or a set meeting site.

By 1243, the citizens of San Marino had had enough of the family feuds, and the Pope had established a newly elected assembly, the Grand and General Council, as San Marino’s ultimate authority, unofficially ending the Arengo. Instead of being elected regularly, members of the council were appointed for life, thereby creating an oligarchy in which power was entrusted to a few persons without accountability.

The Grand and General Council has been increasingly a government of few people since the 17th century, with political power concentrated in the hands of wealthy landowners. In 1906, the Sammarinese Socialist Party held an arengo to advocate for whether the co-option system of councilors for life should be kept or if the size of councils should match the population of the communities they were to represent.

In 1922, the Sammarinese Fascist Party was established to fight against the Socialist reforms. They continued to reign until the end of WWII when a Socialist-Communist coalition government was established.

Anniversary Of The Arengo timeline

301 A.D.
An Establishment

San Marino is established.

Election of a New Assembly

The Pope establishes a new assembly, the Grand and General Council, as San Marino's ultimate authority, disbanding the Arengo.

Democracy at Last

The first-ever democratic elections in the country take place.

Fascists Fight Against Reforms

The Sammarinese Fascist Party is created to fight opponents such as the Socialists.

Anniversary Of The Arengo FAQs

What makes San Marino so wealthy?

Tourism, banking, and the manufacture and export of pottery, textiles, fabrics, furniture, paintings, spirits, tiles, and wine are all important parts of San Marino’s economy.

Is San Marino part of Italy?

It is not in Italy, yet it is surrounded by it.

What is San Marino famous for?

Aside from being the world’s oldest surviving republic, San Marino is well-known for its stamps and coins, which are highly sought after by collectors.

How to Observe Anniversary Of The Arengo

  1. Read about San Marino's history

    Learn more about the history of San Marino and its people. You can watch a movie set and filmed in San Marino, like the "Unknown Man of San Marino." Make it a family and friends event and watch the movie while eating delicacies native to San Marino.

  2. Visit San Marino

    Make a short trip to San Marino. It's a great city with fantastic fairytale-like castles, beautiful medieval streets, and a lovely atmosphere to explore. The cuisine is another perk of your journey. Make the most of your time in San Marino by taking in the sights.

  3. Share on social media

    As you make the most of your trip to San Marino, don't forget to document your experience. Take pictures of the sights and delicious food and share them on social media on the Anniversary of the Arengo.

5 Interesting Facts About San Marino

  1. Neutral during the war

    San Marino did not fight in either World War I or World War II, remaining neutral.

  2. Official language

    San Marino's official language is Italian.

  3. San Marino's currency

    Its currency is Euros, even though it is not a member of the European Union.

  4. Commemorative stamps

    The country's first commemorative stamps were released in 1894.

  5. Third smallest European country

    San Marino is the third smallest country in Europe by area.

Why Anniversary Of The Arengo is Important

  1. San Marino has a long history

    San Marino is colloquially referred to as "The Most Serene Republic of San Marino." It has a long history and cultural legacy that dates back to the fourth century. There are plenty of sites to visit, and things to experience in San Marino such as the medieval streets and the castles.

  2. It is a picturesque location

    The "Most Serene Republic of San Marino" is a lush haven that's ideal for unwinding and taking in the scenery. San Marino is a beautiful and less crowded alternative tourist destination, with pristine terrain, rolling hills, wineries, and fortifications.

  3. It's home to delectable cuisine

    San Marino cuisine is simple and delicious, combining flavors from neighboring regions with its local herbs and ingredients. From its rabbit stew to its torta tre monti, everything is mouthwatering. It serves a traditional local wine as well as ‘tilus,’ a truffle-infused after-dinner liquor that you must sample.

Anniversary Of The Arengo dates

2025March 25Tuesday
2026March 25Wednesday
2027March 25Thursday
2028March 25Saturday
2029March 25Sunday

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